Devouring The Heavens - C562


Chapter 562 - Sin King Palace

Sin King Palace.

This was a palace in the deepest parts of the ‘Sin Palace’.

Every single one of the evil god’s faces had a sinister look on their faces. Their muscles were all twisted and blue veins bulged out of their muscles, making them look like a winding dragon that was vivid and lifelike. From every single type of the evil god’s body, faint Emperor prints interweaved with each other, as if the moment they were activated, these evil gods would come to life and massacre the entire world.

The eyes of these Evil Gods flickered with a light of ‘Sin Flame’ that was like a floating ghost flame. The terrifying power was contained within, but anyone could tell that as long as the ‘Sin Flame’ in these eyes could be spat out, it would be enough to destroy everything in the world!

In the ‘Sin King Palace’, there was no such thing as a VIP seating area. It was similarly vast, and every single red copper pillar was carved with every kind of sin in the world, like greed, gluttony, and fury…

Inside the palace, there were many tables and chairs filled with ancient Eight Immortals. A great power sat there, and under the lead of Shui Hanhua, Xuanyuan entered the Sin King Palace, attracting the astonished gazes of many experts from the various great powers.

He was secretly shocked in his heart. The people here were the weakest, and all of them were at the fifth circulation Dou Xian. It could be said that he, himself, was the weakest and most inconspicuous existence in this place.

There were quite a few Fate Immortals, Earthly Immortals, and Celestial Immortals here. Many people remained silent as they waited for the auction to begin.

With Xuanyuan Po in tow, Shui Hanhua found an empty table and a chair and sat down. He smiled slowly and said,

Not everyone has the qualifications to enter this place to participate in the auction. People who are able to enter this place are either strong, strong, or powerful. If you want to auction a few things here, you must pay a huge price. So, before buying anything, you better think carefully.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for so many powerful individuals and powers to be gathered here. He scanned his surroundings; there weren’t many people here, not even a thousand. However, every single one of them was extraordinary, and Xuanyuan also saw quite a few familiar faces.

Da Huaiding, Xiao Xiangzi, Mongol Ni, Hua Xia, Du Zieu, Mo Jingguang, why not die, Chu Lao Qian, these eight Transcendents were like babies, inseparable from one another, just that this time, there were four mysterious elders beside them, it was clear that these four people were likely to be the Four Immortals of the Eastern Region, and they did not seem to care about the gazes of those around them, causing the corners of their mouths to twitch a few times. Indeed, in a place like ‘Sin the City of Sin’, how could they miss out?

Not only that, the ‘Ancient Devil Saint Son’ and ‘Holy Maiden’ had also come here, and beside them, a young man had appeared. This young man had long black hair, and from his face, it looked as if he had been carved from a god, an incomparably handsome man with purple pupils, his appearance was enough to make all the girls in the world lose their shame and die. His strength, faintly, was above the ‘Holy Child’ and the ‘Holy Maiden’, yet they could not see the depths of his strength, but at the same time, there were several other terrifying characters from the same generation that had slain him. He still wasn’t a match for her.

Qing Yi’s long hair flowed down like a waterfall. After she had gone through the dual cultivation with Xuanyuan Duo Xiu, the aura emitted from her body became even more bewitching, enough to confuse the entire world. Her body was tall and straight, her proud figure revealed itself through the green and black palace attire, and with every smile of hers, a myriad of beauties and beauties, even those Life Immortal powerhouses who had reached the level of changing fate couldn’t help but look at her a few more, exclaiming repeatedly, occasionally casting deep gazes at her.

Qing Yi and Ji Sunset had both cultivated and spread throughout the world, and he had always been wearing this huge green hat, which caused the Holy Son to be under a lot of pressure. Every time he felt the mocking gazes of others, the Holy Son would have the urge to kill someone, he had already killed many people, and anything that he could not kill himself, he could only endure it.

The Saint son of the Black Tortoise also grew out, and the severed arm of the Saint son of the Black Tortoise grew out. Its power seemed to be even more profound and unfathomable than before, but what made Xuanyuan was even more shocking was that the Holy Maiden of the Black Tortoise had increased its power to a level even more terrifying than the Holy Son of the Black Tortoise. Her body was extremely vicious and her eyes were bloodshot, just like a madman.

Beside them were three other old men who had formed an independent world of ice. Anyone who was within ten meters of them would involuntarily shudder and repeatedly retreat, but other than a few profound people who did not care, those who were not powerful sat beside them and did not dare to approach.

The Holy Son of the Dou Long and the Holy Daughter of the Dou Long were also here. The Holy Son of the Dou Long and the Holy Maiden of the Dou Long Empire had always been training and training in the Central Region and had already gained a bit of fame. When Xuanyuan entered the Dou Long Immortal Manor, they had never even heard of them before.

