Devouring The Heavens - C574


Chapter 574 - One Hit Kill!

The Ancient Devil Sect, the Central Region Immortal Palace, the Dragon Fighting Immortal Manor, the Black Tortoise Immortal Manor, the Sky Split Sect, the Jiang Clan, amongst the eight great powers of the Jiang Clan, the two princesses of the Central Region Royal Palace, and the Han Heavenly Saintess of the Han Heavenly Immortal Manor had all gone over. This formation was extremely terrifying!

Gongsun Youyun looked at the scene before him and exclaimed:

“Tsk tsk, this’ Ji Sunset 'is really a hero. This trip was not in vain, it was not in vain. What audacity …”

Although Murong Xuan’er felt that Ji Sunset was very arrogant, he dared to go against so many people in such a manner. This made her admire him from the bottom of her heart.

“Indeed, there is a mountain higher than this one. As the prince, Ji Sunset is most likely going to give herself a life and death experience.” Shangguan Aulong of the Shangguan Family said admiringly.

“True warriors, like Ji Sunset, dare to split in groups and cause chaos!” The eldest grandson of the Zhangsun Clan, Wushang, sighed deeply. It was the first time he had met someone as coquettish as him. No wonder he was chased by so many forces, it wasn’t for no reason.

Zhangsun Wushang was similarly a powerful Heaven’s Chosen. He wore a dark golden robe, and the Dou Qi that radiated from his body was extremely fiery. Normal people would simply not be able to endure it, because he was ranked tenth on the Dou Huo Board, and the ‘Eternal Hate Devil Flame’ was definitely not weak.

The expression on Ji Tianwu’s face turned solemn.

“It’s a pity that the setting sun doesn’t want to return to my Ji Clan. Now, I have made such a decision!” With my power alone, I have the heart but not the strength to save him! "

“Be patient, Brother Sunset is not a reckless person. I believe he has his own ideas, but they are not something we can understand. That killing aura just now was very terrifying, as if it could make people feel as if they were enemies with the world!” Wang Yu Chen smiled. He held Qing Lian’s small waist and looked at the big battle that was about to begin. It was obvious that he had a certain amount of confidence in Ji Sunset.

There was a strange stone on the body of the Heavenly Saintess. The Hundred Apertures Stone Golem trembled slightly, resonating with the land in front of it that was formed from the interweaving of the heaven and earth.

The “Heavenly Saintess” was extremely shocked and felt astonished in her heart:

"Could it be that Ji Sunset is Xuan Yuan? “The technique from the same source, and the reaction from the ‘Hundred Apertures Stone Statue’, shouldn’t be wrong …”

“The attainments in the technique of the Ji Sunset is extremely astonishing.” There were too many questions. Perhaps Ji Sunset was acquainted with Xuanyuan, and there might be some sort of exchange between them, so she made a judgement about it, because it was rumored that Ji Sunset and the Myriad Holy Beasts were working together, and it was not impossible!

Qing Yi looked at the ‘Freezing Sky Holy Maiden’ and the other two ‘princesses of the Central Region Empire’ but did not say anything. She was on guard and was on her guard.

“No wonder big brother suffered a loss at the hands of ‘Ji Sunset’. Among the younger generation, those who have such deep attainments in the arts, I’m afraid only the one who inherited the legacy of the Great Luo Immortal Emperor, Xuanyuan, and some other great power who inherited some powerful skills.”

As the ninth princess of the ‘Central Region Empire’, ‘Fu Yangxuan’ was incomparably beautiful. Her celestial eyes were bright and very bright. Looking at the scene before her, the corners of her mouth formed an intoxicating smile. Her red lips were alluring.

Everyone looked in front of them.

The 10,000 foot tall mountain was surrounded by clouds and sea. They dropped down from the sky, making it look like a celestial mountain.

This mountain contained and did not spit. The power that had been painstakingly drawn by Xuanyuan Po for many years had finally come in handy!

Dozens of Grade 7 immortal talismans shot out in unison. All sorts of battle qi and godly lights surged out. Terrifying attacks covered the entire sky and earth as they swept out and swept over everything.

This terrifying power was enough to kill a single hair of Xuan Yuan’s, Ji Sunset, tens of thousands of times.

As for Ji Sunset, she had hidden herself within the area protected by the runes. She continued to stand there proudly, because she wouldn’t be affected.

“What Holy Maiden? What dog shit. If you have the ability then come in!” Ji Sunset was once again in high spirits, laughing proudly under the heavens. His long hair fluttered in the wind, his eyes were clear and bright, and there was a smile on his face. He was very coquettish as he called out to the Holy Maiden.

At the same time, he willed a portion of the power of the rune to weaken. Dozens of Grade 7 talismans blasted away the power of the rune as they charged in.

The more he killed into the center, the more powerful it would be. No one knew that Xuanyuan Yin’s ten incomparably precious Spirit Killing Sources were all waiting for this moment.

The Black Tortoise Holy Daughter was like a crazed devil as she covered the sky with her hands. Her every movement was as if ten thousand mountains were crashing down on her, shattering a portion of the shattered lines.

