Devouring The Heavens - C560


Chapter 560 - Undying legacies!

On the ancient bronze wall, green lights were hanging on the walls. One after another, flames flickered, causing the few of them to sway back and forth. The atmosphere was very stiff and strange.

A moth that had come out of nowhere threw itself onto a streak of fiery light. Instantly, it was burnt to ashes and fell to the ground.

Murong Xuan’er’s emotions were a little agitated. She glared at Xuanyuan Po, her eyes turning red as tears welled up in her eyes.

Xuan Yuan was puzzled by Murong Xuan’er, but he did not argue with her. He had already lost the fight with the woman from the very beginning, so he might as well keep his mouth shut.

“Xuan’er!” With a gentle smile on her face, she slowly but firmly said that she wanted to stop Murong Xuan’er’s actions.

“Aunt!” You can’t do that! " Murong Xuan’er’s tears finally couldn’t be stopped as they fell down. She said in a heavy voice:

“I will absolutely not let him buy the ‘Blue Lotus Heart Flame’. Great ancestor, you have relied on the ‘Blue Lotus Heart Flame’ and your own strength to endure for so many years. Only by surviving until today will you be able to take out the ‘Blue Lotus Heart Flame’ from your body.”

It seemed like Murong Xuan’er wasn’t causing a ruckus for no reason. Xuanyuan was able to understand the feelings of hurt of her loved ones, she was an experienced person, but he could only remain silent. He believed that this ancestor of the Mu Rong family had her own plans, and that since this was her family background, it would be hard for him to say anything to an outsider.

"Xuan’er, do you know? This is for the inheritance of the Mu Rong family, I am the Supreme Elder of the Mu Rong family, and as my duty is to not be selfish, I will die, but my spirit will not disappear, I have inherited the ancestor’s spirit, as a man, I will live for ten thousand years, and I only hope that I can pass on the ancestor’s spirit, and let more of the Mu Rong family continue to pass on their will, then I will die, do you understand? "

The old woman’s expression was very calm. She was like a broken candle, burning the last bit of light in her life. She released the brightest light, covering all the stars and the sun and moon in the world.

Murong Xuan’er became silent. Her entire body was trembling and she was unwilling to accept this fact. The old woman sighed and slowly said:

Over the course of countless years, the ancient families have risen and fallen, and countless of them have been destroyed. Just because they are all fighting each other, and only know how to take them away, instead of sacrificing them to obtain and settle them, they are being deprived of each other, weakening each other, and in the end, the great powers that remained calm and quiet devoured each other. The Green Lotus Heart Flame on the ancestor’s body was passed down through generations, and today, in exchange for a Dao talisman personally refined by the ‘Green Lotus Heart Flame’, it would be worth it for my Rong family to gain another treasure.

Murong Xuan’er knew that there was nothing she could do to stop them. She retreated to the side and the old woman walked in front of Xuan Yuan.

Xuan Yuan took a step back, looked at the old woman, and said in a heavy voice:

“Old man, have you thought about it?”

“Of course.” After all, she was from a family with a strong background, and the old woman in front of him was worthy of his admiration. This was the cultivation and magnanimity that came from an ancient family, and the old woman’s body seemed to be emitting an immortal splendor, infecting him. Xuanyuan also finally understood why some ancient families would be able to pass on their heritage from generation to generation and stand tall.

“But I don’t want anyone to die in this way.” He sympathized with Murong Xuan’er and placed his heart on the line. He could not bear to do such a thing, and seeing his closest kin die in front of him was a very cruel thing to do.

Haha, young man, don’t underestimate this old body. Even if I take out the ‘Blue Lotus Heart Flame’, I will still be able to kill a Celestial Immortal. The old woman smiled and looked at Xuanyuan, her eyes filled with warmth and praise.

Xuan Yuan could feel that the old woman’s laughter was intertwined with lines of great Dao patterns, and they were extremely terrifying. It seemed like they were not fake. He glanced at Murong Xuan’er, but in his heart, he was still hesitating.

“Young man, why are you blabbering so much? Compared to an old woman like me, you are even more unpleasant. Are you really a heaven’s pride level expert of ‘Reincarnation’?”

“Since you’ve already said so, I naturally won’t go against your wishes and take it!” The old woman held the Green Desolation Celestial Dragon Suppression Talisman in her hand, and the Emperor’s rhythm flowed from it. In an instant, she had benefited greatly, as if she had gained a new level of comprehension.

He can finally live for a few more days. Young man, I will let you save the pain of taming the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’.

The old woman made a quick move and pointed a finger at Xuanyuan Feng’s chest, causing him to be unable to react in time. The ‘Blue Lotus Heart Flame’ fused into her body and directly entered Xuanyuan’s heart, causing a terrifying heat to erupt within Xuanyuan’s heart, as if there was a huge explosion!

