Good news: a new translation tool has been launched


Good news, a new translation tool has been launched on our website( You can find the “Translate” button on navigation bar.
The tools can translate Chinese novel to English. You just need to copy some Chinese novel websites url, paste them into input bar and click ”translate” button. Tada~!! The translated novel will show up.
Enjoy it! :wink:
Tips: every translation will cost you 1 babel brick. Hahaha. and don’t paste babelchain url into that input bar and try to translate, it will just waste your brick

Translate Evil Dragon Against the Heaven




This tool is so great,I could use it to translate lots of China’s novels .I don’t need to wait for the updates as long as i have the babel bricks.I recommend some websites to you. Such as:


The translator function is not working for me sadly


The function is working but it’s showing it will take half a minute even after half an hour


Well that’s the idea, it takes to long even now it says to wait 1min but i’m waiting for 2hours :joy:


What is the page of my wife is beautiful a ceo?



Thanks for the sauce :smile:
Do you know a raw site that works for translator because biqudu doesn’t work :neutral_face:



I tried it again and it finally worked for me. I just tried using a different site. Thank you! The translation tool is really helpful! :blush:





How could i earn more bricks?


Please can anyone help me with the url link for RENEGADE IMMORTAL please?. Thanks


Please what other site did you try?


are the sites that worked for me, hope it helps!


Is this your novel?

The translation tool works for this site too, I tried 2 chapters and it, worked for me.