Devouring The Heavens - C564


Chapter 564 - 10 Colored Heavenly Flowers!

Xuan Yuan could feel the terrifying strength of the two Shangguan brothers. As for those existences that could become enemies in the future, he must first understand them, so as to save himself from becoming enemies in the future. If he understood later, it would be too late, and he would certainly suffer huge losses.

Seeing Xuan Yuan frown, it must be because Shui Hanhua did not understand some of the heaven’s pride experts of the ancient family. Shui Hanhua saw through it with a glance and immediately introduced it to Xuanyuan, causing him to feel a little flattered. However, Xuanyuan instinctively felt that Shui Hanhua was fawning on him and was looking for an opportunity to squeeze out from him!

“Those are the two Heaven’s Pride Saint Saints from the Shangguan Family called Shangguan Yunfei, Shangguan Ao Long. The two are twin brothers, and are known as the Shangguan Gemini, Cheng Yin, and Cheng Yang. The two of them can coordinate with each other, Shangguan Yunfei is the ‘Sobbing Blood Immortal Body’, and Shangguan Ao Long is the ‘Soul Devouring Immortal Body’. When the two are combined, they are not any weaker than the ‘Supreme Yin Immortal Body’ or the ‘Yang Supreme Immortal Body’. They can be compared to each other!”

Blood Weeping Immortal Body is the nemesis of many terrifying physiques, and Soul Devouring Immortal Body is the nemesis of the soul. Therefore, if you were to fight against these two brothers, it would be best for you to retreat three steps. Even Ji Sunset, who is able to unleash the ‘Great Dao Force of All Living Things’, would lose without any suspense in front of them, let alone you.

Xuanyuan nodded his head, but he immediately understood in his heart. Shui Hanhua had good intentions, but Xuanyuan was noncommittal towards his words. Before the battle had started, no one knew.

“20 million high grade Dou Immortal dollars …” While Shui Hanhua was conversing with Xuanyuan, an expert who had reached the Life Immortal Realm shouted out an even higher price. This Supreme Celestial Jade was used to help people enter the Earthly Immortal Realm, so even though he didn’t have many opportunities, he didn’t want to give up on this opportunity because in order to refine this Supreme Celestial item, he would need the assistance of the Jiang Clan’s Supreme Dao Arts. It was extremely valuable, and he might even be able to comprehend the supreme Dao Arts of the Jiang Clan.

“30 million high grade Dou Immortal dollars …” This kind of supreme immortal object was something they had to obtain, because it was very difficult to break through into the next realm in the Immortal Battlestage. Not everyone was a talent that surpassed the heavens, not everyone was a favored son of heaven, even the favored children of heaven needed it, let alone them.

“40 million high grade Dou Immortal dollars …”

“Forty-five million!”

“50 million!”

“63 million!”

The sound waves rumbled, each syllable from a terrifying expert exploded, causing the heads of the weaker experts to buzz. Xuanyuan channeled the power of these syllable after syllable, causing them to feel slightly better. Everyone present was simply abnormal.

“90 million!”

“98 million …”

“110 million!”

The Shangguan Family’s Shangguan Yunfei once again called out an even higher price. They never would have thought that the very first item to be auctioned would be so intense.

But soon, someone called out an even higher price.

“130 million!”

The two Shangguan brothers were instantly silent. Although ‘God Jiang’s fishing for jade’ was good, it was not worth so much if they continued to compete for it. Moreover, it seemed that many people were killing until their eyes turned red.

This Supreme Celestial Jade was not something that could be auctioned under normal circumstances, but was refined and given to a direct descendent of the Jiang Clan by a senior elder. After being killed in an adventure outside the clan, this “God’s Fishing Jade” was taken away and auctioned off in Sin City. One must know that even with Jiang Yitian’s status, he might not have the qualifications to obtain this “God’s Fishing Jade”.

