Devouring The Heavens - C569


Chapter 569 - The Pit, You Die!

Sin King Palace.

All sorts of clamoring sounds rolled in the air, causing people to be deafened, but at this moment, only Ouyang Han’s voice resounded in Xuan Yuan’s ears.

Ouyang Han’s actions were swift and decisive, very powerful, and it was likely that this had something to do with what he had experienced as a child. The young Ouyang Han had suffered the pain of extermination of his family, and had lost his loved one, and up to now, Xuanyuan was able to understand his mood. That quasi Emperor was his only family and support in this world, not just to protect the Ouyang Family’s heritage, but also to ensure his only family member’s survival!

“Okay, but whether you can obtain this supreme immortal treasure will depend on your luck.”

Ouyang Han heaved a sigh of relief when he heard Xuanyuan’s response. Regardless of what luck Xuanyuan was talking about, he had finally gotten the most accurate response. Ouyang Han knew that Xuanyuan was buying something, so no matter what, everything should wait until the end of the auction.

The competition between the various great powers was extremely intense. They fought back and forth, neither giving in to the other. Xuanyuan had always been silently waiting.

As for Ouyang Han, as long as he had immortal treasures that could extend his lifespan, he would use lightning-like methods to attack. This made all the Heavenly Immortals in the ‘Sin King Palace’ grind their teeth in hatred, but they could do nothing about it.

Powerful! Apart from this, he had also used money to smash the tempers of all the major powers. He had become the star of this auction.

In the past two days of auction, Xuanyuan Po had seen it. There was even a Dao technique that the ancient sages had cultivated, but it was incomplete. Also, there were items left behind by the ancient sages.

In this auction, all of the great saints had obtained the treasures they wanted.

Only Xuanyuan stood there unmoving, looking somewhat shabby. He was just watching.

Another round of auctions ended. The ‘Unhindered Saint Child’ from the ‘Unhindered Sacred Sect’ spent 400 billion high grade Dou Xian Coins and bought a simple and unadorned stone ruler. This stone ruler had traces carved on it by the elders of the ancient times.

“The Son of Zou is so young. He really does have extraordinary strength.” As Yun Nian praised the Unhindered Saint Child, her incomparably charming eyes sparkled. It was a breathtaking sight, even the Unhindered Saint Child had a feeling that he was unable to hold back. This woman was born to be a demoness.

“The next item to be auctioned is a strange stone. Everyone, please take a look.” Yun Nian’s delicate jade-like fingers flicked and an Origin Stone appeared in the air. This Origin Stone gave off an ancient aura, and this strange stone was like a coiling dragon, coiling around its body. It was very similar to the Azure Dragon Immortal Mountain.

This stone looks like the ‘Azure Dragon Immortal Mountain’, and is said to have been birthed from the depths of the ‘Azure Dragon Immortal Mountain’. It is said that this stone is birthed from the depths of the ‘Azure Dragon Immortal Mountain’, and is known as the ‘Coiling Dragon Stone’ by us.

Even if it was the nine extraordinary stones left behind by the Great Rudra Immortal Emperor, he could still see them, and there was a bit of light coming from inside. It was very hazy, and he could not see clearly, but this’ Coiling Dragon Stone ‘did not contain a single bit of light, but even so, Xuanyuan still wanted to compete for it. If it was not bought for a long time, it would inevitably arouse suspicion later on when the’ Devouring Sky Seal 'appeared.

“Eleven million!”

This was the first time Xuan Yuan had bid for the first time in the past two days, drawing the attention of many Saint Child level characters.

Seeing that Xuan Yuan had started bidding again, the ‘Holy Son of Duo Long’ chuckled and said:

“Kid, do you dare to be like a man and bid with your own strength?”

“Of course!” Xuan Yuan sneered.

“Alright, 15 million!” The Holy Son Duan Ling Tian laughed complacently. This Coiling Dragon Stone seemed to have natural Dao patterns engraved on it, and it was extraordinary. Many of the seniors and even Heavenly Immortals who had spent their entire lives playing with the stone were slightly tempted.

“16 million!” Xuan Yuan did not slow down, as the amount of money he could spend was limited. On the other hand, when Ouyang Han saw that Xuan Yuan had accepted his challenge, he did not want to interfere anymore.

“Twenty million!” The Black Tortoise Saintess had just been struck by a sore spot by Xuanyuan’s words, so naturally, she could not allow Xuanyuan to be happy.

Xuanyuan let out a sigh. Women were truly unreasonable, but when he used his True Eye, he was able to see every single line on the ‘Coiling Dragon Stone’ clearly, but no matter how Xuanyuan looked at it, he could not see any flaws. This made Xuanyuan feel somewhat puzzled, but what should be auctioned was still up for auction.

“Twenty-one million!”

“Twenty-five million!” The Battle Dragon’s Saint Child intended to crush Xuanyuan. Many people’s eyes were shining as they looked at the so-called ‘Coiling Dragon Stone’. There were many people who wanted to gamble, but their rationality prevented them from doing so.

