Guys, we have some bad news


Yeah I’m glad I read up to the latest chapter but now I gotta wait forever for it to catch up :sob:


Where I can read now Lord of all realms, Invincible Conqueror, Versatile Mage, Emperor’s Domination and True Martial World ?


I believe you can find these books on Wuxiaworld but I’m not 100% sure.


Just when someone is translating Demon’s Diary, they snatch it away again. Extremely disappointing.


DD died again kkkkkkkkk


Hello according to what I understand webnovel does not translate emperor’s domination, so why did they get it? could you clarify this please


there is nothing much to clarify other than qidian being retarded. they have the right so they send legal notice, it is as simple as that.


Hello, for those who want to read a novel, I recommend searching on Google, the name of the novel plus the chapter and add Babelchain, eg “Demon’s Diary 298 Babelchain”


Ahora podrás traducir más capítulos de my wife is a beatiful ceo hehehe :v


What about LLS?? It is not being translated by qidian??


Only some :frowning: babelchain is 400 or so chapters ahead of Webnovel and underground


is their a way to still read the chapters that they released for DD. the google search doesn’t work.


I don’t know about you guys but i hate myself for not saving LoHP :frowning: , well i don’t know if any of you has saved chapters of this novel but if you did save one of your brother in need.


Oh God, I had just started reading LOHP here. If someone has the chapters please send


does anybody has dragon marked war god chapter 1430-3313 if yes please please please send it to Thanks!!!


If anyone has LHOP chapters 1150- last one available here, please email to I’ll be eternally grateful :pray::pray::pray:


Argh. They haven’t even stated translating Martial Peak. So hard to find and so far behind on others


Sorry to hear that.I am looking forward other novel which will be translated and list on this website soon. I think you can have a look then.


Is it just BAD???
I can say for SURE that both BABELCHAIN and QI are getting sweared at like no tomorrow. I include myself too.
Do you really think that everyone likes reading just AS A HOBBY, try to differentiate b/w hobby and passion.
And NOW, the novels are GONE.
Those profit seeking bunch of *****.


Muchachos, si alguien tuviera library of heaven’s paths desde el cap 1300 hacia adelante por favor enviar al realmente necesitó este elixir para lograr un gran avance en mi cultivo…gracias grandes maestros…