Devouring The Heavens - C556


Chapter 555 - Sin!

The full moon was very cold, and as the clear light shone down, a gust of cold wind blew, causing the Immortal Robe on Xuanyuan’s body to flutter in the wind and emit a flapping sound. His shadow was very long, swaying under the moonlight, which made him look very strange, and the Evil Dragon Bone Sword drew a long dragon shadow on the ground.

“This is the aura of the Archaic Royal Family. This Immortal weapon is not simple, as expected of the inheritor of the ‘Reincarnation’!” Some people immediately made such an evaluation on the spot.

“That’s right! We’ve been cut down by this sword, and our life force has been exterminated, we can’t be revived! Just look at the wounds on these people and you’ll see!” The few of them slowly spoke out as they glanced at the few people that Xuanyuan Po had just killed.

Xuanyuan Wentian’s performance and his forceful counterattack had caused many people who were ready to make a move to stop their greed. Xuanyuan Wentian gave a cold laugh as he said,

“If you don’t agree, then come out and kill!”

This was a killing intent that could only be produced through countless battles and battles. The weak and strong would even have their bodies split in the face of Xuanyuan’s killing intent, and the timid would even be scared to death.

“Hehe, sure enough, heroes come out young …” The old man who had sold the memories of the old man Xuanyuan Kuangfeng stroked his dry beard and chuckled, continuing to set up his stall.

“Elder, farewell!”

Xuan Yuan glanced at the map, then walked towards the direction of the Sin Palace.

After Xuan Yuan left, the dried up old man waved his hand and kept his stall. His heart was heavy, and he was directly led into the night.

There were no ‘Taibai Merchant Guild’ or ‘Nine Tripod Commerce’ here. The ‘Sin Palace’ was the most unique existence within the ‘Sin City’, replacing these two large merchant guilds.

However, they later realized that there was no other way. The order here was extremely chaotic, and the strong were like a forest, it was simply impossible to establish a foothold here. The ‘Sin City’ had its customs and reserves, and no outsiders could invade it.

This place was destined to be filled with evil. No one could become the rule and ruler of this place, and all the forces that came to this place would inevitably be attacked from all sides. No major powers would be able to do it, and the Taibai Merchant Guild and the Nine Tripod Commerce were no exception.

As Xuanyuan walked along the main road and gazed at the dark red colored buildings in the city, each of them had a unique style. Each of them was extremely mysterious, incomparably strong, and impossible to break through.

While walking, Xuanyuan Wentian did not want to attract too much attention. After putting away the ‘Evil Dragon Bone Sword’, he quickly immersed himself into the darkness, because no one dared to rashly make a move against him, or perhaps because they knew that he was going to the ‘Sin Palace’, there were a portion of people who kept quiet!

As the name implied, the ‘Sin Temple’ was filled with all sorts of items and was controlled by the master of this’ Sin City ‘. The’ Sin Temple ‘, as the name implied, was filled with all sorts of items and items and was controlled by the master of this’ Sin City '.

Once activated, the killing power would be boundless. Unless one had a supreme dao tool protecting the body, otherwise, they would definitely die in this place, and many Heavenly Immortal experts did not believe this evil, dying in front of everyone, even the major powers behind them would not be able to do anything, this was the strongest and most powerful rule, it was a rule that could only be hidden from view!

It was said that the founder of Sin City was a figure in the realm of the Great Emperor. This Sin City was the most powerful city that he had ever lived in.

There were very few people who met the city lord of ‘Sin City’, every single city lord was very mysterious, but every time they appeared, there would be millions of corpses lying on the ground, blood flowing down the pestle. All the people they saw, they were dead, and even the Demon race, Demon race, and the Central Region’s imperial court, the Unhindered Sects, were all located here, and they could only respect the city lord of ‘Sin City’, not dare to offend him.

It was said that the entirety of Nefas City was a supreme Dao item. After being baptized by evil for countless years, this supreme Dao item had become even more terrifying.

It did not compete with humans and occupied a land, and it had its rules, and it walked alone while ignoring all the gazes of the people around it. However, it was followed by many people, and many people came here, and the rules here were cruel, but they were very real, and the people here trained their hearts, and after the baptism of ‘Sin City’, some of them died, and some of them stayed behind. Every existence left behind by the ‘Sin City’, they were all terrifying characters, and like the old man who sold the map to Xuanyuan, one of them looked insignificant, but only those who had been in the Sin City for a long time knew how terrifying it was.

