Devouring The Heavens - C568


Chapter 568 - Mad Demon Woman!

In these three days, Xuan Yuan finally understood one thing, if the gap between the two was too big, then the relationship between the two was destined to not be too great. Yin Zhengluo was merely a blessing to him, and if it weren’t for his hard work in cultivation, Yin Zhengluo would have simply been an unreachable passable passerby in his life.

What he had seen in the past was only because his strength was not high and his vision was not broad enough. That was why he felt that the world was just like that.

For example, now that he was here, there would be many Heavenly Immortals auctioning off such a high level auction. Although it had broadened his horizons, he would not be able to buy it, and even if he could, there would be no need for it.

It was not easy to finally get something that he could use, and Xuanyuan made his move without any hesitation.

“6 million high grade Dou Xian dollars!”

These past few days, he had endured the scornful gazes of so many Saint Child level characters. He really didn’t know why Xuanyuan was here, but in their eyes, Xuanyuan was just like a country bumpkin.

“7 million!” However, only Murong Xuan’er knew that these things either did not catch Xuanyuan, or were not necessary. She naturally understood that a person who could take out the ‘Green Desolate Celestial Dragon Suppression Talisman’ was definitely not an ordinary person. However, she held it in in her heart and was happy to have Xuanyuan bleed.

Seeing that Murong Xuan’er was causing trouble again, Xuan Yuan sneered:

“8 million!”

“9 million!” Murong Xuan’er clearly wanted to suppress Xuanyuan.

When the Holy Son saw that the two of them were starting to argue again, they weren’t in a hurry to act. Instead, they all stood to the side and watched the fun unfold.

He also understood that in order to assassinate a strong enemy, there would often be a moment of life and death. With this’ Immortal Phoenix Nirvana Pill ', there would be an extra life, and if he wanted to obtain the supreme immortal treasure from Xuanyuan, he would naturally not let go of the opportunity to befriend Xuanyuan, because he knew that Xuanyuan had given up on him earlier and now, as long as he gave Xuanyuan something he wanted, he would have a chance to obtain it.

“Brother Shitian, I’ll buy this’ Immortal Phoenix Nirvana Pill 'for you.”

“Ouyang Han, I say, I didn’t offend you, right? Why are you going against me?” Murong Xuan’er was extremely angry as she pointed at Ouyang Han’s nose and coldly rebuked him.

“You are the one who is targeting Brother Shitian everywhere. Brother Shitian is like an old friend to me. If anyone dares to disobey Brother Shitian, it doesn’t matter who he is. Even if he escapes to the ends of the earth, I will still kill him.”

Ouyang Han was very decisive and his words were sharp. A cold light flashed in his eyes and a little aura surrounded him. He gave off an enormous pressure, making Murong Xuan’er speechless.

As Ouyang Han was speaking, he glanced at the ‘Holy Son Duan Ling Tian.’ The ‘Holy Son Duan Ling Tian’ disapproved of was because there were only two people left in the Ouyang Clan. Moreover, he didn’t believe a dignified quasi Emperor level character would be able to make a move against him.

Seeing how Ouyang Han was so overbearing and overbearing, Murong Xuan’er could only give up. Ouyang Han had the attitude of smashing people to death, even the immortals were no exception, let alone herself.

Many major powers looked at each other, giving up on bidding. Although the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan was destroyed, the wealth left behind by them could be easily imagined based on how generous Ouyang Han was.

“10 million!” Ouyang Han spoke up.

Ouyang Han’s interference caused many of the Holy Son level people to stop wanting to bid. The Holy Son Duolong laughed coldly.

“15 million!”

“30 million!” Ouyang Han was resolute and decisive.

“Thirty five million!”

“70 million!”

Seeing Ouyang Han bid so loudly, even the eyes of the ‘Holy Son Duo Long’ could not help but twitch. This was simply not taking money as money! From this, one could see just how deep the Ouyang Family’s ancient savings were!

“Haha, since Young Master Ouyang wants to give Dishi Tian an extra life, then let’s do as Young Master Ouyang wishes. Seventy million high grade Dou Immortal dollars, and the most you can buy is a Grade 7 Immortal Pill that’s worth at most forty million high grade Dou Immortal coins. Only Young Master Ouyang can be so wasteful.” The Battle Dragon’s Holy Son lightly said. He disapproved, clearly wanting Ouyang Han to spend more money to play with him.

“Do you need to care?” “Scram!” The expression on the Holy Son’s face changed, but he did not flare up. The Holy Son only disdainfully looked at Xuanyuan Po and said,

"Dishi Tian, when can you be like a man and compete with me for wealth? Do you only know how to hide behind others? You think there’s someone who can help you every single time? "

The words of the Holy Son Duo Long caused the Jiang and the other Heaven’s Pride figures from the Black Tortoise Immortal Palace, Ancient Devil Sect, and the Central Region Imperial Court to look at him with disdain. In their eyes, Samsara had always been hiding their heads and did not dare to appear in front of others.

