Guys, we have some bad news


Yess pls o would also like to have the chapters 257 and above of versatile mage.


Please translate Dragon-Marked War God❤


are they telling us that once they choose to translate something they will own it ?
am I wrong ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Apreciate if someone send me all chapters of god of slaughter in my email
[] thanks


Oh thank God ATG isn’t in that list :exploding_head:


How far did you guys translate Versatile mage? are they still in some kind of backup? if so can you let me know if i can get them from you?


If anyone has LHOP chapters 1180 to the last one available here, please email to


You can actually do read it on wuxiaworld.But id advise against that.Every novel fro madsnail which is tales of demons and gods authot was droppped.Right now the novel has around 450 chapters and the author only releases 1 chapter a month just so it can stay as ongoing so the manga and chinese animation of the novel dont get stopped.


Yh you are.Since the translations on this site are not licenced.Qidian has a chinese site as well which owns alot of these novels.What qidian does is completely legal.Though i agree the way they are dealing with this portrays them as assholes though that was known since a while ago.



Guys i need chapters of Reverend Insanity from 700 onward. Please send it to… Thank you


Bad news everyone, we still have no messages and new atg chapters from mars. I suppose he is just drinking alcohol somewhere in Makao in casino with a few prostitutes


What are you talking about noob? Mars already said he is on vacation for 1-2 weeks. He will cover the chapters after the break


Hm, it seems like you have no sense of humor. It’s said u know


you can find copies of these novels in


Sorry for the late reply but i just registered. Has someone already sent you the chapters or not? Because i recently found a site that has those chapters :slight_smile:


But unfortunately they are not translated