Devouring The Heavens - C557


Chapter 557 - Evil Fire

From these lines, one could see the scene of hell on earth. Countless people, in the human realm, moved through natural disasters, through the bones of heaven and earth, through the red dust of the dead, through the fighting and scheming of the Golden Steel Horse, through the wealth and wealth of the world. After their deaths, they had evolved into many different kinds of faces, their faces were distorted, they had fear, obscenity, madness, infatuation, and all sorts of emotions, giving off a feeling that it was difficult to describe the human world.

It was supported by eighteen large copper pillars with eighteen layers of hell swirling around them. In the dome of the Sin Temple, a ball of ‘Sin Flame’ was blazing brightly, lighting up the entire night sky. All the stars dimmed under the fire.

The sky was filled with an aura of evil, flames surged, developing all kinds of hell’s tragedies, like a sea of blades, evil spirits, Asura devils, vast amount of people, the ground was covered with severed limbs, countless people roared in despair, all kinds of punishments, stabbed by blades, suffering in the sea of flames, being chopped in pieces, eaten by Hellhounds and then combined into human figures, all kinds of horrifying scenes appeared from the light of the ‘flames of evil’.

When Xuanyuan saw this scene, he could only feel the Crimson Lotus Karma Flame within his body trembling. It was a type of fear towards a supreme existence, a trembling.

Instantly, Xuanyuan reacted, his heart greatly shaken.

“It’s actually the ‘Sin Flame’ ranked fourth on the Fighting Flame Ranking, ‘Sin Flame’. It’s actually here, acting as a light source?”

The ‘Sin Flame’ was an extremely terrifying type of natural fire that could burn down all living things. It could even burn down stars in the universe and was above the ‘Grand Sun Primordial Flame’.

“Too extravagant, this is simply too extravagant! Such a terrifying fighting flame, the ‘Sin Flame’, is actually serving as a light source!” If he used this’ Sin City ‘, the spitting out of the’ Sin Flame 'would be able to burn the earth! It must have contained its power with the supreme dao tool, otherwise, all living creatures within ten thousand miles of it would have been burnt to ashes … "

He gasped for a breath of cold air as Xuanyuan stepped into the Sin Palace. On the majestic walls of the palace, countless lines interweaved, and every single one of these lines revealed themselves. There were all kinds of evil and worldly desires in the world, and the hearts of the people were complicated.

“The human heart gave birth to limitless desires, while the body expanded to give birth to evil …”

Before Xuanyuan Xian had appeared, he had worn the Reincarnation insignia and had a death cap on his head. His long hair fluttered in the wind and his aura was restrained. He looked like a mortal without any force, attracting many surprised gazes.

At the instant Xuanyuan stepped into the Sin Palace, a voice sounded in the darkness:

“Hehe, after studying that piece of iron for so many years, you’ve finally given up. Have you sold it?”

“Haha, that’s right, maybe that’s because the Devouring Emperor failed to refine a magical equipment and left behind a piece of scrap metal. Now that someone wants to understand it better, I naturally would like to give it up.”

“Alright, don’t keep me in suspense. Why did you bring me here?”

“It’s nothing. Someone who understands that piece of scrap metal better than I do. I suspect that it’s very likely to be Xuanyuan!”

"Hmm? “Are you sure?”

“That’s right, I definitely wouldn’t make a mistake, that’s definitely a ‘Devouring Bracelet’, one of the keys to the Devouring Immortal Palace, one of the materials that is exactly the same as the ‘Devouring Sky Seal’, obviously he knows the secrets of the Devouring Immortal Mansion, if not he wouldn’t know that there are other existences with the same material as the ‘Devouring Bracelet’!” The person who spoke was the old man who had a deal with Xuanyuan. His expression was calm as he pointed at Xuanyuan.

"Is that him? Isn’t that the symbol of ‘Reincarnation’? "

“That’s right, he covered his own face, the ‘Devouring Bracelet’ was in his hand, so I believe that he found out about the secrets of the ‘Devouring Immortal Mansion’ through the Myriad Manifestation Holy Beast, and now, the ‘Devouring Immortal Mansion’ seemed to be just a teleportation in the eyes of the people, and there are very few people who actually know about it. So young, yet he came here covered his face, and it might not be Xuanyuan, but he must have received the guidance of the ‘Myriad Transformation Holy Beast’ and went all the way to ‘Sin City’, one must know that the Devouring Emperor ‘has great contributions to the city, but the’ Sin City was unable to protect him!” It really is a stranglehold! "

As the old man spoke up to this point, his words revealed a hint of sadness. He continued:

Now that the Great Emperor’s descendant is here, we should protect him, so I asked the City Lord to auction off the ‘Devouring Sky Seal’. I have already told him, using this method to sell the ‘Devouring Sky Seal’ to him, making it hard for others to notice, since it is the inheritance of the Devouring Emperor, we should be more cautious in protecting its growth, don’t let it get killed in the cradle.

