Devouring The Heavens - C558


Chapter 558 - Green Lotus Heart Flame

On the dome, the ‘Sin Flame’ which was like the blazing sun rolled for a moment. The moment it spat out the millions of flames, it released an even brighter light, brightening the ‘Sin Temple’ even more. Suddenly, the temperature and brightness of the ‘Sin Palace’ made many people’s eyes flash with a strange color.

"Hmm? “What’s going on?”

“The ‘Sin Flame’, tsk tsk, this sort of Spiritual Being has intelligence, so occasionally throbbing is a very normal thing. Don’t make such a fuss.”

Sure enough, it was only for that one moment. Nothing happened, so people didn’t care anymore and continued their search for treasures and transactions.

But the ‘Red Lotus Karma Flame’ within Xuanyuan body trembled at this moment, and Xuanyuan’s heart trembled slightly. He raised his eyebrows and looked at the ‘Sin Flame’.

"Hmm? What was going on? “It seems the ‘Crimson Lotus Flame’ is unable to withstand the power of the ‘Sin Flame’. This’ Sin Flame ‘truly is terrifying. Even the’ Crimson Lotus Flame 'has to submit …”

Just as Xuanyuan Po was lamenting, he didn’t know that a celestial sound had reached the old man’s mind.

"En, you guessed right, there are five types of spirit objects rolling around in his body. Just now, the ‘Sin Flame’ had already discovered them and triggered the ‘Red Lotus Fire’ in his body. This brat is really well-hidden, he almost fooled me. I’ll leave the rest to you! "

The old man’s expression remained calm when he heard this. He looked at Xuan Yuan and said:

“How about it? Do you want to go and have a look? As long as you can afford the price, you can buy the Spiritual Artifact of Heaven and Earth that you want!”

Even if he possessed the « Five Elements Devouring Great Celestial Art », it would be impossible to guarantee that he would be safe and sound. Therefore, Xuanyuan wanted to give it a try and strengthen his own fire energy, then during the process of devouring and fusing the ‘Grand Sun Primordial Fire’, the danger would lessen a bit, and if he was unable to even devour the other flames then not to mention the ‘Grand Sun Primordial Flame’, he would have to take this step forward sooner or later to prepare himself for devouring the ‘Grand Sun Primordial Flame’ in the future!

Xuan Yuan understood many things in an instant and made a decision in his heart. All of this would happen sooner or later. If he were to die from the fusion of fire, sooner or later, there would be nothing for him to consider.

In any case, if there was a fire, he would buy it and sharpen himself first. After Xuanyuan Po had cultivated this < Five Elements Devouring Great Immortal Technique >, he realized that his Great Celestial Art had not been fully created yet. Next, he would have to rely on himself to perfect it, comprehend it, and break through.

“Hehe, that’s only natural. I feel that I should have the ability to buy it. I hope that old mister can be at ease.” Xuan Yuan slightly smiled, his expression calm as he said:

“Let’s go, I hope that elder can lead the way!”

The old man chuckled. He stroked his sparse beard and squinted his eyes. His drooping eyelids almost covered his eyes, giving Xuanyuan Po a sinister feeling.

Xuan Yuan guessed in his heart that this old man’s strength was at least at the Life Immortal realm, and might even be above the Life Immortal realm. It was possible that he was an Earthly Immortal or Heavenly Immortal, but he couldn’t see through the old man at all, and the feeling he gave Xuan Yuan was very calm and indifferent. The old well didn’t seem to be alarmed, but because of this, the old man seemed to be even more enigmatic.

Many people saw the old man and had looks of reverence on their faces. They stepped back to make a path, then looked at Xuanyuan, who stood behind the old man, and with some confusion, their eyes flashed with a cold light, clearly not harboring good intentions, but in this place, no one dared to make a move, because the Emperor Taboo had the ability to differentiate between the challengers, and would automatically move to kill those who violated the rules here. Even Heavenly Immortals would not be able to avoid it.

With the old man’s footsteps, they gradually went deeper into the ‘Sin Palace’. Only then did Xuanyuan realize that the stalls outside were actually just on the outside. Inside those stalls were where the best goods were sold.

In the depths of the Sin Temple were small palaces of ancient bronze in color. Every small hall had Emperor patterns interweaving within them. Xuan Yuan activated his True Eye and faintly saw lines interweaving and linking together the small palaces of ancient bronze.

There were many great powers gathered here, such as the Central Region Imperial Court, the Universal Sect, the Black Tortoise Immortal Manor, the Cold Sky Immortal Manor, the Ancient Devil Sect, the Devil Continent’s Imperial Palace, the Dou Long Immortal Manor, the Jiang Clan, the Wang Clan, the Ouyang Clan, the Murong Clan, the Shangguan Clan, and the Gongsun Clan. All of these great powers rented a small hall from the ‘Sin City’, and each year, they had to pay an extremely high price for the ‘Sin City’!

In this place, as long as one was able to afford it, there was nothing they were unable to take out. Every item sold was enough for ordinary cultivators to obtain and use.

Xuan Yuan felt his teeth ache as he listened to the old man’s introduction. He didn’t expect there to be a lot of hostile forces here. He thought there would only be three of them when he saw the smiling voices outside with his picture of the bounty.