“Hmph, so your power is only mediocre. Get your ass out here! I’m going to tear you into pieces and turn you into meat paste. Even the next generation of princes will die!”

The Black Tortoise Holy Daughter laughed sinisterly. Her eyes were filled with killing intent as she did not place Ji Sunset’s technique in her eyes at all. The group of people charged straight to the peak of the mountain from the outskirts of the mountain and descended.

At the same time, her body circulated with the power of a Grade Seven Defense Immortal Talisman. Even if a peak expert of the seventh circulation were to come, she would still be able to withstand it, not to mention the powerful technique laid down by a small ‘Ji Sunset’.

“These words are somewhat biased. An ordinary heaven’s pride level expert would not be able to obtain a Grade 7 immortal talisman that can block all of us.” However, he was too arrogant, which was why he had his current state. To have the chance to kill him and take the Emperor’s treasure, no one would mind using a besieging method.

The group of people descended onto the peak of the mountain one after another. Behind the ‘Holy Son Duo Long’, the immortal light shot up into the sky. Each and every immortal light was sharp like a sword and shot into the sky.

"Ji Sunset, weren’t you very arrogant just now? Why are you hiding now? But no matter how much you dodge, it would be useless. Today, you will definitely die. "

Everyone was afraid that Ji Sunset would be snatched away by someone else. After all, no matter how many people there were, there were only a few Emperor Armaments, and more importantly, Ji Sunset had a supreme treasure on him. This was what drove them crazy!

“Come out, Ji Sunset. As long as you come out, I won’t let them attack you. I want to fight with you again to determine the outcome!” The Black Tortoise Holy Son’s demeanor became extremely stable and steady. Every step he took was filled with dignity.

“For a vile character like him, there’s no need to do this to him. You can just directly kill him.” The Ancient Devil’s Holy Son said.

“Not bad, for a despicable and shameless person like him, killing him would be a piece of cake. ‘Ji Sunset’, come out and let me stab you a few thousand times. I’ll let you know what it feels like to die!” The disorderly Saint Child smiled sinisterly. His eyes were filled with killing intent as he flew far away, searching for the whereabouts of Ji Sunset.

"Hmm? What big words! Sigh, who would die first? Alright, ‘Sacred Black Tortoise’, who told you to be the strongest, so I started with you! "

As Xuan Yuan’s voice faded, one talisman after another shot out from the cliff. Each talisman was at least a Grade 6 immortal talisman, and there were even three talismans emitting the terrifying aura of Life Immortal talismans. Then, with Xuan Yuan’s Dragon Summoning The Rising Tempest, they struck out and exploded!

“Not good, hurry up and leave.” The Black Tortoise Holy Son’s expression changed and he quickly retreated. These were the talismans he had obtained that day, especially the three Life Immortal Talismans, they were extremely powerful and he knew them better than anyone else. Countless people moved extremely fast, the ‘Black Tortoise Holy Daughter’.

“…” The Black Tortoise Saintess’ face changed drastically. She had no time to dodge because she was the closest.

The three Life Immortal Talismans were the same, they were called the ‘Black Mountain Immortal Extinguishing Talisman’. Xuanyuan released a single attack, interweaving the power of the three ‘Black Mountain Immortal Extinguishing Talismans’, causing the three ‘Black Mountain Immortal Extinguishing Talismans’ power to instantly circulate, exploding out like a million mountains, carrying with it the power to annihilate all, as they descended from above!

Each of the Mysterious Mountain’s Immortal Annihilation Talismans were like the terrifying attacks of a Fate Immortal. When three of them were activated at the same time, their powers multiplied instead of multiplied. Just the oncoming force alone was unbearable to the various Dou Xian experts.

The Black Tortoise Saintess let out a roar and with a shake of her body, she transformed into a Black Tortoise that was thousands of meters large. Her head and limbs were hidden within the Black Tortoise shell!

However, even then, he was still unable to stop the power of the three ‘Black Mountain Immortal Extinguishing Talismans’. From the Black Tortoise Holy Maiden’s side, there were a total of nine Six Revolving Immortals from the ‘Black Tortoise Immortal Mansion’. They rushed up to the sky to defend with their immortal equipment, and the protective talismans on their bodies exploded with a powerful light as well.

However, in front of the gazes of countless people, the six cycles Dou Xian of the nine Black Tortoise Immortal Palaces, under the terrifying might of the three ‘Black Mountain Immortal Extinguishing Talismans’, shattered one after another of their defensive treasures. The defensive talismans on their bodies also shattered in an instant as their bodies cracked inch by inch, turning into a mass of blood.

A terrifying force that ignored all resistance struck towards the Black Tortoise Holy Daughter.

“I can’t accept this ….”

The instant the ‘Black Tortoise Saintess’ was struck, the Black Tortoise shell broke and blood filled the sky. She was beaten back to her original form and everything happened too suddenly. She screamed in despair as her body was shattered and her soul scattered!

The other Holy Maiden characters had all suffered attacks from different grades of talismans. However, they had all been repeatedly blocked. However, Xuanyuan’s goal had already been achieved.

He killed the Black Tortoise Holy Daughter with one strike.