Wrong, since it is the inheritance of the ‘Devouring Emperor’, we should not have too much protection for him. The Emperor Road was created by him, and not protected by us, so back then, the Devouring Emperor was not willing to implicate my ‘Sin City’. After he left, he was chased by the great powers of the world and was reborn from the Nirvana Rebirth in every life and death battle.

In the end, the inheritance of the Devouring Emperor still came to the city of Sin. This key had already been kept in the city for a long time, and now it was time for it to return to its rightful owner. He was waiting for the moment the Devouring Immortal Manor appeared!

“The mayor is wise.” The old man’s hoarse voice sounded.

Aside from the countless evil auras, there was also an intense flow of people. This was an endless hall, so bright that one couldn’t see the end of it, and the ‘evil fire’ above his head burned up, like an eternal sun, illuminating this place until it was as bright as day, making people not feel that it was night at all.

Many people came here to search for treasure. There were stalls everywhere, and it was much more crowded than outside. People who were able to set up stalls here did not want to bleed, and at the very least, it would be a great safeguard when doing business, regardless of whether they were buyers or sellers!

Although Sin City was chaotic and had all sorts of dangerous places, it was also a safe place. However, after leaving this place, there was no guarantee. Whether one could protect something or not, one had to rely on one’s own strength!

Those who were able to set up stalls on the streets outside the city either had very old qualifications and had status in ‘Sin City’, or were extremely powerful individuals. The old man was one of them.

Here, Xuan Yuan had discovered that there was everything, even the corpses of the Earthly Immortals were being sold. All kinds of things were being sold, and it was an eye-opener for him.

The flesh of an Earthly Immortal also contained a great secret, and its value was extraordinary.

There were also many treasures of heaven and earth that he had never seen before, whether it was medicine or materials to refine magical equipment. They were everywhere and the price was relatively reasonable.

Xuanyuan walked in this boundless great hall. As he looked at the myriad of heavenly and earthly treasures, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

“This really is a good place. If the pig head emperor was here, I’m afraid he would have already robbed this place.”

As Xuanyuan was walking, he suddenly discovered that his own portrait was hanging on many stalls.

This was a portrait of the bounty. There was a bounty from the Jiang family of the ‘Black Tortoise Immortal Palace’, ‘Central State Empire’, and the ‘Unrestrained Sect’. The price was not low either, from one hundred thousand pure spirit sources to three hundred thousand pure spirit sources.

Xuan Yuan slightly smiled. This time, he had come for them. However, before that, he had to buy the seal first. Otherwise, things would not look good.

It was at this moment that a voice came from beside Xuanyuan ear:

“Young man, we meet again.”

Xuan Yuan felt his hair stand on end as he looked behind him. It was the old man who had sold him the items from before. He quickly bowed and greeted respectfully.

“Old man.”

Ke ke, it is fate that we will be able to meet again. What, do you really want to participate in the auction three days later? The old man laughed.

“Of course. Since I have what I want, how could I give it up?” Xuanyuan said with a chuckle.

"Mm, whatever, since we’re so fated, then I’ll arrange a good spot for you when the time comes. There are many Saint Child level characters who like to come to ‘Sin City’, ah, to a certain extent, in terms of financial strength, it’s also a type of strength. If you want to cultivate, you cannot afford it. The old man laughed loudly. With a hunched body, he walked to the front of Xuanyuan and slowly said:

“Well, young man, do you have anything you want to buy? I am quite familiar with this place and I can buy anything that the outside world cannot buy!”

“If you want to say what I want to buy, then it would be the Spiritual Beings of the world, such as the Fighting Fire or the Fighting Thunder. Do they sell here?” What he needed the most right now were the nine great ancient arts, the world spirit object, and the endless pure spirit source.

He was even more certain that the person in front of him was definitely Xuanyuan. How could it be possible that, as a human, the blood of an ancient Royal Family flowed through his veins, and they even had a pure royal bloodline within them? This could only be explained by saying that this was evolved from the Body of Myriad Transformations!

“Haha, of course!” The old man laughed loudly, causing Xuanyuan to be shocked!