Devouring The Heavens - C565


Chapter 565 - Mysterious Strange Stones

Five billion high grade Dou Xian dollars!

Hearing the price, many people fell silent. Although a heavenly treasure like the ‘Ten Colored Immortal Deity’ was not cheap, but if the bidding continued in this state, then the only person laughing would be the ‘Sin Palace’.

Everyone understood this logic, but they were still unwilling to accept it. In the end, there were people who continued to bid.

“5.1 billion.” This was a Celestial Immortal from the Zhangsun clan.

“5.2 billion!” An old man of the Gongsun Clan didn’t want to give up on this immortal treasure.

“Six billion!” Ouyang Han’s voice was like an unstoppable sharp blade, cutting through all other sounds. He was resolute.

“Six billion high grade Dou Xian dollars, is this little brat crazy?” Can he take it out? "

Back then, the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan was destroyed, but their wealth was left behind. An ancient clan only has two people left, and now, they only have two.

“This is too extravagant. The Ouyang Aristocrat Clan has basically focused all their resources on him alone. The other clans have a large number of geniuses. In order to balance their hearts, they have to rely on themselves to obtain many things. Who could be like him?” I think only people like ‘Xuan Yuan’ and ‘Ji Sunset’ can compare to him. "

“‘Xuan Yuan’ received the inheritance of the ‘Devouring Emperor’, ‘Emperor Ying Tian’, ‘Immortal Emperor of the Great Luo’, and he has an imperial artifact. ‘Ji Sunset’ has an emperor himself, and he also obtained four imperial relics from the Xian Han ancient tomb. Who knows what other treasures are hidden within the ‘Heaven and Earth Pouch’!”

“These heaven’s pride level experts are really enviable …”

A hundred million high grade Dou Xian Coins was enough to buy an ordinary supreme immortal equipment, six billion high grade Dou Xian Coins was enough to buy half of a normal half Dao Artifact. Every Dao Artifact had to be at least at the Sky Immortal Realm, where they could integrate the laws of the world into their magic treasures and master the Dao of the heaven and earth. Only then could they be considered Dao Artifacts!

“I must obtain this’ ten-colored heavenly flower '.” Ouyang Han remained as domineering as ever, not fearing any Heavenly Immortal Stage powerhouses. Behind him was a quasi Emperor level expert, enough to make countless Heavenly Immortal experts lose their luster.

Even if they managed to get it, it would not have much meaning. As a mainstay of a great family, these Heavenly Immortals couldn’t just consider their own safety; they needed to consider the development of the entire family, and not the continuation of their own lifespan.

If this “Ten Colored Immortal Genius” allowed a person to extend their lifespan for sixty years without being able to create six billion high grade Dou Xian Coins, then it wouldn’t be worth it. If not for the fact that everyone was like Xuanyuan, with their proficiency in potential arts and the ability to cut sources to earn money, it would be difficult for even a Heavenly Immortal to create six billion high grade Dou Xian Coins in sixty years even if they were constantly refining their currency day and night.

Refining high grade Dou Xian Coins also required a lot of materials, not just gold and silver, but also gold, black silver, and gold, ten thousand year cold copper, and so on and so forth. Looking for and buying these required a lot of energy, capital, and the amount of high grade Dou Xian Coins needed to refine would all depend on the methods of a money refiner, not everyone had a lot of money, not everyone could obtain the inheritance of ‘Taoist Duo Bao’, which would be able to display every single bit of the materials to the extreme!

But being able to extend one’s life by sixty years, this temptation was still too great, so there were still people bidding. Murong Xuan’er was one of them. No matter what, she did not want to give up on her great-aunt.

“6.5 billion!”

“Six billion six hundred million!” One of the Celestial Immortals of the Frigid Heaven Immortal Manor also wanted to acquire it.

“7 billion!” Ouyang Hanshen’s expression did not change and he was very confident.

“7.1 billion!” Battle Slaughter God once again auctioned.

“8 billion!” It was as if he no longer cared about money anymore. Indeed, if the quasi Emperor behind him could live an extra sixty years, then it would naturally be worth far more than that.

8 billion high grade Dou Xian dollars was too much, many people couldn’t take it anymore. After all, there were still other good things ahead of them, so those who still wanted to bid gave up. If they continued to bid, it would become meaningless and they would only lose.

While Xuanyuan Po was shocked by Ouyang Han’s domineering attitude, Yun Nian narrowed her beautiful eyes and said with a face full of smiles,

“8 billion high grade Dou Xian dollars, for the first time …”

After three times, no one dared to bid again. The ‘Ten Colored Immortal Stage’ was owned by Ouyang Han, and many Heavenly Immortal elders were extremely envious of him, but they did not dare to have even the slightest bit of presumptuous thoughts towards Ouyang Han. This was because he was the only descendant of the Ouyang Family, and that quasi Emperor was so terrifying that no one knew whether he was present or not.

