List of Currently Translated Novels in Order and Type


Does anyone even read these novels that are left? Theyre crap


Hello, you can use translation tool on the navigation bar to translate it. Very fast. Enjoy. :wink:


Otherworldly evil monarch please


Not only do most of the novels suck, most of them have not been translated from the beginning…


Can you guys translate emperor domination from chp 1900 up?


Please “Human translate” MGA. Its awesome LN


can you translate the good for nothing seventh young lady please


hey is there a way to read earlier chapter?
so i can catch up on some novels


plss add sovereign of the three realms thank you!


Hello @PhantomGoth please do u have 3589 - 3822 on MGA? This new site got things all messed up and a lot of chapters missing. I would appreciate if you can email me at THANK YOU


Way of devil please…


will you do nine star hegemonic body art?

It’s damn good. -RAWS