Devouring The Heavens - C571


Chapter 571 - Selling Me!

“Devouring the Heavenly Seal.”

This was an object left behind by the ‘Devouring Emperor’ to open the ‘Devouring Immortal Mansion’. It was the symbol of the identity of the ‘Devouring Emperor’, and was extremely important.

For example, Shui Hanhua was actually one of the people who had lived to the third life, the first group of people to follow the Old City Lord of Nefas City. One could imagine the admiration and admiration that he had for the Devouring Emperor.

As for Yun Nian Jiao, she was a freshman and was the direct subordinate of the new City Lord. However, she hadn’t even met the ‘Sin City Lord’ a few times. One could imagine just how mysterious this’ Sin City Lord 'was.

This time, Sin City’s Mistress had transformed into a mysterious person, and had handed the ‘Devouring the Heavenly Seal’ over to Yun Niao Jiao for consignment. She was afraid that the information would leak out, so even Yun Niao Jiao did not know what this huge seal was, she had studied it before and found nothing, she instinctively felt that this big seal was not simple, and was definitely capable of selling it for a good price.

However, he did not expect that the final price of the mysterious seal would be eight hundred thousand high grade Dou Xian Coins. This was beyond everyone’s expectations.

After completing the transaction, Xuanyuan received the ‘Devouring Sky Seal’ and had an extremely close feeling in his heart. He was very excited, but he did not play around with it, nor did he reveal any expression.

“After playing around for a few days, it’s time to leave. Farewell!”

Upon hearing Xuan Yuan’s words, Ouyang Han was the first to lose his composure. He had already thought about it, he didn’t want Xuan Yuan to leave just like that.

“Brother Shitian, where are you going?”

“I am going to kill someone. This is a mission I received, but I wasn’t confident before. Now that I have the ‘Immortal Phoenix Nirvana Pill’, even if I am unable to defeat him, I want to test the might of his son.” Xuanyuan Po’s words didn’t matter, but the complexions of the eight great devil kings had changed. Who else could the Emperor’s son be referring to? Naturally, it was Ji Sunset.

"Damn you, you bastard. You want to kill my big brother? You don’t know how the word death is written, do you? You’re too bold! You want to kill my big brother? See if you can kill me first! " He was the first to jump up in anger, pointing at Xuan Yuan and scolding him.

“F * ck, young master, I’m really blind. Why would I call you brother? If you dare to even touch a single hair on my big brother, I’ll fight you to the death.” Du Zi E’s bronze colored skin bulged and veins began to bulge out of his skin, making him look like a swimming dragon. His fighting spirit was rising and he looked as if he would kill Xuanyuan Po at any moment.

“Then let’s give it a try. Even supreme Celestial Immortals would not be afraid of us here.” Xuan Yuan felt a little touched in his heart. He hadn’t thought that these eight demon kings would really do this for him.

“Motherf * cker, if I knew that you, a turtle king boy, would be so darned, you wouldn’t be so good to kill my big brother. Don’t be too proud, my big brother won’t die so easily!” Chu Qianqian grimaced in pain with a fiendish look on his face. In his hand, he was holding six dices. Every single one of them was not simple and they contained horrifying power.

His friends, who were originally all smiles, instantly became enemies, causing their enemies to laugh coldly.

“…” Meng Temple Ni paused for a moment, then said, "Calm down, you can’t blame Brother Shi Tian for this. He also received a mission, a list of rewards, even if he doesn’t accept, there will be others who will accept it. He already said it himself, and he isn’t completely confident in being able to find big brother. Rest assured, how could big brother be so easily found? "

“Mm, that makes sense.” Da Huaidin smiled and said, “Brother Shitian, if you can’t beat my big brother, then don’t look for trouble with him in the future. If you can’t even find him, then pretend you didn’t receive this ranking!”

“Hehe, I know where he is!” Xuan Yuan gave a faint smile. With these words, he was like a big rock thrown into a calm lake, causing a thousand ripples.

Her actions were like a fierce wind that caused Xuanyuan long hair to sway. She looked at Xuanyuan, her hair was disheveled and her eyes revealed a bloodthirsty and brutal aura, causing her to truly go berserk.

“Hehe, that’s only natural. Not everyone has an ‘Infinite Body’. Moreover, he has to pay an even greater price for choosing such a divine ability!” The greedy old man said.

Xuanyuan Po was completely still as he looked at the Black Tortoise Holy Daughter. It seemed that even if she wanted to kill him, she would have gone insane.

"Do you really know where Ji Sunset is? “Bring me there!”

The First Prince of the ‘Central State Empire’, ‘Emperor Yu’s One’, also stepped forward. He wore a ‘Gold Battle Dragon Armor’ which accentuated his extraordinary might. He wore a ‘Gold Battle Dragon Crown’, and all the patterns on his’ Gold Battle Dragon Boots’ interweaved into one.

