Devouring The Heavens - C561


Chapter 561: Fleshly Body Transformation!

Fifteen days passed.

These fifteen days did not refer to the fifteen days in the battle qi world. Instead, Shui Hanhua infused his vast battle qi into his own Dao Artifact to operate the restriction, pushing the acceleration of time by fifteen days. However, only one day had passed in the battle qi world.

From this, one could see how great the disparity was between a normal Dao item and a Devouring Dao item. Previously, when the Devouring Dao item had been activated, it had only been less than four hours, but fifteen days had passed. And right now, the Devouring Dao item was still damaged.

“He’s still enduring the energy from the fusion of the ‘Red Lotus Karmic Flame’ and ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’. He’s actually still painfully enduring it. He’s endured it until now!” Shui Hanhua’s expression was not relaxed at all. He had been staring intently at Xuanyuan, observing the changes in Xuanyuan’s entire body. Every time something strange happened to Xuanyuan’s body, it would be able to affect his mind!

“He and the Devouring Emperor are really alike, both of them are people with extremely strong willpower, to be able to endure till this day, at his age with such willpower, it is very rare, this accident, is destined to only be able to hone him, unable to destroy him, his body has already become even stronger, and the two flames are no longer as repellent!” Sin City Lord slowly spoke, hitting the nail on the head.

“Hmm, the conflict between ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ and ‘Red Lotus Karmic Flame’ is not that strong. It seems like he wants to succeed. As long as he can endure it, he’ll be fine!”

Back then, the Devouring Emperor was also a Great Emperor, but he didn’t have the ability to devour so many ‘Five Elements Spirit Objects’, because it was really too rare and not everyone had a chance to obtain a ‘Heaven and Earth Spirit Object’. Now, Xuanyuan had actually started to fuse with the Heaven and Earth Ardent Flames, so it could be said that Xuanyuan was truly too ambitious. However, from this, it could be seen how extraordinary Xuanyuan was.

One of them was even the incomparably mysterious City Lord of Nefas City, he only knew that he had to first settle his own situation. If the other party wanted to harm him, he would have already taken action, and would not be able to wait for so long.

This was a divine ability created by an extremely crazy person. This type of divine ability had only been used once, and it required an extremely special ‘Five Elements Devouring Body’ to be able to complete. This kind of physique was extremely rare, but even if this physique appeared, they would still not necessarily be able to acquire so many Five Elements Devouring Body.

Every fusion was a life and death struggle, a gamble, a gamble!

After half a month of being tormented to the point of death, Xuan Yuan did not feel his entire body was scorching, tearing away from the pain. Instead, he felt a gentle and warm feeling as he was enveloped by the Dou Fire.

Being in the heat of the moment, after this period of time, Xuan Yuan discovered that he was like a piece of steel that had been tempered for a long time. All the impurities and trash in his body were all refined out, and his Devouring Myriad Dao Artifact was the same.

In his heart, two flames floated about. They were extremely close, a red lotus and a green lotus, emitting a beautiful light, so beautiful that it would cause one’s heart to tremble, and within this beauty, it contained an extremely great danger. The two fire lotuses interweaved with each other under Xuanyuan’s will, and faintly, they were not resisting as they attempted to merge with each other.

Because Xuanyuan Wentian had continuously infused his will into the Red Lotus Fire, he had promised it back then that he would find its origin and let it regain its former might. This was a long process of persuasion, going both hard and soft, and Xuanyuan very patiently continued this process, ignoring the backlash of the ‘Red Lotus Fire’.

They were both living beings of the world and possessed their own intelligence, so they all wished to be independent individuals. However, after being tortured day and night by Xuanyuan, the two of them had continuously attempted to merge and even used their supernatural powers to evolve into a Great Way of the Heavens and the Earth, making it difficult for them to resist. Actually, this was a process of persuading them.

Even so, there would occasionally be a terrifying rebound, and every rebound would almost break Xuanyuan’s heart. Xuanyuan had to spit out blood every time, but Xuanyuan had to endure it and not give in to the slightest discouragement. If it wasn’t for the power that the ‘Myriad Manifestation Physique’ could absorb, Xuanyuan would have collapsed a long time ago, and that was a fact. From this, it could be seen just how heaven-defying this physique was.

His eight winds did not move, his breathing was even, he was enlightened, his body and mind were light, every corner of his body was incomparably refined. With every move he made, the power that erupted became even more vast and condensed!

The [Five Elements Devouring Great Celestial Art] circulated with full force, and the profound rhythm of the five elements flowed together. It resonated with the Great Dao of the Heavens and Earth, and resonated with Xuanyuan’s body, allowing Xuanyuan to have a better understanding of the [Five Elements Devouring Great Immortal Art]. Xuanyuan Xuan felt that with his current comprehension, he would definitely be able to unleash the divine ability of fusing four types of spiritual objects.