“One hundred fifty million.” Now that Jiang Yitian had acknowledged his ancestors and returned to the Jiang Clan, his father was the head of the family. He was naturally rich and imposing, and some of the matters were handed over to him.

However, why would some of the people present care so much about him? Many people’s intentions were not to drink wine. What they wanted to buy was only to buy a beauty’s heart and that beautiful smile.

“170 million!”

“180 million!”

“200 million!”

Xuan Yuan almost fell to the ground after being hit by the gun. His face was dark as black as a bag of bones, carefully calculating his belongings, even if he were to take out all his belongings, it might not be worth more than 200 million high grade Dou Xian Coins! To come to this level of auction, he must be courting death!

Looking at Xuan Yuan’s expression, Shui Hanhua laughed:

“What happened? Did you find out that you don’t have enough money?”

Xuanyuan nodded his head. It seemed like he couldn’t afford to buy too many things, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to afford one of the keys to the ‘Devouring Immortal Mansion’.

"Kid, what this old man said should be ‘Devouring the Heavenly Seal’. You must obtain it! If someone took you away, you wouldn’t even have a place to cry! " The old man’s voice suddenly rang out in Xuanyuan heart but Qing Yi could not hear it because there was a unique communication channel between Xuanyuan and the old man. The old man’s current strength was no longer the same as before and even Heavenly Immortals would find it difficult to detect it.

“What?” Devouring the Heavens Seal, didn’t you say that this was one of the nine keys? Could it be that this is a supreme treasure? " Xuanyuan asked in shock.

“Of course, it’s not entirely just a key, it’s the symbol of the ‘Devouring Emperor’, just like the ‘Human Emperor Seal’ that symbolizes the ‘Emperor of the Universe’, it can be considered an Emperor’s item, but there is a very strict requirement, and that is the body of Allgod that cannot be activated. It is also the main link to opening the ‘Devouring Immortal Mansion’, my memories are still incomplete, but for this big seal to appear here, it always makes me feel that something is strange!”

The greedy old man thought for a while and impatiently said:

“Forget it, let’s not think about it anymore. After all these years, I’m afraid that ‘Sin City’ has long since changed. As long as I can obtain the ‘Devouring the Heavenly Seal’, it will be fine.”

Xuanyuan was silent for a moment. Indeed, just as the greedy old man had said, even though the ‘Great Emperor of the Devouring’ had contributed to the ‘Sin City’ before, the older generation might have already died, so who could say for sure whether or not the new generation in charge of the city still remembered these matters? A ruler of a dynasty, not to mention ‘Sin City’, Xuan Yuan would not place his hopes on ‘Sin City’. He had to walk his own path.

“Hmm, looks like it’s about time to use the ‘Great Firmament Immortal Emperor’s’ nine mysterious stones. Everything he left behind must be the supreme treasures and treasures. The ‘Green Desolate Emperor’s’ items can no longer be auctioned off. As for the other imperial items, if they reveal their identities, they will only be seen through …” Xuan Yuan made up his mind. No matter what, he had to get the ‘Devouring the Heavens Seal’. Even if it meant cutting open the mysterious stone left behind by the ‘Great Firmament Emperor’, he wouldn’t hesitate.

Hahaha, I say, why don’t you have any idea about these nine strange stones? Hmm, good, if you can be of use, I wonder what kind of spiritual items and treasures you can obtain from them, I believe the things that the Great Luo Immortal Emperor left for Stone Village must be hard to find. After all, he caused the entire Stone Village to suffer a great loss, and even the Great Luo Heavenly Book was left behind that day.

The greedy old man clicked his tongue, and his saliva almost seemed to be flowing out. His greed did not change.

However, their reputations in terms of potential arts were much stronger than the Devouring Emperor’s. The Devouring Emperor once said, even if it was him, it would not be easy for him to escape the influence of the Great Luo Immortal Emperor. From this, one could see how high the Devouring Emperor regarded the Great Luo Immortal as.

