Devouring The Heavens - C566


Chapter 566 - Hearts Of The People

The older generation had seen too many of these strange stones, and in the end, they had all gained nothing in return. However, they did not want to force their ideas on the younger generation, so they decided to go and bid.

“Four hundred thousand!” Wang Yu Chen smiled and entered the bidding grounds. Qing Lian, who was beside him, was sitting on his lap with a flushed face and her small waist was wrapped around by Wang Yu Chen. It made Qing Lian feel awkward.

“Four hundred and fifty thousand!” He had a feeling that he had seen Di Shitian before, but he just couldn’t remember where, so he didn’t mind. He knew that the Heavenly Saintess loved these strange stones and gave them to her as gifts. Perhaps he could make her smile, but the Heavenly Saintess just sat not far from him, not moving an inch.

“Five hundred thousand!” From his words, it could be seen that he was no longer as impulsive and tyrannical as before. Xuanyuan will be defeated, but not only did it not destroy his confidence, it had instead tempered him into an even more tenacious state.

“Five hundred and fifty thousand!” The eyes of the Holy Son of the Ancient Devil were fixated on that strange stone. He seemed to have found something, but couldn’t be sure.

A long time ago, he had felt that the pair of blood pupils of the ‘Holy Son of the Ancient Devil’ was somewhat strange. No matter what, he had to take down this strange stone.

“Who is that?” Xuan Yuan looked at the demon and took the initiative to ask Shui Hanhua.

"Hehe, he’s called the Demon Commander, and he’s the unparalleled heaven’s pride level expert that holds the military power of the ‘Devil Region Empire’. His physique is the ‘Demon God of War’ that will never appear in the demons, the ‘Holy Body that even god can fight’, he’s destined to be a great enemy of the human heaven’s pride level experts in the future. Some people call him the ‘Duke of the Champions’, but the current you are still not his opponent. Shui Hanhua’s evaluation was very accurate. Xuanyuan did not deny the Demon Commander’s strength, but neither did he believe that he would lose to him. Xuanyuan had never been lacking in confidence in himself.

From the very beginning, he had felt that this man’s strength was above that of the ‘Ancient Devil Holy Son’ and ‘Ancient Devil Holy Maiden’. Now that Shui Hanhua was helping him solve his confusion, nothing had happened as he had expected.

Xuan Yuan knew that there was a huge difference in cultivation between him and the Demon Commander and the gap between the two was indeed huge, but Xuan Yuan was neither disappointed nor inferior. He was wary of the Demon Commander because the Demon Commander was also his master’s pursuer and he seemed to be harboring malicious intentions towards him.

“Seven hundred thousand!” Xuanyuan Po continued his bid, his eyes closed and calm.

“Eight hundred thousand!” Every time after Xuan Yuan had shouted out his price, she would pile it up again. This caused Xuan Yuan to unconsciously frown, and he felt as if Murong Xuan’er was deliberately targeting him. This confused him, because he had never offended her before.

Haha, you would rather offend a villain than a woman. I have told you this kid a long time ago, this girl is obviously going to fight you to the death. Who told you to buy the ‘Blue Lotus Heart Flame’? The greedy old man’s gloating laughter could be heard.

Xuan Yuan glanced at Murong Xuan’er and saw that her beautiful eyes were staring back with murderous intent.

“One million!” Xuan Yuan immediately understood that Murong Xuan’er was really targeting him. He coldly snorted once and naturally did not cower.

Seeing that the Xuanyuan Deity’s expression had turned cold and that his face was ugly, Murong Xuan’er laughed happily and continued to raise the price. She was very happy:

“2 million!”

Many saint-level people could feel that Murong Xuan’er was intentionally trying to make things difficult for Dishi Tian, so they immediately became silent. Just now, Murong Xuan’er was even able to shout out six or seven billion; it was easy to imagine how much wealth she had, if they were to add her in, they would just be asking for trouble.

Moreover, it was just a strange stone. If it really had an amazing effect, then Sin City wouldn’t need to auction it.

It made Xuanyuan Wentian sigh with emotion. The narrow-mindedness of a woman, and some things, she can remember you for a lifetime, and this made Xuanyuan very vexing. A grand and mighty Murong Family only had a little money on them, and it still wasn’t enough to make people clench their teeth, but this strange and mysterious stone was not something that could be taken away by anyone else.

"Didn’t you want your great-aunt to live a few more days? Originally, I wanted to see your filial piety and wanted to sell it to you in private. But who knew that you would actually oppose me like this, you can forget about obtaining it in your lifetime, go and cry with your domineering nature, it will really make things difficult for your great-aunt, sigh, to actually be able to follow a little girl like you, you must be thinking too much! " Xuanyuan Po calmly replied.

