Guys, we have some bad news


Hi, guys

We have some bad news. Due to the request from Qidian(Webnovel), we have to remove some novels from our site.

We are very sorry for what’s happening, and will keep trying to do better in novel translation.

Stay tuned.


Here is the list:

召唤万岁 Long Live Summons!
魔天记 Demon’s Diary
神印王座 Sealed Divine Throne
斗战狂潮 Battle Frenzy
放开那个女巫 Release that Witch
最终进化 The Ultimate Evolution
帝霸 Emperor’s Domination
天道图书馆 Library of Heaven’s Path
真武世界 True Martial World
修真聊天群 Cultivation Chat Group
重生之最强剑神 Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
妖神记 Tales of Demons and Gods
万域之王 Lord of All Realms
校花的贴身高手 Beauty and the Bodyguard
全职法师 Versatile Mage
修仙归来当奶爸 Immortal Becomes a Stay At Home Dad After Return
最强反套路系统 Ultimate Scheming System
超级怪兽工厂 Monster Factory
疯狂升级系统 Crazy Leveling System
无敌天下 Invincible Conqueror
神级大魔头 God Level Demon
执魔 Grasping Evil
武炼巅峰 Martial Peak
超级神基因 Super God Gene
极品全能学生 Almighty Student
绝世炼丹师:纨绔九小姐 Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled 9th Young Lady
绝世神医:腹黑大小姐 Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
空速星痕 Space Speed Xing Hen
天域苍穹 Realms In The Firmament
捡枚杀手做农夫 Assassin Farmer
将夜 Nightfall

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I haven’t finished reading Library of Heaven’s Path and it disappeared. Too bad.


Dude please pm me. I can’t do this


I will pay real money so I can finish reading Library of Heavens Path. Email me pls I am so upset.


me too I’m so upset… may I ask how much will it cost for me to have a copy of LoHP? please pm me at… thanks


Now i have to do a major rework on the list. What a shame.


Will there be another way to read Library of Heaven’s path ?


Are you serious? Some of these novels are not even being translated on QI! Since that is the case I take this action of QI as a vicious act of despotism. The translation I was following was definitely pro bono and did not even generate money through ads! Since this does not involve this site I hope I can give people some heads up against QI: Some of Webnovel premium novels can be read for free on


Reddit and specifically on QidianUnderground on Reddit, just type in the novel name and the chapter you wish to read, many have been uploaded so good luck and have fun stepping on QI.


Well I’m sorry to hear that you back down to the Chinese bully (Chinese copyright laws are ridiculous) but this will be my last visit to your website as I only came here for one of those novels


many of these are not even being translated by qidian international …ohhh well qidian are retarded anyways, so fuck their novels.


Demon’s Diary NOOOOO


RIP Demon’s Diary again


Sealed Divine Throne… I had read just 2 chapters. :sob::sob::sob:


But there way behind you guys in translations that’s dumb.


Sad. Truly. what a shame. Not like they are going to ever translate anything interesting anyway with all their translation’s being second rate novels. Just out of curiosity though: Are you based in china? I mean I can’t imagine them being able to do something to people who are not. It would not be worth their time and effort to go through all the arcane legal stuff. Especially when you can claim machine translation parody or something. Anyway I think that I will be revising my list as well.


This was the only site updating what I wanted to read. I had pretty much given up hope when the translator went on vacation in August and hasn’t said much of anything since. Well I guess now that you’ve got a bit more time on your hands any interest in taking up Dragon-Blooded War God or Beast Piercing The Heavens?


Hay forma de seguir leyendo library of heaven path? Avisame. Por favor.


Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Titled 9º, which chapter was left before it will be deleted?


I was supposed to ask them to do a translation of advanced chapters of The King’s Avatar but then this happened… and to think they also took down LoHP… I was so frickin’ disappointed yesterday… f*ck QI