“26 million!” Xuan Yuan was progressing step by step and was stable and steady. The key point was still studying this’ Coiling Dragon Stone '.

“Thirty million!” The Black Tortoise Holy Daughter was very crazy. She and the Holy Son of Duelling Dragon had teamed up to suppress Xuanyuan!

“31 million!” Xuanyuan Po raised the bid again. As his eyes continued to scan the ‘Coiling Dragon Stone’, Xuanyuan suddenly felt a wisp of air. This was a type of power technique, it gave off a feeling that there were no gaps in the air, allowing people to find it.

This piece of Coiling Dragon Stone is a lie, after being unleashed by someone with equally terrifying skills, it’s called ‘seamless Heaven Stones’. This’ Coiling Dragon Stone ‘is a naturally formed stone, but it has already been cut by someone, moreover, they have used this’ Heaven Stone 'to seamlessly repair it, to confuse others, I really don’t know what kind of shocking spirit source it has been cut out from.

Xuan Yuan sighed in his heart. If he hadn’t practiced the ‘Great Net’s Heaven’s Eyes’ in the ‘Great Net Heavenly Book’, he really wouldn’t be able to see through the mysteries within!

Even so, Xuan Yuan still decided to make the ‘Holy Son of Dou Long’ and the ‘Saintess of Black Tortoise’ lose something. He really didn’t know what kind of expression he would have if he let them cut open this’ Coiling Dragon Stone '.

“40 million!” Xuan Yuan suddenly raised the price as if he had discovered something and was eager to bid it off.

“Hm?” The more he looked at it, the more he felt that the lines on its surface contained the mysteries of the Great Dao. Faintly, they were able to give him an indescribable experience, and this caused him to feel somewhat pleasantly surprised. It seemed that Di Shitian had definitely discovered something, and the ‘Holy Son of Dou Long’ had always researched the art of stone. However, compared to Xuanyuan, it was naturally worlds apart!

“65 million!”

“90 million!” Xuan Yuan became strong once more and he looked as if he had to do so. Even the Black Tortoise Saintess was surprised for a moment; she didn’t expect that Xuan Yuan was actually able to take out ninety million high grade Dou Xian dollars.

“One hundred million!”

“200 million!” This time, the ‘Battle Dragon Holy Son’ could not help but frown.

Shui Hanhua also frowned and thought to himself:

“There seems to be something wrong with this’ Coiling Dragon Stone '. What is this kid thinking?”

Yun Nian Jiao, on the other hand, was smiling without changing her expression.

Everyone, don’t miss the chance to gamble with it. Perhaps, you might be able to cut out a world spirit source. I think that there’s a high chance that there’s a ‘Azure Dragon Spirit Source’, the Coiling Dragon Nine Heavens, within it.

There was a sort of seduction in Yun Nian’s delicate voice that spread like wildfire, causing quite a few of the saint children to be stirred up.

If there had to be something, then he could cut open the ‘Sin City’, why would he sell it, everything was risky, and in the end, everyone knew, but he would need to see who could grasp the level of temptation, and who would be able to control it.

“Two hundred and ten million!” The Battle Dragon Holy Son continued bidding.

“400 million!” The Xuanyuan lion opened its mouth wide and once again forcefully suppressed the price. His eyes revealed an indescribable excitement, as if he’d noticed something.

“450 million!” Although the Black Tortoise Holy Maiden was like a mad demon, she clearly knew how to read words.

“900 million!” Xuan Yuan had become as fierce as Ouyang Han, aggressively attacking him.

With the bid price reaching 900 million gold taels, this was 300 million jin of pure spirit source. It was no small matter; it was already worth several hundred thousand gold taels.

They came out to purchase and participate in auctions. After this amount of money was used up, they would be able to obtain items of corresponding value, or even surpass them, and then they would be able to appraise their abilities. And, they would be able to determine their future position within the various great powers; this was also a sort of experiential learning.

However, when the ‘Holy Son of Duelling Dragon’ saw that Xuan Yuan had already gone slightly crazy, he didn’t mind letting him spend a little bit more.

“90 million!”

“1.5 billion! Damn it! Son of the Battle Dragon! Are you going to oppose me?!” Xuanyuan Po was so angry that he almost jumped out of his chair.

"Hahaha, so what? “1.5 billion and 10 million!” The Battle Dragon’s Holy Son beamed with happiness.

“3 billion!” Xuanyuan’s face was extremely gloomy and his killing intent surged. It seemed that he really wanted to fight with the ‘Holy Son of Duo Long’. He was provoking him.

"Do you think I’m afraid of you? “3.1 billion!” The Battle Dragon’s Holy Son was not afraid in the slightest.

However, just at this moment, Xuanyuan became very calm and said with a laugh:

“Since you want it that much, I’ll give it to you!”

Xuan Yuan sat down with a strange smile on his face. He knew that he had been tricked in that instant, and his face immediately turned green.

“You …”