Murong Xuan’er, upon hearing this, was shocked and hurriedly said:

“You really have one?”

The domineering aura that he originally exuded had dissipated by quite a bit, and there was even a tendency for him to plead for peace.

Xuan Yuan only thought that Murong Xuan’er’s doubts were nonsense as he coldly snorted and said,

“Of course!”

“Brother, can you sell me your supreme immortal treasure and forge a good relationship with me? How many high-grade battle immortal coins do you need, or any other heavenly or earthly treasures, or even any imperial treasure? You can do it as long as you are willing to part with your supreme immortal treasure!”

“Didn’t you already have the Ten Colored Immortal?” Xuanyuan Po was puzzled.

“This’ Ten Colored Immortal Deity 'is only a material for refining pills. I need a lot of Life Extending Immortal Treasures. No matter how much you have on you, I’ll buy it no matter the cost!”

Ouyang Han’s eyes were burning as he stared at Xuanyuan, speaking with sincerity. However, Xuanyuan only wanted to anger Murong Xuan’er, where did he get the supreme immortal treasure that could extend one’s life by 800 years?

You dare? You have already bought my Murong Family’s’ Blue Lotus Heart Flame ‘, causing my aunt to run out of time, and seeing as you do not have any immortal treasures on you, I will give you a chance to atone for your sins. Sell it to my’ Murong Family ', otherwise, whatever you want to buy, I will press you down, and even if you want to buy it, you will have to pay a huge price. Murong Xuan’er was very unreasonable.

When Ouyang Han heard this, he retorted with a sneer.

“Fine, I’m not afraid of your Murong Family shoes, this brother of mine is familiar with me at first sight, although my Ouyang Family is destroyed, then my wealth was still there, today I will take it out and fight with your Murong Family, and see how much your Murong Xuan’er has left! Today, if this brother wants to buy anything, I will buy it all for him, three million high grade Dou Xian Coins!”

Ouyang Han alone had amassed countless years of savings from an ancient family’s inheritance. Most likely, the amount of high grade Dou Xian Coins he had on him would at least be in the form of a megaphone. The other treasures, pills and medicine, to him, were nothing more than a drop in the ocean.

What he needed now was a rare immortal treasure that could only be found by chance and not sought after. As long as he could obtain it, it didn’t matter how much he spent.

Seeing Ouyang Han’s strong display again, many people looked at him. They didn’t say anything more, this wasn’t an auction, this was a gamble. Since Ouyang Han was able to shout out such words, he would definitely do as he said.

Murong Xuan’er couldn’t swallow all of it in one go. She wanted to compete with Ouyang Han, but was stopped by her great-aunt.

“Xuan’er, stop messing around.”

Murong Xuan’er could feel her great-aunt’s emotions and thus sat down. However, she still felt that her anger was unfathomable. Her pair of eyes were staring fixedly at Xuanyuan, as if she wanted to eat Xuanyuan and Ouyang Han.

Ouyang Han did not pay any attention to Murong Xuan’er’s gaze. Instead, he directly sat beside Xuanyuan, and was very friendly to Xuanyuan. He faced Shui Hanhua who was sitting on the same table as Xuanyuan and bowed respectfully.

“Han-Er greets Elder Shui.”

"Hehe, Han-Er is growing bigger and bigger, getting stronger and stronger! Has your ancestor been well? " Shui Hanhua’s smile was kind, it was obvious that he was already very familiar with Ouyang Han.

“Very good, Elder Shui, you’re worried.” Ouyang Han’s demeanor was gentle and refined, without a single trace of sickness. He looked at Yun Nian Jiao and said,

“Is there anyone else who wants to fight over this piece of broken stone? If there isn’t, then it belongs to me.”

Everyone present looked at each other, but no one made a sound. In the end, this mysterious and strange rock belonged to Xuanyuan.

Originally, Ouyang Han had insisted on paying the three million high grade Dou Xian coins on Xuanyuan Chang’s behalf, but he had been rejected by Xuanyuan very insistently, so he didn’t say anything more. Xuanyuan put the strange and mysterious rock into the storage ring and looked at Murong Xuan’er, revealing a mouthful of pure white teeth as he laughed so hard he looked at her and raised his middle finger.

Qingyi rolled her eyes at Xuanyuan in her heart and sighed:

“You really know how to play with the hearts of people. If I didn’t dual cultivate with you, I really would have been tricked by you. Look, now Ouyang Han thinks you are too. You can’t even leave that easily!” Look at those Heavenly Immortal elders, they all really want to kill you right now! "

Qing Yi naturally knew that there was no supreme immortal treasure in Xuanyuan Kingdom that could extend one’s life by 800 years. All of this was caused by the will of the people.