“270 million!”

“290 million!”

Many people were shouting until their eyes turned red, as if they were about to fight. Yun Nian had a charming smile on her face, causing countless people to fight for her to turn red. The faces of the people from the Jiang family became uglier and uglier, because the secrets of the Jiang family’s supreme ancient techniques were contained within Jiang Shen’s fishing jades.

“Three hundred and thirty million!” Finally, a Heavenly Immortal from the Jiang Clan shouted out such a number. His voice was like the thunder of the Nine Heavens Immortal, rumbling and rumbling. Many people were awakened by the sound of his voice.

“360 million!” His eyes were red and crazed, as if he was determined to get it.

The face of the Jiang Clan’s Heavenly Immortal elder twitched, he wanted nothing more than to slap Qin Wentian to death. However, he couldn’t. The Jiang Clan’s Heavenly Immortal elder roared yet again:

“400 million!”

These two words rumbled as they exploded in the Sea of Consciousness of a sixth circulation Dou Xian, causing his entire body to quiver.

The sixth circulation Dou Xian was finally woken up by Yun Nian’s charm and immediately shut his mouth.

“400 million high grade Dou Xian dollars!” The first time! "

“Is there anyone else who wants to raise the price!”

Everyone present was very quiet.

“The second time!”

“The third time!”

“Then the ‘God of Jiang fishing jade’ will belong to the Jiang Clan.” Yun Nian laughed happily as she looked at the Jiang Clan’s table. Every auction was for sale on the spot and there was no way for them to exchange items without being a VIP. The only way to do so was to trade items with equal value to each other.

The Jiang Clan’s Heavenly Immortal brought out 400 million high grade Dou Immortal dollars and finally bought the immortal jade refined by a supreme Heavenly Immortal from the Jiang Clan. He saw that they had completed the transaction.

The Sixth Cycle Battle-Immortal broke out in a cold sweat as he muttered:

“Luckily, I only have 40 million high grade Dou Xian Coins with me. If I were to bid for it, wouldn’t I be courting death…”

The faces of Jiang Yitian and Jiang Tu Shen immediately turned green. The hands of the Jiang family’s Heavenly Immortals were also in the shape of chicken claws; they wanted nothing more than to slap this Sixth Cycle Dou Xian in the face. Just by shouting so much, the Jiang family had lost an extra 60 million high grade Dou Immortal dollars!

Many of the great powers that were hostile towards the Jiang Clan couldn’t help but laugh out loud. The eight great demon kings were the best at stirring up trouble. They taunted and ridiculed them again and again, making Jiang Tu Shen and Jiang Yitian feel extremely ashamed.

Not everyone could comprehend the supreme Tao technique of the Jiang Clan from it, but the Jiang Clan would absolutely not allow the clan to use it. Even if there was a slight chance of it leaking out, they would still not let it go, back then, Xuan Yuan had only learned the Yin Family’s seven star heavenly level body tempering skill, and he had already been hunted down by the Yin Family’s combat guards. Not to mention the fact that all the major powers attached great importance to their own supernatural power, this was the secret behind all of their secrets, and not everyone could be like this, devour, rob, and still be able to display their own supreme Tao technique, because there were so many people besieging him back then.

This was because the various factions would definitely not allow their sacred art to leak out and spread it around. This was their foundation and power and if people learned how to restrain them, then it was very likely that their entire faction would be destroyed and attacked. This was something that no one would allow.

“The Jiang Clan’s background is indeed profound. They have overshadowed the other powers and even obtained the ‘God of Jiang’ s fishing jade. This is truly a cause for celebration. This little girl admires them greatly!” Yun Nian’s delicate purple hair fluttered in the wind, her eyes flowed, and she smiled. In that instant, she shook the masses, causing countless people to exclaim in admiration at her beauty.

Hearing this, the people from the Jiang Clan did not know whether to laugh or to cry. They knew deep down in their hearts, they were not in a good mood.

