Devouring The Heavens - C563


Chapter 563 - Jiang Shen Fishing Jade

'Sin King Palace ’

The only tall platform was carved to look like a crawling hell demon god. It was as if an extremely terrifying existence was being suppressed underneath it.

From this high platform, every copper brick was carved and engraved with exquisite patterns. Every copper brick was different, and when they assembled, they were extremely compatible.

These exquisite lines gathered together, forming the appearance of a demon god. It had three heads and six arms, and it held six types of weapons; swords, spears, halberds, lashes, and hammers. Every weapon had the power to destroy the earth and people.

It was rumored that he was the founder of Nefas City and the servant of the current Emperor of Jiang-Nan. The ‘Sin King Palace’ was his symbol.

A woman materialized in midair. Her purple hair hung down, and it was very long and bright. The moment she appeared, a fragrant aroma wafted in all directions, enveloping the entire palace.

She was dressed in copper armor, revealing her chest, as well as her lower body, revealing everything else. Her fair skin, ice skin, jade bones, and long, straight and straight legs were covered in copper boots, giving off a wild and captivating beauty.

From beneath her white skin, thin runes faintly emerged, intertwining and intertwining together. No one knew what they were, but this woman’s enticement was without a doubt. At the same time, she possessed a terrifying battle prowess that was not inferior to a single Heavenly Immortal!

She was the Vice Palace Master in charge of the ‘Sin Palace’, Yun Nian Jiao. Everyone in the ‘Sin City’ knew her, but not everyone had seen her.

Everyone present, even Fate Immortals, Earth Immortals, and Celestial Immortals were moved. She was rumored to be the number one beauty in the ‘Sin City’, and her name was known to all.

There were very few people who had truly seen her. Seeing her makeup like this in front of their eyes caused many of the experts’ hearts to palpitate. Even Xuanyuan Po could not help it as his heart skipped a beat.

However, right at this moment, Qingyi’s beautiful eyes swept over and glanced at Xuanyuan. The corners of her mouth raised into a breathtaking arc as she sent a sound transmission to Xuanyuan:

“Don’t look at her, she’s not as beautiful as me!”

“…” Qing Yi was very confident that Xuan Yuan would be able to feel her bewitching gaze and almost spurt blood. There were many experts here, especially the few terrifying demon race existences beside Qing Yi. He did not dare to mess around.

“There is no need to be afraid. After the two of us dual cultivate, Yin and Yang will intersect, and our bloodlines will fuse together. As long as we open our hearts to each other, even if our hearts are linked, even if Emperor Ren comes, he will not be able to cut off our minds.” Qing Yi’s voice once again rang out from within Xuanyuan’s heart.

Xuanyuan Wentian closed his eyes and tried it out. He felt that his mind could actually connect with Qing Yi’s heart and see everything in it.

“Mm, got it.” Xuan Yuan was a little surprised. He had not expected that he had not realized this before.

“None of you men are good.” Qing Yi retorted angrily.

Xuanyuan Po rubbed his nose and felt a bit embarrassed. In his heart, he replied without any shame:

“Haha, even Heavenly Immortals like me feel their hearts palpitate, much less me. Everyone loves beauty. I only admire it with pure eyes. Don’t slander my pure heart.”

Hehe, you really have a lot of statuses. Now that both the status of ‘Xuan Yuan’ and ‘Ji Sunset’ are unable to travel in the world, it would be a lot easier to change your status with the identity of ‘Rebirth’. Qing Yi didn’t want to linger on that topic. She laughed and changed the topic, teasing Xuanyuan.

No one could have imagined that under such a scene, there would be two people flirting around despite Yun Nian being the center of attention.

“Hahaha, I’m not like you. You dare to enter the ‘Six Paths’ in the name of Qingyi. Do you think that since the other party knows your identity, they will still be able to pass down half of their ancient techniques to you?” Xuanyuan Po was confused.

“Hehe, they have long known about my character. The chaotic Immortal Demon Palace is unable to keep me, and they also cooperate with the Primordial Royal Family. The Six Paths need me to have such a strong potential and network, and in a win-win situation, there is nothing they can’t pass on to me.” Qingyi was as confident as ever. Her eyes were charming and captivating, causing Xuanyuan heart to palpitate incessantly. Obviously, to Xuanyuan, it was Qingyi who had seduced him to a greater extent.

Xuan Yuan restrained his mind and then looked at the somewhat absent-minded Shui Hanhua beside him. He could not help but give him a push as he muttered:

“Old man, you’re already so old, don’t think too much. It would hurt your body to think about it. Just think about it and you’ll lose several years of your life. You have to be patient, be patient…”

Shui Hanhua, with his thick face, chuckled and lightly said:

“Everyone loves beauty. Don’t be a lecherous fool and act like a righteous man!”

Xuanyuan Po gave Shui Hanhua a big supercilious look. This damned old man really did not know shame.

