Devouring The Heavens - C567


Chapter 567 - Immortal Phoenix Nirvana Pill

Towards Qing Yi’s mockery, Xuan Yuan could only smile bitterly.

“I only wanted to anger Murong Xuan’er and have her regret it. I didn’t expect Ouyang Han to directly charge over. I had no choice, but I can borrow his east wind and see if there’s anything I need.”

Qing Yi did not express any disgust towards Xuanyuan’s actions, but instead thought that she was very smart. This was because to her, she had lived her entire life by herself and had slaughtered her way out of this world. She had used all sorts of methods and techniques, so Xuanyuan wouldn’t mean much to her.

The auction continued on. A sparkling sword floated in front of Yun Nian Jiao, its entire body was covered with exquisite engravings, within these engravings appeared sword lights and sword shadows, mountains of corpses and seas of blood, releasing a monstrous killing intent, the aura was very oppressive, it was a high-grade immortal equipment, it was said that it came from the hands of an elder of the Six Daos, who knows how many lives it had taken …

The moment this sword appeared, it immediately attracted the attention of many people. Xuan Yuan was not interested in this sword, so he began to converse with Ouyang Han.

"Wouldn’t the Ten Colored Immortal Beast be able to extend its life by sixty years? Just let your ancestor consume them. There’s no need to be in such a rush to collect all of these longevity Immortal treasures. "

Brother Shitian might not know this, but my ancestor has already reached the quasi Emperor Realm, and I’m afraid he has already comprehended the Great Way of the Ten Colored Immortal. For him to be able to increase his lifespan by a few years is already a great fortune, so he needs a lot of immortal ingredients to refine the Supreme Celestial Elixir, and only then will the effects of the elixir be stimulated to the maximum. I hope that Brother Shitian can give up his love for my sake, and let me have that Supreme Celestial Treasure, and treat it as if I owe you a huge favor.

Ouyang Han was very sincere. He did not harbor even the slightest bit of ill intent towards Xuanyuan. He looked at Xuanyuan, waiting for his response.

When Ouyang Han’s words reached this point, Xuanyuan Han felt very embarrassed and felt a little awkward. If he had one, Xuanyuan would not mind selling it to Ouyang Han, but it was just a temporary lie that Xuanyuan was making up his mind. He did not want to lie to Ouyang Han, but if he said that he was lying now, Ouyang Han would not believe it.

“Forget it, it’s enough for him to know that this is something that he is unable to obtain!”

Xuan Yuan shook his head and sighed:

Brother Ouyang, it’s not that I don’t want to give it to you, it’s just that if I offer this supreme immortal treasure to the leader of my ‘Reincarnation’ headquarters, he’ll give me a chance to comprehend half of an ancient technique. Although my talent might not be enough to comprehend it, but no matter what, I don’t want to miss this chance.

When Ouyang Han heard this, his pupils shrunk, and even Shui Hanhua was shocked. Half a part of an ancient technique, this sort of nine great ancient techniques that were born from heaven and earth, many people had heard of it before. The ‘Reincarnation’ had half a part, and it was left behind by the ‘Marquis of the Champions’ of the human race.

Sin City also had an ancient technique passed down. This ancient technique was not inferior to the supreme dao techniques of the Great Emperor. Shui Hanhua understood that this ancient technique was an unquestionable temptation to every cultivator.

He already knew Xuanyuan’s true identity. In the past, ‘Devouring Emperor’ had also entered the cycle of reincarnation and learned the supreme ancient arts that had been passed down through countless years. It was only natural for Xuanyuan to have such a plan.

Ouyang Han frowned as he thought about it. He paused for a moment and said slowly but firmly,

“Our Ouyang Family also has half an ancient technique!”

To Xuanyuan, this information was no less than a thunderbolt out of the blue. He had always wanted to find the location of the ancient technique.

As for the whereabouts of the ancient techniques, in addition to his own < Ancient Flowing Moon Fighting Divine Art >, there was also the < Ancient Divine Wind and Water Art > in addition to the < Ancient God of Wind and Water > in addition to the < Samsara > and < Six Daos > techniques combined into one.

However, Xuanyuan had not expected that the Ouyang Family would also possess half of an ancient technique. This caused Xuanyuan to become restless, causing huge waves and great waves to rise up. Suddenly, a flash of inspiration struck his mind and he thought of something and his heart trembled:

"The Heavenly Moon Immortal Palace possesses the ancient Flowing Moon Fighting Divine Art and has been cleansed by four terrifying forces. The Ouyang Family possesses half of the ancient techniques and they have also been swept away by an inexplicable force. Do they want to gather all nine ancient techniques? "

"The Ouyang Family does have half an ancient technique. Back then, the Devouring Emperor had an ancient technique exchange with a quasi Emperor from the Ouyang Family! “Haha, it’s a pity that you don’t have a Supreme Celestial Treasure, otherwise, you would have earned it.” The greedy old man laughed, confirming this point.

The corner of Xuan Yuan’s mouth twitched. He hadn’t expected Ouyang Han to be capable of even half an ancient technique. This shocked him greatly!

