Devouring The Heavens - C555


Chapter 555 - Sin Temple

Countless people were casually sitting and walking, but they were all listening attentively to Xuanyuan and the old man’s conversation. When they heard that Xuanyuan was going to use two million high-grade Dou Xian coins to buy that piece of iron, everyone knew that Xuanyuan was definitely a fat sheep!

If it wasn’t for the old man who set up the stall and the fact that he was a senior figure in this’ Sin City ', there would be countless number of people who would have acted against him long ago, wanting to tear Xuanyuan into pieces. They were all sure that Xuanyuan was extremely wealthy.

Xuan Yuan could clearly feel the greed of those people from all directions. A cautious expression was revealed in his eyes. His actions deliberately hesitated for a moment before the old man slowly smiled and said:

“Relax, with this old man here, they won’t dare to make a move on you. However, if this old man’s stall appears, then there’s no guarantee!” However, you are a Holy Son of ‘Samsara’, I think you wouldn’t back down just because of that. Weren’t you here in this city to train yourself? "

“Hehe, this old man is joking. It can only be said that he has broadened his horizons. I know that you have a lot of experience. I wonder if you have ever seen anything of this material?” As Xuan Yuan said this, he took out the ‘Devouring Bracelet’ from his hands. The bracelet’s surface was mottled with rust, but it was incredibly mysterious.

Xuan Yuan felt that it was very possible that one of the keys to the ‘Devouring Immortal Mansion’ would land in this’ Sin City ‘. Seeing that this old man had been in this’ Sin City 'for a very long time, he hoped that he could ask around.

When the old man’s cloudy eyes saw the Devouring Bracelet in Xuan Yuan’s hands, an unusual color flashed across them. After carefully observing for a long time, he finally said:

I did see a huge seal, similar to the material of the bracelet. Because the seal was similar to my piece of metal, I paid close attention to it.

Xuanyuan’s heart thumped. Indeed, the aura of ‘Sin City’ gave off a very special feeling to Xuanyuan. Initially, Xuanyuan was just giving it a try and ask around. He never expected that this old man had actually seen it before.

"Then can you tell me where the seal is now? I will immediately use 2 million Dou Xian Coins to buy this piece of immortal iron of yours … " Xuanyuan’s heart throbbed. Now that he had obtained another key to the Devouring Immortal Palace, he was naturally overjoyed!

That large seal is currently in the ‘Sin Palace’, and after three days, it will be auctioned off. You’ve come across it by chance, and this large seal is something that an old friend of mine chanced upon, after a hundred years, I am unable to unravel its profoundness. The old man said.

Xuan Yuan nodded his head. Without a word, he took out two million high grade Dou Immortal dollars and handed it over to the old man. He retrieved the old man’s memories from the stall and kept them in his storage ring, allowing the old man to devour them.

When Xuanyuan opened the storage ring, the vast amount of Dou Qi in the world gushed out, the aura was so dense that it was terrifying, causing the eyes of countless people around to shoot out a green light, even the old man could not help but beat his chest and stomp his feet. Why didn’t he knock on the ring a little?

“Can you tell me where the ‘Sin Temple’ is located?”

“Haha, a map of ‘Sin City’ with 10,000 high grade Dou Xian Coins is definitely worth it!” The old man’s eyes lit up when he heard Xuan Yuan’s words. With a smile on his face, he took out a worn-out map and said in an enigmatic manner:

“This map is not just a map of ‘Sin City’, there is also a place with hundreds of thousands of miles of hidden treasures. Young man, perhaps you might be able to obtain great treasures. Go, countless treasures are waiting for you!”

If there was any treasure in the map, it would have to be obtained by this damned old man. This map said that there was a treasure trove, and it was definitely a scam, but Xuanyuan had no way at all, the scam was still a scam, and Xuanyuan intended to stay in this’ Sin City 'for a long time. It was the place to hide his identity, and was even able to train him well.

Xuan Yuan took out 10,000 high grade Dou Xian Coins and brought it to the map. He then bowed towards the old man and said,

“Thank you elder, farewell.”

"Hehe, young man, do you want me to protect you? Every day, just give me a hundred thousand high grade Dou Xian Coins. " The old man continued to smile despicably, revealing black and yellow intertwined teeth. His smile was extremely ugly, but it was filled with joy.

Xuanyuan laughed a few times and quickly said that there was no need. When Xuanyuan feet left the stall and had walked less than three meters, a terrifying sharp light suddenly pierced through his back.

Xuanyuan raised his eyebrows. In this’ Sin City ', as expected, he didn’t have any strength, and he only had his life that was robbed!

In an instant, the Evil Dragon Bone Sword appeared in Xuanyuan’s hand and released a deathly aura that was formed from an endless amount of living creatures. Seeing this Evil Dragon Bone Sword, even the old man’s eyes couldn’t help but flash with a glimmer of light.

What was aimed at Xuanyuan Po was a sharp battle spear. It was spewed out berserk qi and the person who ambushed Xuanyuan was at the second transition Dou Xian stage. Xuanyuan took a step forward and disappeared into the void, causing the battle spear to stab empty air.

