Guys, we have some bad news


I would enjoy to have the translated archive of lord of the realm :slight_smile:

thx a lot


If anyone can provide me with all lost novel chapters, I’ll be heartly thankful, the email is
I really hope someone’d reply to this, reading novels is NOT JUST A WAY TO PASS TIME to me, it’s more than that.


Hey Guys,
I was reading LLS after it was abandoned for a long time and now this…Though it is nothing new quidian already done this before in wuxiaworld. So go money grabbing quidian…
These are some novels i seen on quidian and wuxiaworld if you want…

放开那个女巫 Release that Witch–webnovel
帝霸 Emperor’s Domination-Wuxiaworld(free)
天道图书馆 Library of Heaven’s Path–
真武世界 True Martial World-webnovel
修真聊天群 Cultivation Chat Group-webnovel-comics
妖神记 Tales of Demons and Gods-wuxiaworld(free)/webnovel
万域之王 Lord of All Realms-wuxiaworld
全职法师 Versatile Mage-webnovel-comics


Saw your post in babel abdoned books
Don’t know if you already gotten information or not.But u can find library of heavenly path in


Yeah the most horrible site that hasn’t translated where I’m up to :frowning:


If the Translations continues I’ll love to receive on my email,, i’d be interested in my wife is a beautiful ceo, and just it. :slight_smile:


rssg and 执魔 Grasping Evil


Guys if aomeone have LoHP email me plisss


Disappointed. Just when I was about to read long live summons


Guys, we are trying to find a solution. Just wait and see.


I have complete faith in you swmy.


Thank you! @ timothyjohncabrera


Sad, would have liked to read “tales of demons and god” :frowning:


The trouble is even if it’s on their site it doesn’t guarentee it will get completely translated at least on Babel Chain have been working hard to do so, it’s not their fault they have been stopped, lots of other translators have faced the same problem.


are babelchain novels machine translated or human translated?


Most of the novels are MTL. Only a few are hunman translated.
Which novel do you prefer?


I was looking for Martial Peak, but it seems like qidian already banned you guys from translating it, so that’s unfortunate.


Please. Anyone who has chapters of Versatile Mage send me a copy Thank you!


I’d apreciate if someone send me all chapters of god of slaughter in my email thanks


I don’t mind machine translate, as yours are not so bad as most, and I can get the general meaning, but it could benefit from someone editing, this would make the readers experience much more satisfying as it can be confusing at times, but rather than no translation, this is better than nothing