"Tell me the whereabouts of ‘Ji Sunset’ and I’ll give you three hundred thousand pure spirit sources! Afterwards, ‘Ji Sunset’, you can still go back and collect the rewards on the leader-board. How nice is that? Isn’t it? "

“I can give you three hundred thousand pure spirit sources.” After the Black Tortoise Holy Maiden glanced at ‘Fudi’, she said in a heavy voice that she wanted to personally kill Ji Sunset to vent her anger!

“Alright, alright!” When Xuanyuan Po saw that quite a few of the saint-level figures had rushed up to him, he quickly waved his hands and said,

If you want to find out the whereabouts of ‘Ji Sunset’, it’s very simple, everyone give me a million pure spirit sources, and I’ll just treat it as a message fee. I’ll take you guys there, but you have to know that ‘Ji Sunset’ has a lot of treasures on her, and is not much weaker than Brother Ouyang.

“Which one of your lies is true? Which one is false? Even the old man from ‘Heavencraft’ couldn’t deduce it, yet you know?” It was obvious that someone was treating him like a fortune-teller.

“Enough nonsense, I see that he’s been cultivating for six or seven days now, but he doesn’t seem to be leaving that easily. If you continue dawdling, you won’t even be able to catch a fart.” Xuanyuan Po had an impatient look on his face.

“You really dare to open your mouth wide. If you can eat it, aren’t you afraid of vomiting?” The Ancient Devil’s Holy Son snorted and said.

If you guys want to find that ‘Ji Sunset’, then cut the crap and hand over the pure spiritual source. If you don’t want to see it, then scram. I don’t want to waste my time with you guys, I can kill you guys too, but I can go deeper into dangerous situations anytime I want. As soon as Xuan Yuan finished his words, he was about to leave.

“Alright, I’ll give you one million pure spirit source.” At this moment, the Unhindered Sacred Son of the Unhindered Sect spoke up and took out a one million jin pure spirit source. Xuan Yuan truly did not think that he would actually become so valuable. This was not a small amount.

Xuanyuan immediately looked at everyone and said:

“Look at him. He is the ‘Saint Child of the Zou’. He is so sensible and knows how to give up. Only then will he get what he wants. Do you understand?” If it’s just ‘Son of Zou’, then I’ll only bring him with me. You all are not allowed to follow me. "

“What if you’re lying to us?” The Battle Dragon’s Holy Son said coldly.

“I’ll stay with you. If I don’t find it, then I’ll return it to your pure spirit source. Do you think I’ll be able to run away from all of you?” Just as Xuan Yuan was speaking, a few Life Immortals followed along. Xuan Yuan’s heart skipped a beat as he sighed and said in disdain:

“I finally know the difference between Samsara and you ancient families. Kill Ji Sunset and you even need to send Fate Immortals, aren’t you afraid of losing face? I will be ashamed for you, young generation, to solve the problem of the younger generation. You old people, have you lived your entire lives?”

Many Life Immortals were forced to halt their steps by Xuan Yuan’s words. The ‘Holy Son’ smiled coldly and said:

“Alright, since that’s the case, I’ll give you one million pure spiritual roots!”

One after the other, every major power began to pay the money to Xuanyuan, in order to obtain the qualifications to be led by Xuanyuan.

The Jiang Clan, the Ji Clan, the Wang Clan, the Murong Clan, the Gongsun Clan, the Changsun Clan, and the Shangguan Clan had all paid Xuanyuan 1 million pure spirit source. Xuanyuan had no idea what was in his heart, but he couldn’t understand it!

However, Xuanyuan happily received all of these pure spiritual sources. They weighed around twelve million jin, and this was enough for him to use for a long time. Thinking about this, Xuanyuan felt extremely happy in her heart.

It was probably only at this time that they would be able to earn more money. Seeing that each and every one of them was willing, Xuan Yuan reluctantly accepted it. Finally, after looking at the eight Demon Kings, he sighed and said:

“I won’t take your money for the sake of a friendship. Brother Ouyang, do you want to come along?” After I finish this matter, we will discuss about it. What do you think? "

“Hehe, that’s fine too. I’d like to see just who this’ Ji Sunset 'is.” Ouyang Han laughed, showing a fearless expression.

As a result, Xuan Yuan led a large group of Saint Child rank experts out of Sin King Palace, leaving only the older generation in charge of a massive amount of wealth. They left behind for the auction, while the other Saint Children all expressed confidence that they would be able to return after killing Xuanyuan.

However, no one knew that Xuanyuan was happily bringing them into the trap he had set up.