Devouring The Heavens - C573


Chapter 573 - Wind!

After Xuan Yuan and Ouyang Han had hidden themselves in the void, they said to Ouyang Han,

“Brother Ouyang, go back to Sin City and wait for me there. I still have something I need to do here.” "

Ouyang Han had originally planned to stay, but since Xuanyuan had already said so, he didn’t say anything and left.

“Quickly, this is a feast! If I can devour the blood essence of these saints, then I’ll be able to obtain the divine abilities they cultivate!” The greedy old man said excitedly.

Xuan Yuan nodded and said:

“Well, I’m drawing the array and bringing all the life essence from the killing array here, I want to see how capable they are. I can’t beat them in a one-on-one fight, so I’ve been making up for it for such a long time. If I can’t kill a few, I’ll go home and farm!”

As he spoke, Xuan Yuan began to draw out the potential lines.

The towering mountain was covered with clouds and white mist. The green pine tree stood tall and straight, and next to the green pine stood a man. It was Ji Sunset, a man transformed from a single strand of Xuan Yuan’s hair.

He raised his head high up, looking down at the world from above. From his body, the black silk clothing fluttered in the wind, and he could see many Holy Maiden level characters descending from the sky. Beside them, there were also many sixth and seventh transition Dou Xian.

The Sin Palace’s once every hundred years auction was filled with items that every major family needed. If one wanted to find something good, one had to obtain it from the countless experience of Life Immortals, Earth Immortals, and Heavenly Immortals!

And most of all, it was for the sake of face. At the same time, he was also afraid of the great Emperor who had never appeared.

In the battles of the younger generation, if someone of too high a cultivation level were to make a move, and if the fury of an Emperor were to be drawn over, no one would be able to bear it.

In the sky, there were many figures. All kinds of immortal light shot up into the sky and a terrifying aura gathered together, making it hard for people to breathe.

“What arrogant words. ‘Ji Setting Sun’, you are about to die today.” That day, Emperor Fuyi had accidentally suffered a heavy blow from Ji Sunset, and he felt tremendous hatred in his heart. He had already waited a long time for this day to come.

“Sure enough, it’s Ji Sunset. Ji Sunset will definitely kill you today.” The Black Tortoise Holy Maiden’s hair was long and hideous, as if there were countless serpents slithering around it. It was extremely terrifying, and her eyes were bloodshot and ruthless.

Then let’s take a look. You so-called great powers are truly shameless. Why, do you want to surround and attack me? “What a dog that relies on its own power!” Ji Sunset gave a cold smile, filled with emotion!

When Qingyi saw this scene, she also felt very surprised. At this moment, Xuanyuan and Ouyang Han were no longer here and she placed her attention on Ji Sunset. Could it be that her ‘Myriad Manifestation Physique’ could split a person into two halves? This was what puzzled Qing Yi the most.

“Just wait and see. Don’t follow them in. There’s a trap!” In Qing Yi’s heart, a voice rang out. Naturally, it belonged to Xuanyuan.

Qing Yi replied with her thoughts:

“I really don’t know what you’re selling. Be careful, the water in Sin City is very deep.” She thought Xuan Yuan was going back to Sin City.

“Got it, be careful!”

“Hmm …”

The great powers present that wanted to kill Ji Sunset didn’t expect that he would still be so arrogant even though he had already been found and had nowhere to escape. What in the world gave him such guts?

“Ji Sunset is about to die. What else do you have to say?” The Holy Son held a dragon-shaped battle spear in his hand as he faced Ji Sunset.

"Hahaha, can you really kill me? I am the prince. Do you know what I mean? So what if your powers have passed down throughout the ages? “When I become the Great Emperor, all of you will have to kneel at my feet. Today, I will kill all of you so-called Holy Son, and let all of you remember the nature of the power behind you!” Ji Sunset laughed loudly towards the sky. It was a very high-profile laughter.

Many people exclaimed. Only Ji Sunset would dare to say something like that. To have all the major powers of the world prostrate at his feet, everyone felt that Ji Sunset was crazy and abnormal.

Gongsun Youyun took a big gulp of wine from the bottle. The liquor drenched his clothes and he laughed heartily.

“This’ Ji Sunset 'is quite interesting.”

“He looks down on everyone. Seems like he has the same moral character as that Dishi Tian. I think he will die here today.” Murong Xuan’er was greatly disappointed. She had originally thought that Ji Setting Sun would be formidable, but now she had only seen Ji Setting Sun’s arrogance!

“‘Ji Sunset’. Today, I shall once again experience your strength. Come out and fight with me.” The Saint Son Zou stepped out. Behind him, the silver and gold lines intertwined together to form a giant chessboard. The black and white characters formed an offensive and defensive killing array. It was extremely mysterious and seemed to resonate with the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth.

Ji Sunset’s black robe was rolling in the wind. He was in high spirits and did not seem to lose any of his momentum as he said with a sneer.