"What a joke, wasn’t Ji Sunset trying to make you fight him at the same level? Why don’t you dare? My birth is not inferior to the Holy Maiden of you great powers. I was doted upon by thousands, and in the end, I was defeated by a mere ‘Ji Sunset’ in such a miserable manner. What a joke! " Xuan Yuan sneered.

“What did you say!” This sentence had touched the heartstrings of all the Holy Children who had fought against Ji Sunset!

Especially the Black Tortoise Saintess, who seemed like a crazed devil. A bloody light shot out from her eyes and was extremely terrifying. She looked at Xuanyuan Leng and shouted,

“If ‘Ji Sunset’ appears again, I will definitely slay him!”

She stood up and walked towards Xuanyuan. It was obvious that Ji Sunset had destroyed her future path and she hated Ji Sunset the most. However, Xuanyuan still dared to mention Ji Sunset to mock them, which made her want to kill Xuanyuan.

The First Prince of the Central Region, ‘Emperor Fuyi’, coldly glanced at Xuanyuan and smiled sinisterly.

'Ji Sunset ‘and’ Qingyi duo ‘were a humiliation that he would never be able to wash away in his entire life. To dare to bring it up again, this’ Dishi Tian 'in front of him, it was simply a slap in the face. This made him want to kill Xuanyuan as well.

“What? Do you want to fight?” “The flames of sin are waiting for you. A strand of them can destroy you into dust!” When she said that, the ‘Black Tortoise Holy Daughter’ immediately stopped and returned to her own seat. She did not have her usual fairy-like appearance and now she looked like a ferocious female devil. Her entire body was filled with killing intent.

“Just you wait!”

Xuan Yuan was not convinced, but when he felt the aura of the ‘Black Tortoise Holy Maiden’, he was terrified in his heart:

“In such a short period of time, this’ Black Tortoise Saintess’ has actually reached the pinnacle of the sixth circulation. It seems like she is only one step away from the seventh circulation. It doesn’t look like her cultivation path has been destroyed at all.”

“This’ Black Tortoise Saintess’ used a secret technique to raise her strength, presumably to kill you. She used her life’s life force and potential as the price, in exchange for a short period of radicalization. This woman hates you so much, she just wants to kill you!” The greedy old man laughed.

"Hmph, she wants to kill me. Do you want me to wash my neck and let her kill me? For her to have such a thing, it is completely her fault. Serves her right! " Xuanyuan did not care at all.

In the end, Yun Nian had completed the transaction with Ouyang Han, and this’ Immortal Phoenix Nirvana Pill 'had fallen into Xuanyuan’s hands:

“Brother Shitian, take it!”

This’ Holy Son Duo Long 'was obviously targeting him as well. Now that he was forcefully suppressed by Ouyang Han, but having to spend so much money, Xuan Yuan felt a little uneasy.

“Brother Ouyang, take this’ Immortal Phoenix Nirvana Pill '. To you, it has a great use. It’s too precious, I can’t take it.”

“Brother Shitian, if you don’t accept it, then you’ll be looking down on me, Ouyang Han. Furthermore, my Ouyang Clan’s legacy has been around for generations. Even though it’s gone, what lifesaving immortal pill is it?” He did not know if there were any immortal treasures that could extend his life by 800 years, if there was one, then he would trade it for the Ouyang family’s half of the ancient technique “Immortal Defiance Technique”. He was also a little excited, he had been coveting the nine ‘Great Net Immortal Emperor’ for a long time, but he did not dare to make a move on it!

“Thank you, Brother Ouyang.” Xuan Yuan smiled faintly.

The auction continued, from time to time, the light from the treasure would soar into the sky as shouts rang out. Everyone present would occasionally fight over an item for the auction, and some of them would even spit out words about the treasure or the person who wanted it to be given to them.

Xuan Yuan and Ouyang Han quietly watched.

“Brother Shitian, don’t blame me for being blunt, but I know that those who joined the ‘Reincarnation’ were all orphan children without a father or mother, selected from all over the world, and you must be alone too.” Brother Shitian, don’t blame me for being blunt, I know, that those who joined the ‘Reincarnation’ were all orphan children without a mother or father, selected from all over, selected from all directions, you must be alone.

Ouyang Han’s voice was not loud, but every word was spoken with sincerity. He could faintly feel that this Emperor Shishi in front of him, was someone he could befriend deeply, because he understood Shui Hanhua, this’ Sin City 'Grand Elder. He was waiting for Xuanyuan’s reply!