Devouring The Heavens - C570


Chapter 570 - Devouring the Heavenly Seal

The Holy Son Dou Long’s entire body was radiating immortal light. Each and every immortal light was like a terrifying sharp sword that exuded an incomparably sharp killing intent.

“What happened to me?” Xuan Yuan stood up, but he was still unafraid. His eyes did not conceal the disdain he had for the ‘Battle Dragon Saint Child’ as he sneered.

“3.1 billion, for the first time…” Yun Nian smiled sweetly. Every time she said it, the Holy Son Duo Long’s heart would bleed. This was a pure spirit source weighing a billion pounds!

It was not like magic treasures, such as immortal pills, which could be seen with one’s own eyes. Even if one judged wrongly, the value of the stone would not be too far off, but the stone was different, it could be sold for the cheapest money, at the same time it could be used for the most expensive price, and it could not get anything.

Among the major powers, the competition between the saints was fierce. For example, in the Dou Long Immortal Manor, there was Jiang Yitian, the senior apprentice brother of the Successor Disciple. In his eyes, although he wasn’t a Holy Son, he was actually a threat to the ‘Battle Dragon Holy Son’, which was why the ‘Battle Dragon Holy Son’ had come back!

The Son meant that in the future, he would be in charge. They didn’t dare to waste anything because there were still a lot of things to be sold at the auction. They weren’t in a hurry.

The Holy Son was so angry that his entire body was trembling. However, there was nothing he could do. He handed over the three billion high grade Dou Xian Coins and exchanged it with Yun Nian Jiao. He directly grabbed the Coiling Dragon Stone and viciously looked at Xuanyuan with an ominous glint in his eyes.

Xuanyuan gave a very happy smile and said:

"What is it? How about ‘Battle Dragon Holy Son’ deciphering the stone so we can broaden our horizons? “Let’s take a look and see what kind of world shocking spiritual source is contained within.”

He did not have the attainments in Xuan Yuan Arts, so he was naturally unable to see through the mysteries within. This time, he was only willing to buy an Origin Stone for an extremely high price, and as long as he was able to create a shocking spirit stone, not only would it make up for the loss, but it would also increase his own achievements. The ‘Battle Dragon Saint’ had a sliver of hope in his heart and decided to cut the stone on the spot!

“Hmph, just you watch, I will definitely cut out a world shocking spiritual source.” The Holy Son retracted his emotions. The Immortal light behind him soared into the sky, turning into a rain of light that enveloped his body. It made him seem like a god descending upon the world!

His method of cutting the Origin Stone was very quick. He cut open the Coiling Dragon Stone in twos and threes, and when the Origin Stone broke, he heard a dragon cry out from within the stone. This sound shook many people’s hearts, however, in that instant, pure Spirit Origin Qi flooded the area, and when the Holy Son Dou Dragon saw the Spirit Source, his face darkened. Within the Coiling Dragon Stone, there was a pure Spirit Stone that weighed over ten thousand kilograms, and quite a few sighs rang out.

“Hahaha, good, good! This is indeed a spirit source! ‘Holy Son Duolong’ has good eyesight.” “Seems like there are many experts in this world with potential. Not only did this person use the ‘Heaven Stones Seamless Technique’ to repair this strange stone, he also used the ‘Secret Sky Crossing Sea Technique’ to hide the pure spirit source that he stuffed in, allowing the pure spirit source’s power to pass through the strange stone and manifest the power of the heaven and earth Dao patterns on the strange stone. This method is truly not simple!”

“This is a natural world of battle qi, how big is it? There are many experts, just that you can’t see them, and there are also hidden ancient king clans, there are no lack of experts, this is the deepest and most terrifying force, even if it is strong like the ‘Devouring Emperor’, it can only kill and come out, it cannot cause any destruction. You can imagine it!” On this point, the greedy old man had a much higher say than Xuanyuan. He was an existence that had once slaughtered his way into the Primordial Royal Family together with the Devouring Emperor.

Having cut out such a pure spirit source, it was practically negligible compared to the loss. The rage in the Battle Dragon’s Holy Son’s heart could be imagined!

“Dishi Tian, no one in this world can save you. Unless you stay here forever, I will definitely kill you!” The Battle Dragon’s Holy Son was abnormally malevolent. He never would have thought that he would be tricked by Xuanyuan. It was a great humiliation as he had lost all his face.

"Is that so? You, the Battle Dragon Holy Son, have such great ability? If I want to protect Brother Shitian, are you going to kill me? “Come, come, come. I shall fight with you. Let’s see just how strong this’ Holy Son of the Duelling Dragon 'of yours is.”

Ouyang Han took a step forward. His entire body was covered in imperial items, making him look like a blind person. This was a set of clothes that only existed after all the legacies of the Ouyang Family had been gathered here.

“Hmph, we’ll see once the auction ends …”

Not to mention that many people knew that the Ouyang Family had half an ancient art, not to mention that Ouyang Han had many emperors on him. As for other things, in the same realm, even if the ‘Holy Son Duo Long’ had great talent, he still wouldn’t be able to defeat Ouyang Han!