Another half a month had passed. In the eyes of outsiders, Xuan Yuan’s flesh was still being burnt by the Dou Fire, but the color of Xuan Yuan’s flesh had become increasingly peaceful and tranquil under the incineration of the two kinds of Dou Fire. This caused Shui Hanhua to uncontrollably heave a huge sigh of relief.

“It seems that this kid has survived this disaster. His luck is so bad that even the old woman from the Mu Rong family wanted to help him …” Shui Hanhua sighed with emotion.

"It is good that we are able to live through it peacefully … “Elder Shui, let him temper himself, don’t expose our thoughts in front of him, not everyone will have a chance to fight against the world, and just using this chance, he can train himself and carve out a path for himself. When I go back and speak to the old City Lord, I believe he would be very happy to hear the news, when he was young, ‘Devouring Emperor’ has already instructed him, and he has recounted this story to me no less than a hundred thousand times. If it wasn’t for me, he would have gone to the ‘Fighting Dragon Manor’ and would have gone there to devour people.”

The Sin City Lord laughed and left after saying that.

The ‘Devouring Emperor’, as the hegemon of this generation, looked down on the world, how could there not be a power group that belonged to him?

Back then, if not for the Devouring Emperor’s order to keep silent in Sin City, and for him to be able to defy the heavens and break through to the Ancient Emperor’s realm, Sin City would have acted long ago and failed, leaving behind countless regrets. It was already too late.

"Brat, you have to continue the inheritance of the ‘Devouring Emperor’. Back then, in order to ‘Devour Emperor’, the Nirvana Clan went to the extent of scolding ‘Sin City’, to avenge the ‘Devouring Emperor’, and in the end, they were ambushed by all the major powers, and in the end, they destroyed it. Endure means nothing, the ‘Devouring Emperor’ made the ‘Sin City’ endure patiently.

Shui Hanhua mumbled to himself. He too seemed to have some sort of special relationship with the Devouring Emperor that no one knew.

Xuan Yuan’s entire body was charred black as he sat on the ground. Around his body, green and red fighting flames swirled around him like a coiling dragon. He looked extremely lifelike and agile. This was all happening under Xuan Yuan’s control.

“I’ve finally survived!” Xuanyuan Po’s mouth twitched as he let out a sigh of relief. From his face, layers upon layers of fine coke fell off, revealing a face that was like glass, releasing an immortal splendor. As Xuanyuan’s body trembled, all of the layers of coke on his skin instantly exploded into pieces, turning into ashes.

Xuan Yuan stood up, and from his body, a precious glazed light shot up into the sky. It gave off an indescribably powerful feeling. Every hair of his was incomparably black and crystalline, straight like a sword, exuding an endless, sharp light.

This was a fundamental transformation of the body. Currently, only the purest part of the body of Xuanyuan was left. This could help him increase his strength a level in the future, during his advancement!

Moreover, on Xuanyuan’s body, an immortal nature that cleansed the world was emitted, causing Shui Hanhua to exclaim repeatedly. Xuanyuan had really managed to integrate the Blue Lotus Heart Flame into his body!

At the same time, the ‘Myriad Devouring Dao Artifact’ on Xuan Yuan’s body became even more profound after the baptism of fire. Xuan Yuan could feel that this’ Myriad Devouring Dao Artifact 'had already reached the peak of a mid-grade immortal artifact and was only one step away from stepping into the realm of a high-grade immortal artifact.

“If we survive a great disaster, we will definitely have good fortune. Hahaha …” Xuan Yuan laughed.

“Young man, congratulations on successfully taking in the Blue Lotus Heart Flame.” Shui Hanhua’s voice sounded.

Even a blind person would be able to feel the aura of the ‘Red Lotus Karma Flame’ after fusing the two types of fire together. Yet, this old man had said such words which caused Xuanyuan Wentian to be alarmed.

“Thank you, sir!”

“Haha, no need to thank me, the auction is about to begin. This is an auction that happens every 100 years, but there are a lot of good things about it. I’ll take you with me!”

Shui Hanhua smiled and released Xuanyuan from her treasure. After a round of tempering, Xuanyuan body, and even her temperament had undergone a huge transformation, and at this moment, Xuanyuan’s appearance was no longer hidden by the black sand but rather revealed as’ Dishi Tian '.

“Alright, sorry to trouble you!” Xuanyuan Chang heaved a sigh of relief, he was determined to get the key to the ‘Devouring Immortal Palace’.