Devouring The Heavens - C559


Chapter 559 - 12 Pure World Blue Lotus

Murong Family.

Under the old man’s lead, Xuan Yuan walked into the ancient bronze hall. Green lanterns hung on the walls, and the light flickered as the fragrance permeated his body. He gave off an incomparably tranquil feeling.

It was very peaceful here, and a single restrictive spell isolated the clamor of the outside world. The walls were interweaved with simple Emperor Inscription Inscriptions. They looked ordinary, but once activated, they would emit the power to annihilate Celestial Immortals.

There were very few people in the bronze hall, and there was a white-haired old lady who looked like an old man. There was a white haired old woman who looked like an old man, and her Qi and blood were both slightly dilapidated, and beside the old woman was a pretty young girl dressed in a blue dress. Her skin was fair, and her spirit was cold, and her appearance could not be said to overthrow cities, but she had a clean and clear feeling.

"Hehehe, Shui Hanhua, as the Great Elder of ‘Sin City’, how come you have the time to visit us today? What brings you here! " The old woman’s voice was very kind and gentle. There was a faint smile on her face, and it was obvious that she was old friends with the old man.

Xuanyuan never thought that this old man would actually have the name of Shui Hanhua, it sounded exactly like a woman to him. If one only heard the name, what made Xuanyuan even more shocking was that this Shui Hanhua was actually the Highest Elder of ‘Sin City’. He never thought that this old man who set up shop on the side of the road would actually have such a high position, no wonder his strength was so terrifying, it was truly admirable.

“Hehe, I brought this young man behind me here. He wants to buy the ‘Blue Lotus Heart Flame’ that your Murong Family has been wanting to sell but hasn’t been able to.” Shui Hanhua chuckled, his voice hoarse and deep. His eyes were narrowed into slits, and the wrinkles on his face were piled into a ball. He looked very strange.

When she heard Shui Hanhua’s words, an unusual glint flashed across the old woman’s eyes. She looked towards Xuanyuan and upon seeing his attire, she muttered:


“Hehe, not bad, this young man is a Heaven’s Pride from the ‘Samsara’, I have brought a huge business deal for you all. If you can complete this business deal, I will give you ten million high grade Dou Xian Coins as my reward!” The old man laughed in a very treacherous manner. Hearing this, the corners of Xuan Yuan’s eyes twitched a couple of times. Sure enough, there would not be anyone who would come to him without reason.

“Shui Hanhua, you still haven’t changed at all. Fine, if this young man can afford the ‘Blue Lotus Heart Flame’, then I don’t mind giving you ten million high-grade Dou Xian Coins.”

Xuan Yuan’s heart shook when he heard this. For a moment, he could not help but sweat profusely. Ten million high grade Dou Xian Coins was not a small number.

Every three pieces of high-grade Dou Xian Coins was enough to buy a Jin of pure spirit energy. 10 million high grade Dou Xian Coins, but over three million jin of pure spirit energy, this was an extremely huge amount of wealth. However, most of the things Xuanyuan had were taken care of by the rich and poor, so he did not feel the need to spend them painstakingly.

Thinking about how the Black Tortoise Immortal Palace would be so furious, it had something to do with the storage ring of the ‘Black Tortoise Holy Son’ being robbed. He reckoned that the ‘Black Tortoise Holy Son’ had just taken the money from the ‘Black Tortoise Immortal Manor’ and was going to recycle it back to the ‘Black Tortoise Immortal Manor’. However, he had hurriedly rushed over after receiving his message.

“I’m not selling!” Just at this moment, the brows of the clean and clear female jumped up as she looked at Xuanyuan. She coldly reprimanded him and her brows were extremely sharp. There was a hint of threat within them.

“Xuan’er, you can’t be unreasonable!” The old woman’s unhurried words caused Murong Xuan’er to pause for a moment. She did not say anything else.

“Young man, the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ is not something that can be bought with money. If you want it, you must be able to take out something that is worth as much as the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’.” The old woman looked at Xuanyuan, but with her current strength, she couldn’t see through his face. She could only see his face through her veil.

“Mm, I wonder what your Murong Family needs?” Supreme Immortal technique? Dao arts and divine abilities? Or perhaps it was a natural Spiritual Origin that formed in this world? Or perhaps an emperor? As long as you guys want it, there’s nothing that I can’t take out. I’m afraid that if I take it out, it will be too precious, so what else do you think your Murong Family needs from me! " The Xuanyuan Spirit was very calm, and as she said those words, she looked towards Murong Xuan’er. When Murong Xuan’er heard this, her expression changed and her killing intent surged out.

“You shameless bastard, who would stick by you?”

Xuanyuan did not say anything. To him, the treasures he had on him were not few, not to mention the ‘Heaven Sealing Spirit Origin’ Linglong Treasure Pagoda and the ‘Green Desolate Heavenly Dragon Suppression Talisman’, these were emperors that had existed for countless of years. With their terrifying might, the ‘Blue Lotus Heart Flame’ might not be comparable to them, because no matter how strong the ‘Green Lotus Heart Flame’ was, it was still just a spiritual object from the heaven and earth.

Don’t be so arrogant, young man. Xuan’er is the daughter of the Mu Rong family’s head, and is not inferior to any ancient family, immortal estate or large sect. Even with your strength, you might not be her match, but since you said that, then, my Murong family wants you to use an Emperor Treasure to exchange for it.