This Jiang Yitian was truly an undefeatable cockroach. Last time, he was almost crippled, and now, he was full of energy and even had stepped into the realm of a Fivefade Immortal. This caused him to be unable to help but marvel at the Jiang Clan’s deep heritage.

The Wang family’s Wang Yu Chen and Qing Lian, the Ji family’s Ji Tian Wu, the ‘Unhindered Saint Child’ of the ‘Unhindered Church’, the ‘Unhindered Saint Daughter’ Xuanyuan, the First Prince of the ‘Central State Empire’, ‘Fudi One’, and a similarly powerful prince as well. The two princesses beside them were all terrifying old men.

In addition, Xuanyuan also saw Murong Xuan’er from the Murong Family. Beside her sat the old woman who wanted to help out but had almost killed her. As expected, a person with such a terrifying strength like hers wouldn’t die that easily, it was just that the time she had to live was shortened.

There were also the Zhangsun family, Gongsun family, Shangguang family, Ouyang family, and many other Holy Son level characters that appeared …

However, Xuan Yuan did not know any of these people, so he did not pay much attention to them. Right now, he could only quietly wait for the auction to begin.

Some of the saints of the major forces faced off against each other, and some of them were talking to each other. From this, it could be seen that the relationship between the major forces was very complicated, and was something that ordinary people would not be able to understand.

“Dishi Tian, I didn’t expect to meet you here. You really are an enemy. All the blood and sweat that I’ve invaded ‘Reincarnation’ was destroyed by you. You really deserve to die!” The Holy Son Duo Long’s voice suddenly sounded out. His voice was filled with endless malevolence. It was obvious that he was surprised to meet Dishi Tian here.

Xuan Yuan looked at the Battle Dragon’s Holy Son. The only person who could recognize him here was the Battle Dragon’s Holy Son, the head of the ‘Celestial Gate’ of the Eastern Region’s’ Reincarnation 'headquarters. Of course, there was also another person, Qing Yi.

"Holy Son of the Duelling Dragon, you really are lucky. I didn’t think that Elder Xian Yue could actually let you escape with just one blow. Why do you think you have such a long life now? I don’t mind cutting off your head and using it to make a bucket of piss! " Xuan Yuan sneered coldly as he continued to look down on him. It was as if he didn’t place any importance on the ‘Holy Child of the Duelling Dragon’ and had attracted the attention of many people.

“Well said. Brother Dishi Tian, I support you. Use your ‘Reincarnation’ ‘s supreme killing technique to castrate this’ Battle Dragon Holy Son '.” When Chu Tianqian heard this, he drew near and saw four of the ‘Eight Immortals of the Eastern Region’. He sneered but did not reply.

“Whoever dies will live. Once the auction ends and we’re out of here, we’ll naturally know.” The Holy Son of the Duelling Dragon didn’t want to cause himself to feel bored. After saying this, he stopped talking and Xuanyuan was too lazy to bother with him.

“F * ck, ‘Battle Dragon Holy Son’ get the hell out here. Your father will kick your balls to pieces.” That day, they had exchanged blows with each other, and in the end, the Holy Son had even provoked Ji Sunset, making him even more unhappy.

No matter how much the other party provoked him, no one would be able to do anything to him. If he were to make a move, he would die under the wrath of the ‘Sin Flame’. No one could afford it, not even the Heavenly Immortals, so he was not worried!

Sigh, with your current appearance, you’re also called ‘Battle Dragon Saint Child’ or ‘Battle Bug Saint Child’. You don’t even dare to fight against my elder brother alone, and now you’re boasting about others. Hua Xia and Liu Yi mocked and ridiculed her as they waved the fan in their hands. The scene was filled with the feeling of spring, attracting many people’s attention.

This was a competition between the younger generation. The older generation rarely interfered, and they were the ones who did.

When Murong Xuan’er saw this scene, she coldly snorted:

“As expected, birds of the same feather flock together. This is not a good thing for Emperor Shishi, I really don’t know how he obtained the Great Dao Emperor Talisman.”

Xuan’er, you can’t judge a person by his appearance. With your personality, no matter how grandaunt says it’s good, it’s your father’s fault for letting you cultivate non-stop since you were young. You don’t understand a single thing about the world, so how will you manage the Murong Family in the future?

The old woman sighed. This child had been by her side since she was young, so she didn’t talk much. She trained all day without any friends, and there were too many scheming and scheming within the aristocratic families.

At this time, an incomparably tempting demonic voice was heard:

“Everyone, have been waiting for this auction for a long time. The Sin Temple will begin soon!”