Devouring The Heavens - C572


Chapter 572 - Heaven’s Pride formation!

In the sky, there were no clouds. The blazing sun was high up in the sky. Billions of golden flowers were warm on the ground.

The cool breeze blew on his body, causing him to feel very comfortable.

Everyone at the Holy Maiden level gathered and walked out of the Sin Palace. The scene could be described as spectacular. All sorts of auras, abilities, and lights shot up into the heavens.

Within Sin City, it was packed with people. As soon as the group walked out, countless people looked at them in surprise. Many of them had wanted to come up with something, but in the end they all gave up on it.

This group of people was a terrifying force. Even if nothing happened in ‘Sin City’, no one would dare to come and cause trouble for them.

Strength was everything. At the same time, numbers were the key.

Xuan Yuan placed his hands behind his back and walked slowly. He was neither slow nor hurried, neither warm nor hot.

“Dishi Tian, hurry up and leave. Why are you dawdling?” “Don’t waste our time!” The son of the Great Sage said coldly.

"What, anxious to die? Do you have any objections? Have you got a sprained foot or an arrow in your knee? " Xuanyuan Bai said with disdain as he looked at the ‘Freezing Sky Holy Son’.

“Brother Shitian, you’re right. I think they’re just going to send themselves to their deaths. Who would be able to beat my big brother in a one on one battle?” If you dare to fight with my big brother, not only would you be on the outside, you would also be injured by an arrow on your knee and your balls would explode! " Mo Jingguo’s vulgar eyes swept across the crowd of Holy Maiden level talents. It seemed like he wanted to make a move, so he felt around to show them something.

“Hehe, I just want to see the legendary ‘Ji Setting Sun’. I don’t want to throw my life away, just think of me as air.” Gongsun Youyun was bare-chested, his hair was long and loose, and a red leaf on his forehead was very eye-catching. He walked with a wobbly gait, holding a wine gourd in his hand, looking like a drunken man.

“‘Ji Sunset’ is the son of my Ji Clan. Whoever wants to kill him will have to pass through me first.” Ji Tian Wu’s battle power rose. Without any fear or fear, he slowly said.

“If you want to fight alone, I won’t interfere. If you want to attack Ji Sunset, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

“That’s right. If you want to fight my elder brother alone and kill him, I’ll count it as your ability. If you want to join hands and attack my elder brother, you will have to ask whether I, the eight brothers, agree or not.” Darwyn also expressed her opinion.

Soon, the group of people who had followed Xuan Yuan to find Ji Sunset divided into three camps.

One was there to kill Ji Sunset, while the other was there to help Ji Sunset. The second was there to help Ji Sunset, while the third was there to watch a show and see who exactly Ji Sunset was.

The Holy Maiden lineup this time could be said to be formidable. They really wanted to see just how this’ Ji Sunset 'would deal with such a situation. Would she be able to defeat the Holy Maiden in a battle of attrition? Putting everything else aside, the Black Tortoise Holy Maiden gave off a particularly horrifying feeling. The crazy bloodthirsty and tyrannical aura nearly overshadowed everyone else.

“Dishi Tian, hurry up. If you can’t find the ‘Ji Setting Sun’ when you get there, then I’ll take your life!” At this moment, the Black Tortoise Holy Daughter was burning with anxiety. She wished that she could immediately see Ji Sunset and chop him into eight pieces to vent the hatred in her heart.

“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Everyone, follow me!” Xuanyuan Po hummed a little tune as he placed his hands behind his back, as though he was an old grandpa strolling in the sun. Slowly, he didn’t seem to mind the music at all.

Although the eight great demon kings were quite disgusted by the fact that Xuan Yuan sold out Ji Sunset’s address, they couldn’t help but laugh out loud when they saw this scene. In fact, this Dishi Tian was actually quite adorable.

Just like this, the group of Holy Maiden level characters were led by Xuan Yuan. They were like a rogue hoodlum as they wandered along the streets, walking extremely slowly. This attracted the attention of many people, and finally, someone couldn’t take it anymore.

“Dishi Tian, do you want to die?” A terrifying bloody light gushed out from the bloodshot eyes of the Ancient Devil’s Holy Son. Contained within that bloody light were the ancient devils, mountains of corpses, seas of blood, and all kinds of hideous faces.

Xuan Yuan did not resist as his expression was very calm, as if he was waiting for the Ancient Devil’s Holy Son to attack him.

“Do it, kill me! If you kill me, you won’t be able to find ‘Ji Sunset’. It’s a pity that he has so many emperors on him and a duck that’s about to be caught flew away. How heartbreaking …” Xuan Yuan creased his brows and sighed, clicking his tongue as he slowly paced back and forth like an old grandpa.

Four hours passed.

“Dishi Tian, if you keep stalling like this, do you believe that I’ll stab you to death with my spear?!” The disorderly Holy Son’s hatred for Ji Sunset could be said to be like the Yellow River’s waters as he endlessly chattered on and on. The hatred for the green hat was the same as for the Freezing Sky Holy Son, causing blood to drip from his heart, but he had no choice but to find Ji Sunset to vent his hatred. However, Dishi Tian still dared to be so slow, causing him to be unable to endure any longer.