The ‘Battle Dragon Holy Son’ didn’t expect that Ouyang Han would actually stand up for ‘Dishi Tian’. At this moment, he could only endure this humiliation.

Seeing that the situation had calmed down, Yun Nian gently smiled and said:

“‘Battle Dragon Saint Son’, I’ll give you this sentence. It’s a blessing to be at a disadvantage. To be able to laugh it off is a type of magnanimity.”

“Thank you for your guidance, Fairy Yun.” The Battle Dragon Holy Son calmed his emotions and returned the greeting with a smile.

“Haha, Brother Shitian, it’s really a pity that you don’t join our Eight Immortals Mountain. You’re very talented. With your talent, you’ll definitely be a mainstay of our Eight Immortals Mountain in the future!” She had become used to it, and now she spoke without restraint.

“This is too great, I’ve long seen how displeased this’ Battle Bug Holy Son ‘is. Brother Shi Tian, your actions are truly satisfying. Tsk tsk, one billion high grade battle immortal dollars, and the’ Battle Dragon Immortal Mansion 'is huge. You can afford it …” Mongol laughed very obscenely.

“Yes, I don’t care about this’ Battle Bug Holy Son ‘anymore. Let’s talk about my big brother, the famous’ Ji Sunset '. Don’t you know that it was you who mentioned this just now? If I had the chance to introduce you two, you two would definitely become good brothers. My big brother is extraordinary, dominating the entire world …” Xiao Youzi raised her thumb while boasting.

“The two of you are definitely on good terms with each other!” Du Ziyou spoke his mind.

“That’s right. They’re all good at deceiving people. Continue deceiving them, and finish them all off! Hahaha …”

The eight demon kings sat together with Xuan Yuan and Ouyang Han and began to fart. All sorts of cold jokes and hot air assaulted them, pointing to the Holy Son of Dou Long and the Holy Son of Xuanwu.

The Holy Son’s face turned green again when he heard this.

“Truly a small marten on the same hill. Not a single one is a good person!” Murong Xuan’er glanced at Xuanyuan and the others and snorted.

The auction continued. With the previous example, Xuanyuan had also gotten addicted to it and fought against the ‘Holy Son of Duo Long’, ‘Holy Son of Black Turtle’, ‘Holy Son of Han Tian’, and the ‘Holy Son of Han Tian’ a few times. He raised the price and provoked the wrath of the heavens, causing the eight great Primal Chaos Demons to laugh heartily.

Even so, they had fought quite a bit, but who were the eight great demon kings? When they were young, they were street tigers who walked along the streets bare-chested, with all sorts of direct, curvy, reserved, and naked greetings for their ancestors’ thousands of generations of beautiful women. They scolded these holy sons like grandchildren, but in the end, they completely ignored them.

Just like that, another day passed.

The next item to be auctioned is a mysterious iron seal, which is incredibly magical, invulnerable to water and fire, unable to be destroyed. Other than that, it has no other uses, according to our calculations, this iron seal is at least the work of an ancient sage, maybe to refine a great treasure, but the refinement has failed and the artifact spirit has perished.

Floating in front of Yun Nian Jiao was a mottled iron seal. The seal was on all four sides, and on it was a vicious looking Taotie, it was hard for people to associate it with the ancient sages. Yun Nian Jiao was very good at speaking, every object had her own explanation, causing many people’s hearts to palpitate.

The moment Xuanyuan saw the giant seal, his pupils began to fiercely tremble because the invisible force was unable to cut through it.

“It’s really the ‘Devouring Sky Seal’?”

“That’s right, it’s the ‘Devouring Sky Seal’! Haha, I didn’t expect it to really land here. Kid, you have to auction off this’ Devouring Sky Seal '!” The greedy old man was extremely excited and almost roared!

After obtaining the confirmation of the greedy old man, Xuanyuan did not dare to be negligent as he once again opened his mouth:

“Three hundred thousand!”

Just as Xuanyuan Po was raising the bid, he threw a sidelong glance at those Saint Child level experts and said with a smile:

“Come come come …” If you have the ability, compete with me as if you’re a man! "

However, not many people cared about Xuanyuan. On one hand, they did not want to waste time and energy playing with Xuanyuan, so it was simply too troublesome. On the other hand, this Fang Dazhi did not seem like there was anything worth arguing about.

There were only a few rogue cultivators bidding, but Xuan Yuan was not afraid. He publicly provoked them and pointed at the Saint Child that he had a grudge with, swearing:

“F * ck, eight hundred thousand, which one of you has the ability to compete with me like a man!”

In the end, no one bothered with it as Xuanyuan sold the ‘Devouring Sky Seal’ for eight hundred thousand high grade spirit coins.

Shui Hanhua almost fainted. The incident had taken him by surprise, and he could not help but sigh in amazement.

“I’m old, f * cking old, this Xuanyuan is practically the best in the world, as expected of the successor of the ‘Devouring Emperor’ …”