Murong Xuan’er stared at Ouyang Han and gritted her teeth, but there was nothing she could do.

After Yun Nian Jiao and Ouyang Han finished their transaction, the auction continued.

A small hole and a big hole appeared in the sky. It looked rather shabby, but on this rock, it gave off an ancient feeling. It was unknown how many years it had been here.

I don’t know its name, I don’t know what kind of stone it is. After searching through history, I can’t find any clues, but it’s incomparably sturdy, and even with the sharpness of a Dao Artifact, it’s unable to break it open. Even with the power of a Heavenly Immortal, I was unable to shake it in the slightest. Under that white jade body, lines after lines of broken blood traces lined her body, giving her an irrepressible charm. Her beautiful long legs were straight and straight, and her eyes were bewitching.

Haha, beautiful Big Sister Yun. Since your ‘Sin City’ is unable to study it properly, there is no need for us to say anything about it. However, in order to obtain a beautiful smile, I will go all out.

Hua Xia and Liu waved the fan in their hands with a smile on their faces. It looked like they were old men, attracting a lot of people’s scorn. What was one hundred and fifty thousand high-grade Dou Immortal dollars? He was too shameless to say it out loud, but Hua Xia and Liu felt good about it. Their skin was very thick, and they completely ignored the eyes of the people outside. They looked like they needed to be beaten up.

Yun Nian giggled and said:

“Little brother, you’re really adorable. How can my ‘Sin City’ compare to the great powers present here? I believe that they have their own ways to thoroughly study it. Who knows, maybe there’s an immortal source hidden inside?”

“In the end, Sister Yun, you still have to raise the price…” There are immortal sources in there, why don’t you keep it for yourself! " Hua Xia and Liu sighed and sat back down. Yun Nian smiled sweetly but said nothing.

“Hehe, that’s quite fun. I’ll buy it and have a look myself.” A man with long hair, a jade crown on his head, and dressed in white clothes. He looked very handsome, had a bright smile, had a very carefree look, with his chest bare, holding a bottle of wine and drinking a mouthful of it. He looked unruly, but Xuanyuan felt that this man was not simple at all.

This is the direct descendant of the Gongsun Clan, Gongsun You Yun. In this life, he has a shallow reputation, does not care about his appearance, and only wants to be carefree and unfettered. He has quite a good relationship with the Seventh Prince of the Northern Region, his luck is high, his luck is good, and he has met with countless fortuitous encounters. Shui Hanhua laughed.

“…” Xuan Yuan’s heart shook when he heard this. The words that Shui Hanhua had spoken contained a hidden message. He paused for a moment before he gave a faint smile and said:

“To me, everyone can become a threat. I only need to prove my point by killing.”

Shui Hanhua laughed but did not speak. Xuanyuan activated his True Eye and looked at this strange rock. He could only see a hazy and hazy lump of rock which was like the primal chaos. He was simply unable to see it clearly.

“What’s going on? My true eyes can see through the Origin Stones of the Spirit Origin, but I can’t see through this strange stone?” That ball of chaos energy, what is it? "

“Don’t mind so much, just take it down first.” The greedy old man laughed strangely and said, “It would be great if Little Mo Chou was here. With her current cultivation level, it shouldn’t be difficult for her to comprehend a spiritual item.”

Xuanyuan sighed, it was indeed a pity. If he brought Mo Chou with him, his identity would be exposed. Right now, he could only take down this strange rock and carefully study it, putting everything else aside, just the chaos within was enough to move his heart.

“Two hundred and fifty thousand high grade Dou Xian dollars!” Xuan Yuan began to bid.

Many people looked at Xuanyuan, their eyes filled with ill intent. Without him, Xuanyuan’s body was covered in the clothing of ‘Samsara’, and this assassination association was a taboo to many, and now they dared to brazenly appear here, no matter how angry they were, many people had great grievances against ‘Samsara’, and all the great powers, all of them had been assassinated by the Samsara, without exception, and all of them did not care about the number of them.

Of course, the culprits behind all of this were the various families who had spent money to hire and kill the enemies.

“300,000 high grade Dou Xian dollars!” A crisp female voice rang out right after Xuanyuan’s voice rang out. It was Murong Xuan’er’s voice.

Many people were secretly using their Eye of Darkness to look for that strange stone, but none of them were able to find anything.

At this moment, the Holy Son Duan Ling Tian’s head emitted a burst of immortal light. He seemed to be extremely interested in this strange stone and started bidding as well.

“Three hundred and fifty thousand!”

Xuan Yuan understood that this strange stone would not be so easy to obtain this time. He could not help but want to make his move when he saw so many people.