The old woman felt uncomfortable when she heard Xuan Yuan’s words. Since when had the Murong Family been underestimated? Although Xuan Yuan was a proud son of the ‘reincarnation’, in her eyes, it made no difference.

“If you want to trade away the Emperor’s item, that’s not true. However, since your Murong Family has the ‘Blue Lotus Heart Flame’, you must also have the 'Twelve-Pointed Worldly Blue Lotus, right?” If you add it, I can exchange it with an Emperor object! " Xuan Yuan slowly said as he looked at the old woman.

“… ….” It has been many years since the Murong Family has obtained the Twelve-rank Pure World Blue Lotus, and from then on, they no longer obtained any parts related to the Primal Chaos Fire God Lotus. That is why they want to sell the Blue Lotus Heart Flame, in the hope that they can attract some people who possess the other parts of the Primal Chaos Fire God Lotus. If you have it with you, our Murong Family can still purchase it at a high price. " The old woman’s eyes turned sharp and fierce. She looked straight at Xuanyuan’s face through the black veil.

Even though Xuanyuan could feel her gaze, he was still as calm as before. He only indifferently said,

Now that I want to swallow the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ to purify the baleful aura in my body, there is nothing else. As the baleful aura in my body has been accumulating for a long time, I am afraid that it will be difficult to extinguish it with the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’. If there is a ‘Twelve-Pin Pure World’s Green Lotus’, it will definitely allow me to completely remove the baleful aura in my body.

As Xuan Yuan spoke, a terrifying baleful aura surged out from within his body. It was extremely oppressive, it was difficult for one to imagine just how such a large amount of baleful aura existed within Xuanyuan’s body for him to be able to survive. Even Murong Xuan’er’s expression changed, she felt that if there was such a vast baleful aura within her body, she would have probably died a long time ago.

To Xuanyuan, it could transform all living things, and even the baleful qi could not cause any harm. In other words, he only wanted the Murong Family to sell him the ‘Twelve Pint Pure World Blue Lotus’ and the ‘Blue Lotus Heart Flame’.

The old woman looked at Xuanyuan’s face and paused for a long time, as if she was thinking about something. Finally, she sighed and said,

“Forget about it, forget about it. After guarding for a lifetime, in the end, it was all for nothing. Young man, take out your Emperor’s treasure. Let me take a look!”

There were trillions of Emperor patterns that flowed along a trajectory, flowing with the Emperor’s rhythm, possessing the aura that could suppress all living things in the world. Within the trillions of Emperor prints, there seemed to really be an ancient Emperor Dragon, which made people feel very terrifying, and this was the result of the great might and majesty of the Green Emperor that was created that day. The supreme Emperor’s Qi seemed to transcend the tens of thousands of years that had flowed through the Green Desolate Celestial Dragon Symbol, bringing along the wisdom and benevolence of the Green Desolate Celestial Dragon Symbol, making the people want to kneel down in reverence.

“This is an Emperor talisman crafted by the ‘Green Emperor’. It can’t be fully activated unless one reaches the level of an ancient sage. Once activated, it’ll be like an Emperor descending upon you, useful in times of great danger!”

The Evil Dragon Emperor was an existence that was comparable to a great Emperor, but he was suppressed. One could only imagine, the Nightmare Ghost Immortal had once said that if one’s strength was insufficient, they absolutely could not activate it, or else they would only be eternally suppressed and bestowed the word ‘Nightmare Ghost Immortal’ with the word ‘Eternal’. One could imagine the might of this’ Green Desolate Heavenly Dragon Suppression Talisman '!

The Emperor’s Qi flowed and fell within Xuanyuan’s hands, swallowing and releasing the divine light which contained endless mysteries within. Although Xuanyuan also wanted to leave the ‘Green Desolation Heavenly Dragon Suppression Talisman’ for his future comprehension, he couldn’t have both the fish and bear’s paw. He could only exchange it for the ‘Blue Lotus Heart Flame’ and the ‘Twelve-Pint Pure World’s Blue Lotus’.

In the business world, there was no invincible general. It was best to have a win-win situation.

The old woman and Shui Hanhua were extremely excited when they saw the Green Desolation Celestial Dragon Suppression Talisman in Xuanyuan’s hands.

The old woman restrained her emotions, looked at Xuanyuan, and slowly said:

“As expected, it is an ancient Emperor artifact created by the Green Desolate Emperor. The Emperor’s might is limitless, but young people, after obtaining the ‘Twelve-Pointed Pure World’s Blue Lotus,’ my Murong Family, they only have the Lotus Source Platform. As for the rest, I’m afraid it has already been destroyed.”

Hearing the old woman’s words, it was clear that she was willing to exchange with him. Any of the large aristocratic families would do so. A Great Emperor’s talisman created by the ‘Green Desolate Emperor’ was one of the symbols of one’s foundation.

Originally, there were hundreds of ancient families, but now, there were only a few dozen left. It was hard to imagine how many ancient families had such a deep history.

“Alright, that’s fine.” Xuanyuan immediately agreed. He really wanted to see what would happen to his twelfth grade Fire Red Lotus and the twelfth grade Pure World Blue Lotus.

It was at this moment that Murong Xuan’er’s voice rang out. With a hint of panic and anger, she angrily glared at Xuanyuan.