“Fairy Yun, it has been a long time since we last met. I never thought that we would be able to meet again today. It has been such a great blessing.”

“That’s right, I didn’t expect that the auction would be hosted by Fairy Yun herself. It seems that everyone is going to fight to the death today.”

“Fairy Yun’s beauty is indeed peerless in the world. No one can compare to her …”

All kinds of flattery continued.

“The number one beauty of ‘Sin City’ is indeed worthy of her reputation. It’s a pity that my strength is lacking. Otherwise, this level of beauty would have been able to enjoy it all by herself.” Flower Summer Willow opened her fan and fearlessly said this sentence, which attracted the attention of countless terrifying experts.

His hair stood on end as he shivered. If looks could kill, the willow trees would have been blown to ashes by their stares.

When Murong Xuan’er saw this scene, she could not help but snort coldly:

“There’s not a single man in the world who’s good. They’re all perverts. There’s not a single one who can be trusted!”

Many people heard it. They looked at the nose, nose and heart, as if they were in a trance. They looked at how exquisite the lines on the ceiling were, or at how meticulous the carving of the teacup on the table was.

Yun Nian giggled. From her laughter, layers of Dao patterns were formed. It was filled with an endless charm that entered one’s heart.

“Everyone, thank you. The auction is starting today, please do not miss it!”

Yun Nian’s delicate laughter was very pleasant to listen to, it gave people a very comfortable feeling, as if they were placed in a world of endless gentleness, causing one’s bones to go soft, one’s body to become incomparably soft, at the same time having the blood in their veins surging, making them feel like their heart was beating non-stop.

In order to make money, they simply did not hold back and were even able to unleash this kind of bewitching magic. Fortunately, the ‘Devouring Myriad Dao Artifact’ was able to stop them, and there were already many experts at the 57-7 Cycle Dou Immortal Stage present among them. Their faces were flushed red and filled with desire, all hoping to be outstanding in front of Yun Nian Jiao to show off their might and win the favor of the beauties!

Even so, there were many people who were able to keep their wits about them.

With a flick of Yun Nian’s finger, a spirit jade materialized from within her jade-like fingers and floated in midair. This spirit jade was very transparent, with immortal light circulating around it, it depicted an ancient sage sitting beside a stream with a fishing rod in hand, his eyes closed, waiting patiently, the green mountains extended, the long stream flowed, and the sun rose in the east, a scene of peace and harmony, faintly, the great dao of heaven and earth resonated, causing one’s heart to yearn for it.

“This spirit jade is a supreme celestial jade from the Jiang family. It can be used to comprehend the heavens and earth, to create the ancient sages of the Jiang family, to fish on the shore, to hook and fish directly from the hook, to fuse the hook into the Celestial Jade of the Mysterious Mountain, to fuse it into many heavenly treasures, to create a personal supreme celestial jade that is impervious to water and fire, and to also be used by cultivators below the Earthly Immortal Stage to resist the effects of the Hollow Immortal technique. It has a great effect, it is called Divine Jiang’s Fishing Jade, starting with a price of one million high grade battle coins!”

This was an existence at the level of a supreme immortal equipment. The starting price was 1,000,000 high grade Dou Xian Coins and it was extremely low.

100 high grade Dou Xian Coins could buy a normal low grade immortal artifact!

10,000 high grade Dou Xian Coins could buy a normal mid grade immortal equipment!

One million high grade Dou Xian dollars could buy a normal high grade immortal equipment!

One hundred million high grade Dou Immortal dollars was enough to buy an ordinary supreme immortal equipment!

If it was some terrifying existence from the past, then the price would have skyrocketed by an astonishing amount. Now, this supreme immortal equipment was only auctioning off a million high grade Dou Immortal dollars, causing many people to gasp in shock.

Some people immediately began to bid.

“10 million high grade Dou Xian dollars!”

Xuan Yuan turned his head and saw that it was a Heaven’s Pride Ranker from an ancient clan, a pair of brothers. One of them was dressed in dark red battle armor, his might was extraordinary, his hair was long and messy, and his entire body was emitting a battle intent.

The other person was wearing a white battle armor with lines on it that gave off a sinister feeling, making one’s soul tremble, as though it could cause great harm to one’s soul. From this person’s pores, streams of white battle qi condensed into small dragons, which circled around him, revealing thick white fangs, as though they could swallow the power of the soul, causing one’s heart to tremble, the strength of these two people was at least in the Fifth Cycle Dou Immortal Stage.

Xuan Yuan did not recognize them. He knew that this piece of immortal jade refined by the supreme Heavenly Immortal of the Jiang Family was specially prepared for saint-level characters, not to mention other treasures like the Mysterious Mountain Immortal Jade, which was worth sixty million high rank Dou Xian Coins. When Xuan Yuan saw this scene, he could only sigh.

Fortunately, he still had those special spirit sources with him, so their value was much higher than that of the pure spirit sources.

This was a battle of wealth, and the prelude to it opened. The eyes of countless people turned red with envy.