It’s not a question of whether or not we earn money, it’s just taking what we need, if we can let a quasi Emperor who is on the verge of dying live another eight hundred years, then that would be even more meaningful than letting him obtain a complete and ancient technique, it seems like we have to cut open the nine strange stones left behind by the Great Luo Immortal Emperor, in any case, Ouyang Han is living in the ‘Sin City’, so we can’t be afraid of not finding him, if there is, we can change him, so what’s the harm!

However, the ancient arts also need to be complemented by the divine abilities that I have cultivated. I cultivate the Life Death Art from the ‘Reincarnation’, so using the ‘Reincarnation’ ancient techniques to complement it is naturally the most perfect. I wonder what the Ouyang Family’s ancient arts are? Xuanyuan asked in a probing manner, not agreeing.

“Immortal Defiance Technique!” Ouyang Han whispered.

The tiger’s body trembled. One could imagine just by hearing the name of this ancient technique that “Immortal Defiance Technique” caused the greedy old man to continuously roar in his heart:

“So it’s the Immortal Defiance Technique, my memories are incomplete. Now that he mentioned it, I can already remember a part of it. This Immortal Defiance Technique really only has half of it. Combined with my body, it’s simply immortal, I must obtain it!”

Xuan Yuan was shocked in his heart, but his expression remained calm as he said with a smile:

“Brother Ouyang, after this auction is over, we’ll look for a place to discuss this.”

Xuan Yuan’s tone was already a little relaxed, but when Ouyang Han heard this, he was overjoyed and laughed out loud.

“Of course. You and I are friends at first sight. If Elder Shui is able to bring you here personally, you must want to recruit you into ‘Sin City’. If you are willing, we will be brothers from now on. I believe in Elder Shui’s eyes!”

Shui Hanhua smiled but did not speak, Xuan Yuan remained silent with a surprised look on his face, but he did not say anything, everyone knew that he possessed the ‘Red Lotus Fire’, but he believed that Shui Hanhua must have seen it too, but he had always avoided mentioning it, and instead treated him with such an attitude, could it be because of the ‘Devouring Emperor’?

Perhaps it was because the ‘Emperor of the Swallowing’ did not appear by his side, but in order to line up and catch big fish, it was not impossible for them to take action after obtaining all the keys to the ‘Devouring Immortal Mansion’.

Xuanyuan’s goal for coming here was to obtain the ‘Devouring the Heavenly Seal’. This was what was most important to him and it was also necessary to scam the various large powers.

Xuan Yuan did not think too much about the others. Any person or matter would require time to bear witness to and achieve. Only those who could endure the trials and tribulations of time would remain as the most sincere ones.

The following auctions were quite fierce. The various powers’ backgrounds were all revealed. They had all kinds of immortal treasures and all kinds of precious treasures.

The price went from a few million high grade Dou Xian Coins to tens of millions of high grade Dou Xian Coins.

Ouyang Han had fought several times, using his domineering attitude to suppress all the major powers, making them unable to breathe. There was no other way, all the major powers needed to consider too much, and what Ouyang Han needed was only a single person. No matter what they wanted, they couldn’t fight Ouyang Han to death.

Many of the aristocratic families wanted to make Ouyang Han spend some money, but they didn’t expect him to be as crafty as a fox and suddenly stop bidding after raising the price to such a high level, causing them to suffer a great loss. Xuan Yuan gasped in admiration.

The auction continued for three days and three nights. Xuan Yuan had been waiting for the seal mentioned by Shui Hanhua that was made of the same material as the ‘Devouring Bracelet’ to appear, but it did not!

“I say, old mister, you’re not lying to me, right? I’ve waited for three days and three nights already, why haven’t I seen what you’re talking about?” Xuan Yuan looked at Shui Hanhua; he had been sitting there for a long time. In this auction, he was not the main character and the items that were being auctioned were all of high quality.

“Hahaha, young man, don’t be so anxious. This auction will take at least half a month, and only three days have passed.” Shui Hanhua was very calm regarding this matter, and Xuanyuan could only continue to wait. Although he didn’t know whether or not Shui Hanhua was talking about the ‘Devouring the Heavenly Seal’, he didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

This time, the pill being auctioned is a Grade 7 Immortal Pill, called the ‘Immortal Phoenix Nirvana Pill’. It is said that it was refined from the body of a previous generation of ‘Immortal Phoenix’, and it has a miraculous effect when used against Earthly Immortals. The pill can create new flesh and vitality, and it still contains the power of the Immortal Phoenix, and when one is reborn, they would be able to heavily injure their enemy, and the starting bid is 5 million high grade spirit coins!

During these three days, Yun Nian had been constantly taking out immortal treasures. Some of them were items from ‘Sin City’, while others were handed to the ‘Sin City’ by the various families for auction. Her speaking skills caused Xuanyuan very to be amazed!

It could be said that in the past few days, Xuanyuan had opened up quite a few horizons. From Yun Nian’s delicate body, a golden core floated in the air and the silhouette of an immortal phoenix spread its wings, faintly discernible, its phoenix cry jingling loudly. The rich medicinal fragrance carried a unique aura that was unique to the immortal phoenix, drifting out, causing one to feel at ease, as if they were truly undergoing Nirvana Flames and transforming.

Seeing the Immortal Phoenix Nirvana Pill, Xuan Yuan was shocked. No matter what, he had to bid for it.