“Then I want to fight fire. I’ll have to trouble elder to lead the way.” Although he was surprised that the various factions were still holed up in this place, this did not stop Xuanyuan Po from purchasing the Dou Fire. This was related to his future life!

“Yes, what ranking Dou Huo do you want?” The old man asked with a bright smile.

Xuanyuan was petrified on the spot, frozen in place. The corners of his mouth twitched as he said in disbelief:

“Don’t tell me there are a lot of Dou Huo here?”

"Heh heh, that’s not it. There are only three of them, but no one is able to offer a price for them. They are the ‘Earth Fiend Ghost Flame’ ranked seventy-second, the ‘Heavenly Star Flame’ ranked sixty-eighth and the ‘Blue Lotus Core Flame’ ranked fifty-four, which one do you want? I’ll take you to see it! " The old man obviously knew this place like the back of his hand. He didn’t even need to ask and directly said it.

Hearing this, Xuan Yuan frowned for a moment as he thought about it. He flipped to the《 Great Earth Book》 and asked the following questions related to the Firestorm Way’s records:

"Fighting fire like the Earth Fiend Ghost Flame nurtures the Earth Terminus Tower, and after countless years of nurturing it, it can agitate the infernal energy beneath the earth, extinguish the life of the enemy, summon the spirit of the ghost, and incinerate the strong enemy! It was suppressed by the ‘Red Lotus Fire’! "

“The ‘Cosmic Star Flame’ is said to be a type of Heaven and Earth Dou Fire that was created when meteors from beyond this realm fall from the heavens. It can induce stars from beyond the heavens to descend, and its might is just as terrifying.”

“‘Blue Lotus Heart Flame’ …” Xuanyuan read through the records in the “Book of Great Firmament” and suddenly saw the source of the “Blue Lotus Heart Flame”. His heart was in a turmoil as it endlessly surged:

“The ‘Blue Lotus Heart Flame’ is derived from the ‘Twelve-Pint Pure World’s Blue Lotus’, this supreme Dao artifact’s’ Essence of Fighting Fire '!”

“Then what about the ‘Twelve-Pin Crimson Lotus of Fire’?” Xuanyuan Po was bewildered.

At this moment, the avaricious old man’s carefree laughter resounded in Xuan Yuan’s heart. Faintly, as the old man’s memory recovered, Xuanyuan could feel that the ‘Devouring Myriad Dao Artifact’ that had transformed into reincarnation had improved by leaps and bounds on his body!

“Haha, I’ve finally swallowed this piece of origin ability memory …”

“So fast?” It had not been a few hours yet!

“Haha, didn’t I already tell you?” The third restriction technique of the Myriad devouring Dao-item is called ‘Devouring Time’. Although I was only inside for a few hours just now, I’ve already undergone half a month of transformation. You can come in and cultivate! It seems like you have run into another problem! "

The greedy old man proudly said:

In the past, my memories are incomplete, so there are some parts that are not correct. Half of them, whether it is the twelfth grade Fire Red Lotus or the twelfth grade Fire Red Lotus, they are all part of a supreme Dao Artifact. The one you obtained previously is the twelfth grade Fire Red Lotus, and it is also a part of a supreme Dao Artifact. If you are able to fuse with the other ten types of Heaven and Earth Fighting Flames, you will be able to draw out the supreme power of the ‘Chaos Fire God Lotus’.

Xuan Yuan could not help but roll his eyes when he heard this. He ruthlessly looked down on the greedy old man and thought to himself:

“The ‘Azure Lotus Heart Flame’ can purify all the filthy fighting flames in the world. The ‘Red Lotus Flame’ can burn all the evil fighting flames in the world, and that’s good as well. The two of them will share the source of a supreme Dao item and fuse it together. The chances are higher ….”

Xuan Yuan immediately said to the old man:

“I’ll take the ‘Blue Lotus Heart Flame’.”

"Oh? “It seems like you are very confident in your wealth, young man. Come with me.” The old man’s eyes flashed with a hint of determination, he was even more certain that the person in front of him was definitely Xuanyuan, the identity of ‘Samsara’ was only a bluff, the ‘Red Lotus Karma Flame’ and the ‘Blue Lotus Heart Flame’ both came from the same source, if Xuanyuan Ruo wanted to fuse a fighting flame, she could only choose it.

However, the old man remained silent, as Xuanyuan did not know that his identity had been found out. Otherwise, it would not be a good thing for him, but to take a step back, if it wasn’t for the fact that ‘Sin City’ and ‘Devouring Emperor’ had deep roots, he would not be able to recognize Xuanyuan Lai.

Xuan Yuan followed closely behind the old man, and finally, they arrived in front of an ancient bronze palace hall that took up a thousand meters of space. Xuan Yuan followed closely behind the old man, and finally, they arrived in front of an ancient bronze palace hall that took up a thousand meters of land.

“It’s here, the ‘Blue Lotus Core Fire’ is something that the Mu Rong family has, it’s worth a lot, young man, you must be prepared, not everyone can buy it, and the money might not be useful!” With that, the old man stepped into the ancient bronze palace.

“Hmm …” Xuan Yuan nodded and followed him in.