The person who tried to assassinate Xuanyuan was a young man. His face was fierce, and he was a pedestrian who was walking down this path before. Seeing that he was rich, he decided to kill Xuanyuan and earn a fortune.

The Evil Dragon Bone Sword in his hand came out of thin air, its speed as fast as lightning, a sword strike pierced through the young man’s brain. Terrifying black fiendish energy roiled about, and in an instant, the young man died, and even his soul was destroyed.

Many people who were at the second transition Dou Xian and yet wanted to attack Xuanyuan, drew in a breath of cold air.

However, just at this moment, someone even stronger than him rushed forward and activated the ‘Spirit Demon Jade’ on his body once again, his entire body turned into nothingness, his aura was completely concealed, the three third transition Dou Immortal experts lost their target in an instant, Xuanyuan took a step forward, the ‘Baleful Dragon Bone Sword’ in his hand tilted upwards, its sharpness caused the immortal equipment on one of the third transition Dou Xian experts to be shattered by Xuanyuan Sword, a huge head flew high up, a blood pillar shot into the sky, imperceptibly, his life essence was completely devoured by the old man.

“Kid, kill a few more …”

After Xuanyuan Po’s one sword attack had finished, his entire body disappeared once again. The two third transition Dou Xian made their moves in unison. A vast and terrifying amount of Dou Qi shot through the air, wanting to blast Xuanyuan Po out, but they missed.

Xuanyuan actually did not step into the air and instead used the power of the Ghost Fairy Jade to conceal his body’s aura. The Evil Dragon Bone Sword in his hand once again moved out, and like a streak of white lightning, it swiftly pierced through the back of a third transition Dou Xian’s heart, causing a long string of blood arrows to splatter outwards. They sprayed far away, scattering all over the black stone floor.

Only one of the third transition Dou Xian was left drenched in cold sweat, his face pale and panic-stricken. He wanted to flee, knowing that he was definitely not a match for Xuanyuan, and how could Xuanyuan be able to let him go?

In the time it took to take a step, his sword shot out like a bolt of lightning, and a terrifying qi surged out from the ‘Evil Dragon Bone Sword’, transforming into a white bone dragon. The surging killing intent above it instantly pierced through the chest of the third transition Dou Xian, shattering all the bones in his body, causing his internal organs to explode and burst out into a sea of blood, dyeing the entire black stone floor red!

In every corner of this’ Sin City ', there were countless traces of life falling. Below his feet was only a single spot, and with great speed, Xuanyuan had taken out their battle rings from the bodies of the second and third transition Dou Xian. Throwing them all into his own body, he allowed the greedy old man to handle them.

The person who dared to kill at will definitely had a lot of valuables on him. Of course, compared to him, it was like the difference between heaven and earth. However, the greedy old man was also very happy.

Xuanyuan gave a cold laugh.

“If you want to get something from me, you have to weigh how much weight you have!”

As soon as Xuanyuan finished speaking, another cold light pierced out diagonally, and Xuanyuan once again activated the ‘Phantom Fairy Jade’ and vanished into the air.

The person who had assassinated the cold light let out a cold shout:

“Such insignificant skill, how dare you make a fool of yourself, what arrogance!”

Xuanyuan immediately felt that he had nowhere to hide, the cold light had no place to hide. The spear in the hands of the cold light’s owner was like a dragon, breaking through and rushing forward, directly piercing through, his killing intent was extremely terrifying, his strength had already reached the realm of a fourth transition Dou Xian, his killing intent was as vast as the ocean and his aura was surging.


Xuanyuan did not retreat, his’ Myriad Devouring Boots’ circulated under his feet and with a step forward, his entire body dodged past the long spear’s piercing point and directly appeared in front of the fourth circulation Dou Xian. The ‘Fiend Dragon Bone Sword’ in his hand spat out a terrifying howl that was like the voice of the netherworld Devil Dragon, it penetrated through the fourth circulation Dou Xian man’s sea of consciousness and caused him to momentarily be stunned from fear!

“I can’t bear to die, why don’t you die first …”

Even the low-grade immortal equipment on his body had been destroyed, and his intestines flowed out, causing him to die a miserable death. With Xuanyuan’s current strength, he had to reach at least the fifth circulation of the Dou Xian Realm to have enough strength to fight him. Only a Saint Child level expert would be able to use strength to suppress him at the fifth circulation Dou Xian Realm.

Everyone here was filled with evil. When Xuan Yuan attacked, he would not show any mercy. Else, the one who would die would be him.

Many people felt their hearts turning cold when they saw this scene. Every single sword strike that Xuan Yuan executed was very simple. He didn’t even use any divine abilities, yet every single sword strike contained a monstrous power, as if they could destroy everything.

Xuanyuan held the Evil Dragon Bone Sword in his hand without saying a word, the white bone sword was dripping with blood, the sword tip pointing at the ground. Like a demon murderer, Xuanyuan walked slowly towards the ‘Sin Palace’, many of the people who wanted to take action against Xuanyuan became silent.