"Son of Saint Zong, in my opinion, you are only a minor character who is slightly stronger than an ordinary person. How can you be brave when you are a defeated soldier? You so-called saints, do you dare to tell the people behind you to scram? Those of you who have not experienced the baptism of iron and blood, do you call yourselves Heaven’s Pride? If he didn’t train himself in life and death, how could he become the Great Emperor’s Saintess? In the end, you can only be my stepping stone! "

“Ji Sunset” scolded loudly, pointing at the rivers and mountains. It was a truly passionate and impassioned scene, with my unrivaled heroic stance appearing in the world. Qing Yi could not help but roll her eyes when she saw it, not knowing what Xuanyuan was doing.

Many cultivators and Holy Maiden of various powers were depressed by Ji Sunset’s words. However, Ji Sunset had the right to say such words as well. This was because he could refuse the protection of the Ji family. One could imagine this.

“Big brother, you’re too handsome! You’re worthy to be our big brother!” Du Ziyou’s entire body surged with fighting spirit as he roared. His voice was like thunder as it rolled out like waves, cheering ‘Ji Sunset’ on.

“In the past, I never knew why you were the big brother while I was not. Today, I finally know.” She sighed.

“Big brother, kill them all!” Hua Xia and Liu answered simply.

“Hmph, you aren’t worthy of saying these words to us. So many people want you dead. Choose one and it will end your life!” The Holy Son Dou Long said in a cold voice as he looked at the eight Demon Kings, the Wang, Ji, and Qing Yi. If they were to attack together, then they would probably cause even more resentment.

“Humph, if fate is set, I’ll break this sky. If someone wants my life, I’ll cut through everything. Regardless of whether it’s the ancient kingdom, ancient clans, or ancient immortal residences, I’ll destroy them with a single stomp.”

Ji Sunset smiled proudly as she looked down at the world with her domineering demeanor. Qing Yi was slightly stunned when she saw this fellow speak. This guy really had some guts to do so.

“Motherf * cker, I can’t take it. He’s too arrogant. I’m going to kill this’ Ji Sunset '.” An expert of the sixth circulation couldn’t endure it any longer and cursed. He was someone from the Chaotic Immortal House, the bloodline of the Chaotic Immortal Saint.

His body trembled, and he raised his long spear, shooting it out into the air. Terrifying battle-qi surged out from the long spear, piercing towards the space between Ji Sunset’s eyebrows!

Ji Xu stood there, majestically without moving. Smiling arrogantly, he willed his will to activate, and in an instant, a terrifying killing light shot out from the void. It was extremely sudden, and the fleshly body of a six cycle Dou Xian was torn to shreds in front of the eyes of countless people.

All of this happened in an instant, and everyone present suddenly felt a sense of horror.

A flash of killing intent passed through his mind. In that instant, he calmed down as if nothing had happened. A six cycle Dou Xian had died just like that!

“Haha, what great influence is this dog shit saint girl? In front of me, she’s like a dog that is being crushed. She can’t even withstand a single blow. All of you come at me together, I’ll show you how powerful I am today!”

“Ji Sunset” stood proudly without moving, with her hands behind her back, her eyes bright, her long hair fluttering in the wind, and her heroic bearing.

“Damn, big brother, you’re so awesome!” Chu Tianqian exclaimed.

“Big brother is indeed big brother …” Mongol exclaimed.

“I have not been a big brother for many years, but since you all have already called me that, I can only admit it and move aside. Today, big brother will let you all see what the Holy Maiden of the world is like, whether I can slaughter you or not, the Ancient Devil Sect, the Han Tian Immortal Palace, the Dou Long Immortal Mansion, the Demon Immortal Mansion, the Black Tortoise Immortal Mansion, the Central State Imperial Court, the Jiang family, you brats, if you don’t want to die, you can go back and play with the mud.” Ji Sunset waved her sleeves, looking like a monarch who wielded the power to kill and to live in the world. She was extremely domineering.

“Today, I’ve finally witnessed the so-called ‘Ji Setting Sun’. It’s truly domineering and endless. Then I’ll have to wait and experience it for myself.” The peerless heaven’s pride level expert of the demon race, the Demonic Commander, who wielded the military power of the Demon State Empire, smiled beautifully. He took out a Grade 7 immortal talisman, drew in a strand of his Dou Qi, and smiled as he said:

“Everyone, activate your talismans and forcefully attack this mountain. He will definitely set up a formation and use them to protect your body. If you attack forcefully, you will definitely be able to break through. Don’t hold back and fulfill his wish.”

The corners of Ji Sunset’s eyes twitched as he saw the many Saint Daughter’s Heaven Chosen flying over with Grade 7 immortal talismans in their hands. The other Battle Immortals beside them also took action as well. He could not help but curse out loud.

“Damn, how shameless…”

He immediately retreated, no longer having the heroic air of someone who was proud to rule the world, and hid within the protection he had set up.