It’s just that if you kill me, I don’t know if you guys can use your realm’s power to suppress’ Ji Sunset 'the next time you see it. Son of the great Emperor, if you grow up, it’s said that he will be able to fight with you when he’s at the second transition, and if he reaches the fifth transition, wouldn’t killing you be as easy as cutting vegetables? " Xuanyuan Po’s expression didn’t change at all, but when he heard the words, demonic aura exploded from his body and his killing intent skyrocketed.

“Nonsense! What do you know? He only dares to be this arrogant because of his terrain! Stop with your bullshit! Do you really think I don’t dare to kill you?”

“Hmph, then let’s give it a try.” Ouyang Han swept a glance at the disorderly ‘Saint Child’ and said with a cold smile,

"Isn’t it just half the bloodline of the ‘Nine Heavens Immortal Dragon’? Do you really think I can’t kill you? "

Ouyang Han’s strength was not to be trifled with. Killing Ji Sunset was more important. Although he wasn’t afraid of Ouyang Han, he didn’t want to get entangled with him either. He immediately snorted coldly and said,

“Ouyang Han, we will have a battle one day. There’s no need to be so hasty. Since Dishi Chantian accepted our pure spirit source, he has to lead the way. Now that he’s behaving like this, are you going to protect him?”

Xuan Yuan sighed as he shook his head and said:

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to catch up. Since you want me to hurry up, then I’ll hurry up!”

“What a joke, what’s there that we can’t catch up to?” The Battle Dragon Holy Son sneered.

Xuan Yuan’s figure instantly vanished as he flew towards the mountain where his hair had transformed into Ji Sunset. The speed at which he flew was shockingly fast.

A trace of astonishment flashed across the Battle Dragon’s Holy Son’s eyes. His entire body released thousands of rays of golden light, and every single golden light was like a sword as it pierced through the air. The sword’s whistle resounded throughout the sky as it followed behind Xuanyuan.

Many saint children hurriedly used their abilities as well, closely followed by the astounding speed of Xuanyuan. One must know that right now, Xuanyuan was only at the third transition Dou Xian realm, yet his speed was already so fast. This shocked many people and they avoided him:

“As expected of a prodigy from the cycle of reincarnation, his speed is so fast. If he is allowed to grow, in combination with his boundless killing intent, he will be in danger. It seems that I need to find an opportunity to kill him.” Such a thought appeared in the minds of many people, and they harbored malicious intentions towards Xuanyuan.

“Xuanyuan, you really aren’t a good person. They’ve already lost their patience because of you, they’ve already entered your rhythm.” Qingyi’s teasing voice spread to Xuanyuan’s heart.

“If I’m not a good person, then I’m not a good person. In any case, I never said that I was a good person. Since they’ve come, it would be unjustifiable for them to not leave a few lives behind.” Xuan Yuan laughed out loud in his heart, feeling extremely carefree.

“Brat, you are truly insidious. If all of these heaven’s pride level experts of major forces were to die here, then I fear that all of the major forces would go crazy. At that time, they would come looking for you to vent their hatred!” The greedy old man’s laughter also rang out. Xuan Yuan had been waiting for this moment to come. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time. The life essence of so many heaven’s pride level experts was something he wanted.

“What the hell does that have anything to do with me? I’m just the one leading the way…” Xuan Yuan smiled.

The distance of three thousand kilometers wasn’t too far. After leaving Sin City, they quickly arrived at the towering mountain where Ji Sunset was located.

He only saw that on this towering mountain, clouds and mist lingered around it. White clouds were descending from the sky, causing this towering mountain to appear very immortal.

Ji Sunset sat cross-legged on the peak of a tall mountain with a calm expression.

The group of people stopped not far from the towering mountain. Dishi Tian pointed at Ji Sunset, who was cultivating, and slowly said:

"Did you see that? That should be Ji Sunset, right? "

“That’s right, it really is Ji Setting Sun.” The Black Tortoise Holy Daughter’s eyes were blood-red. She looked at Ji Sunset and roared like a crazed demon:

“Ji Sunset, come out here and die.”

He saw Ji Sunset, who was cultivating, suddenly open her eyes. Her expression was very calm, she stood up and looked at all the Holy Maiden’s people without any sign of panic.

After Ji Sunset had stood up, everyone recognized that it was definitely him. Xuanyuan and Ouyang Han retreated to the side and said with an evil grin,

“Alright, I’ve already brought the way I should go. This’ Ji Sunset 'can be killed at will. It’s up to you guys. If you’re not strong enough and got killed, don’t blame me for it. Goodbye!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xuan Yuan entered the void. However, right at this moment, Ji Sunset spoke.

"Are you finally here to die? Since you all are tired of living, then I will let you all return to the Western Paradise! "