“Alright, time to start the second item for auction!”

Yun Nian gently pointed her delicate finger in the air and a stalk of immortal medicine appeared. It was only the size of two palms added together.

This stalk of immortal medicine released a hundred coloured immortal light, from its body, a dense medicinal fragrance floated out, enveloping Yun Nian Jiao’s body, causing people to feel relaxed, their spirits were shaken, they all looked at this stalk of immortal medicine, only to see a pair of eyes, like a hungry ghost’s, looking at them, they all wished to pounce at it.

This is an immortal treasure, a ‘ten-colored immortal flower’ that has been growing for 80,000 years. It can extend one’s life by 60 years, and can help people break through their cultivation, and it can also save them from death. Similarly, it is also a top-grade immortal treasure used to refine Heavenly Immortal Pills.

The instant this ten-colored flower appeared, a colorful glow immediately illuminated the entire ‘Sin King Palace’, causing all of the Celestial Immortals present to be extremely excited. Actually, this time, many of the Celestial Immortals had come here for this sort of immortal treasure that could extend one’s life; this was an extremely rare treasure that was hard to come by, one that could only be encountered and not sought.

As soon as Yun Nian Jiao finished her sentence, a sharp voice suddenly came out. This voice was sonorous and powerful, as if everything was under his control and no one could take it away from him.

“100 million battle immortal dollars!”

When he said this, everyone in the hall fell silent. Everyone looked at the person who spoke; their expressions were complicated.

The owner of that voice was very young, also a Saint Child. His strength was at the Sixth Cycle Dou Xian, and his face was calm, as if he was determined to obtain it. The cold air that swirled around his body was no less than that of the ‘Son of Frost.’ He wore a battle armor made of ice crystals and spat out bright rays of light.

Xuan Yuan understood the value of this ten-colored heavenly plant, but it was impossible for him to compete against these old Heavenly Immortals alone!

"What is it? Aren’t you curious? " Shui Hanhua laughed happily.

Xuanyuan Wentian nodded his head and quickly replied:

“He is very serious. His will is firm and resolute. He was not tempted by Yun Nian Jiao. Moreover, he is very confident. I think this auction will be his!”

“Yes, he is the holy son of the Ouyang Family, his name is Ouyang Han, his physique is said to be the same physique as the ancient sages of the Ouyang Family.” Yes, he is the holy son of the Ouyang Family, his physique is said to be the ancient sages of the Ouyang Family, to have the same physique.

"However, when the luck was thick, the Ouyang Family, which was so huge, was attacked by an inexplicable force, and in a night, the Ouyang Family was destroyed. The terrifying supreme Daoists clashed, causing the entire Central State to shake, and because of that, the Ouyang Family had been greatly affected by Ouyang Hansheng, and because of that, the Water Charm Holy Body was cultivated by him, which allowed him to avoid this crisis. As the Ouyang Family collapsed, a quasi Emperor killed his way out, retaliating madly, killing hundreds of Earth Immortal experts, and even hundreds of Earth Immortal experts. It’s like we’ve seen a ghost! "

“Because after the battle with the Devouring Emperor and the various powers’ quasi Emperors, it seemed like after the golden age had reached its peak, the destiny of the human race had almost been cut off. Not to mention becoming a quasi Emperor, even becoming a saint would be extremely difficult, but the Ouyang family has a quasi Emperor, but it’s difficult to turn the tide around like this. One can imagine just how terrifying those inexplicable powers are!”

In the end, only the grandfather and grandson duo remained in the Ouyang Family. The mastermind who destroyed the Ouyang Family did not reappear, but as long as this quasi Emperor didn’t die, no one would dare to touch Ouyang Han. Ouyang Han grew up in ‘Sin City’, where the quasi Emperor and Sin City have a deep friendship.

Hearing Shui Hanhua’s words, Xuanyuan’s heart trembled.

