How to be a proofreader


Hi, guys!

We have recieved many applications of being proofreader recently, thank you for joining us!

In case that you might not know how to be a proofreader or how to proofread, here is the introduction:

Qualification: 5 days visited / 1 hour read time / 20 topics viewed at least.

Step one: In any chapter published by Chappie, you can find a Proofreader button. Click the button.

Step two: If you are qualified, the moderator will approve your application, and there will be a confirmation message in your message box.

Step three: Find the chapter you are interested in, you can claim the proofreading task by clicking the proofreader button. Remember, it should be a chapter published by Chappie.

Step four: After claiming the task, please finish proofreading in 8 hours. Once you finished, click the Submit button.

Step five: The moderater will check the proofreading task you submitted, approve it or reject it. If rejection happens, you can proofread and submit again.

Step six: After your task gets approved, you will see your name under the the title of the topic.


Well, enjoy!

Thank you!


I got the instructions but from where do I get the chapter
And an example for a chapter


Any chapter published by Chappie, like this one God of Illusions - C317, then you could follow the instruction.


And you could apply for the proofreader qualification on too.
For example: on this page, you can find the proofread button, click it, then follow the instruction.

Martial God Asura - C4063