Xuan Yuan’s body trembled. It was as if his heart would explode and tear apart at any moment. He couldn’t help but want to scream out loud.

He naturally knew that this old woman had done something bad out of the kindness of her heart. The reaction of the cold water flowers was extremely fast, as they saw a large clock fall down, and Xuanyuan’s entire body was sucked into it. With a calm and composed expression, he pretended as if nothing had happened and chuckled towards the white-haired old woman.

“10 million high grade Dou Xian dollars, don’t forget …”

After losing the Blue Lotus Heart Flame, the old woman’s face was extremely pale. Beside her, Murong Xuan’er was so scared that her entire body went limp, afraid that something bad would happen to her great-aunt, but she could do nothing about Shui Hanhua. She did not give Shui Hanhua a good look, and the old woman’s body involuntarily trembled.

On the other hand, Xuan Yuan was directly taken into the large bell by Shui Hanhua as he howled in madness.

“Two types of flame … two types of flames are hidden in the heart. No one can afford the consequences like this. It’s too terrible …”

The old man was extremely anxious as he looked through the body of Xuanyuan that he had put away in the big bell. At this moment, the green and red battle qi around Xuanyuan’s entire body was surging forth and a terrifying heat was spreading in all directions, burning everything on Xuanyuan’s body. Xuanyuan’s skin was burnt black, but he was still holding on bitterly.

Xuan Yuan did his best to cultivate the “Five Elements Devouring Great Immortal Technique”. This was a sacred art specialized for fusing the five elements with the world’s spirit items, and it elaborated on the principle of merging fire and energy.

The Crimson Lotus Karma Flame and the Blue Lotus Core Flame were of the same origin. As the azure-red colored flames interweaved, with the fusion of Xuanyuan’s will, every time the Crimson Lotus Flame and the Blue Lotus Core Flame fused, there would be an explosion and a mutual resistance. Each time the flames repelled each other, Xuanyuan felt as if his entire body was about to be torn apart!

The burnt black skin of Xuanyuan cracked and the blood essence that was brimming with vitality surged out. A burning and tearing pain spread to every corner of Xuanyuan’s body. “Wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu”

Endless pain spread through his body as his flesh and blood were burned to ashes by the two types of flames. His blood dried up as his enormous life force constantly restored his body. He was struggling for his life!

The charred and fractured skin underneath grew clear as glass, faintly emitting an immortal splendor.

Looking at this scene, Shui Hanhua was shocked.

“This boy is truly not simple. If he can withstand this baptism of flame, then his strength will surely rise to another level. It seems that I have underestimated him!” “The Boundless Body is indeed terrifying!”

He originally wanted to take out the ‘Blue Lotus Heart Flame’, then earn some money from the various large families before finding a place to fuse the Dou Fire in his body. But now, he wasn’t prepared at all, so he could only bitterly smile a few times.

He was burning with desire and gritting his teeth. Every time the ‘Blue Lotus Core Fire’ and the ‘Red Lotus Karma Flame’ collided, although it would bring him great harm, the relationship between them would also become more harmonious and he would slowly get used to it.

From the depths of Xuanyuan heart, the sealed Heartworm could clearly feel that the aura of the flames was becoming more and more terrifying, causing it to become more and more uneasy as it continuously attacked the seals, attempting to confuse Xuanyuan’s mind.

Merging the Dou Fire was an extremely dangerous process, even the slightest mistake could cause one’s body to explode and die. The instant Xuanyuan was pointed at in the heart by the old woman, that kind of extremely dangerous situation could be calmed down in an instant. Naturally, it was impossible for one to be messed up by a ‘Heart Devouring Dragon Bug’ that was unable to break the seal.

He sat cross-legged and endured great pain. He let the Dou Fire continuously burn his body, waiting for the phoenix’s rebirth. The moment it was reborn, it would complete a transformation.

“Who would have thought that the moment he entered this place, the matter would leave our grasp. No one could save him, and the only person who could save him would be himself, Xuanyuan Heart! His nature is the complete opposite of what the legends say, he is worthy of being the successor of the ‘Great Emperor of the Devouring’, but he would be said to contain a kind heart that they do not have, he will definitely have a bright future in the future. ‘Great Emperor of the Devouring’ and ‘City of Evil’ have deep roots, Xuanyuan is his inheritance, so we can find an opportunity to let him enter the ‘City of Evil’ and continue the ‘Great Emperor’ s devouring 'everything!” A voice travelled into Shui Hanhua’s sea of consciousness.

“Hehehe, the city leader is wise, this child is the undying inheritance of the Devouring Emperor…”