This was the information that Xuan Yuan obtained along the way. He was getting more and more curious about the ‘Sin City’ with his perception, bits and pieces of people’s words, or with his own eyes. The blood in his body faintly boiled.

He never thought that ‘Sin City’ would actually have such a thick foundation. This city covered an area of ten thousand kilometers, and even though it wasn’t big, it wasn’t small either. He never would have thought that with the heritage of a Great Emperor, the entire ‘Sin City’ would actually be a supreme Dao item.

“‘Sin City’, greedy old man. You have lived for so many years, do you know this city?” The atmosphere here aroused Xuanyuan’s desire for knowledge.

"Hehe, of course I know. ‘Devouring Emperor’ was once a vice city lord of ‘Sin City’! How could the ‘Devouring Emperor’, who was once called the origin of evil, not stay in this’ Sin City '? However, due to a few reasons, he was not allowed to leave later on. " As soon as the greedy old man said this, Xuan Yuan couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart as he exclaimed in his heart.

“There’s actually such a thing?” Why didn’t you say anything before? "

"This is your fate with the ‘Sin City’, why should I mention it? Since you asked, I will tell you then, at that time, as the power of the ‘Devouring Emperor’ grew stronger and stronger, the various families couldn’t take it anymore, and started sending out their Supreme Dao Arts to attack him, to the point where they could only retaliate against him. The ‘Sin City’ fought back, and in that battle, the heaven and earth were destroyed and destroyed, and the ancient families were forced to retreat, and the ‘Devouring Emperor’ knew that this was not the way, and would only make the ‘Sin City’ become the enemy of the various factions, afraid of bringing about a catastrophe to their ‘Sin City’. The greedy old man was very calm.

However, Xuan Yuan’s heart was in turmoil.

"Back then, the master of ‘Sin City’ also expressed that he could move elsewhere for the ‘Devouring Emperor’. ‘Sin City’ itself is a supreme dao tool, able to attack and defend, but the ‘Devouring Emperor’ did not agree, because if he were to become the enemy of the world, how would it be his home? Wherever he goes, there will be war. He doesn’t want many people to suffer with him, so he left! "

As the greedy old man spoke to here, his words carried a sense of warmth, as if this’ Sin City 'was the place where the Devouring Emperor used to be called home.

“Hahaha, here, there are still many traces left behind by the Devouring Emperor. If it wasn’t for the threats from all the major powers in the world, I’m afraid the Devouring Emperor would have become the first generation city lord of the ‘Sin City’.”

As he spoke up to here, the greedy old man let out a few loud laughs, which contained traces of desolation and desolation.

“Do you know anything about the founder of ‘Sin City’, the Great Emperor?” Xuan Yuan was not at all calm. He did not wish to let the greedy old man wallow in such unpleasant memories.

No wonder when he walked into ‘Sin City’, he had a very warm feeling. It was a feeling that came from the blood vessels of his heart.

I know, although this great Emperor does not control the world, he is comparable to the Great Emperor of the ancient times. His surname is Qiu, and he is known as the Great Emperor of Jiangnan, he has mastered an ancient technique and passed down his legacy from generation to generation. This is a secret, and only the previous great city lords know that the ‘Great Devouring Emperor’ once learned the first world shocking ancient technique from here, but my memories are incomplete now, and I need to absorb this piece of my origin technique before I can recover. In the end, the greedy old man threw out a heavy bomb, causing Xuanyuan Wentian to be so excited that he almost jumped up.

“Then hurry up and absorb this origin ability memory.” Xuan Yuan’s voice trembled. He hadn’t thought that there would be an ancient technique here. It would be great if he could obtain it!

Even the Great Emperor of the Ancient Era wanted to obtain the nine great ancient arts, not to mention him. He could only protect and protect the greedy old man as he recalled the memories of the past.

Unknowingly, Xuanyuan Wentian raised his head and saw an incomparably vast hall standing not far away from him. This magnificent hall was brightly lit, lighting up the entire night sky.

The Sin Temple was right in front of them!