“An inexplicable power. The ‘Heavenly Moon Immortal Mansion’ has also been swept clean by an inexplicable power in one night. Did the two of them come from the same alliance?” It seems that the plan to invade the Ancient King Clan has been carried out step by step. Have the humans not realized the danger they are in yet? "

After a moment of silence, Xuanyuan Po glanced at Ouyang Han and sighed,

“Looks like the reason he wanted to buy this’ ten-colored immortal flower 'was to prolong the life of that quasi Emperor.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“200 million!” The Jiang Clan’s Heavenly Immortal elder made his move without any suspense. This immortal treasure was too precious, and it could allow his clan’s hidden characters to live for a few more days. No one knew how many benefits the entire clan would receive, and no one would let go of this opportunity.

“300 million!” Those from the Wang Clan acted, and to the Wang Clan, it was the same.

“400 million!” Hearing this, Murong Xuan’er’s eyes were filled with surprise and joy. It seemed that she was determined to obtain it as well, because of the old woman beside her.

“Six hundred million!” This was a Celestial Immortal from the Black Tortoise Immortal Palace. The essence energy from his body was beginning to crumble, and when he looked at this Ten Colored Immortal plant, he felt as though he was looking at the grandchild of his seventy-two generations.

A sixty-year cycle might be able to achieve a major breakthrough in these sixty years. Everyone had cultivated their entire lives and did not want to die. Everything was for nothing, and everyone wanted to have a bigger breakthrough.

“Eight hundred million!” The hoarse voice of an undying existence from the Ancient Devil Sect sounded out, causing people’s hair to stand on end as he howled like a demon.

“One billion!” There was a Heavenly Immortal elder in the Central Region. He was the previous generation’s emperor, and his strength was terrifying.

“1.2 billion!” The Sky Sect wouldn’t give up either…

All the major powers present took action one after another, like a hungry tiger pouncing on a sheep. As they called out the price, this’ ten-colored heavenly flower 'slightly trembled, and the immortal light it released became even more resplendent.

Under the gazes of everyone present, this ten-colored immortal flower was incomparably dazzling; it was the sun of tomorrow.

“3 billion!” Ouyang Han said resolutely.

“3.5 billion!” The old Demon Lord of the chaotic Immortal Demon Manor did not back down at all. If he was afraid of that quasi Emperor Emperor coming to snatch it, he only needed to refine it into his own body and use it on the spot. Thus, he was not afraid of anyone stealing it away!

“3.8 billion!” In that battle that day, he was heavily injured by the ‘Heavenly Moon Mountain and River Diagram’, and was only revived after being treated with immortal medicine. However, a large amount of his essence energy was used up, causing his lifespan to shorten, and he looked even older. Now, this’ Ten Colored Immortal 'flower was even more important to him.

All of the Celestial Immortals, regardless of their power, had gone mad. They had completely disregarded everything to snatch this’ ten-colored flower of immortality '; all of them wanted to prolong their lives!

Some of the stronger individuals couldn’t help but sigh. No matter how strong one’s cultivation was, at this time, one had to put forth their wealth and resources. They simply couldn’t be a match for the great powers that had existed for countless years.

“4 billion!” Murong Xuan’er was very domineering. She knew what Ouyang Han was doing this for, but everyone had their own family. For her grandaunt, she was willing to pay any price.

“Xuan’er, don’t waste your time. What aunt I am about to wither away is my soul. Even if it should be a ‘Ten Colored Immortal’, it is useless. Don’t mess around.” The old woman said gently.

Hearing this, Murong Xuan’er choked up:


Ji Tian Wu said in a serious tone:

“4.5 billion!”

Without waiting for the other powers to make a bid, Ouyang Han once again raised his bid with an extremely domineering attitude.

“5 billion!”

Although Xuan Yuan did not participate in the auction, he was watching from the side with great interest. At the same time, he was also observing the strength of the major forces.