Devouring The Heavens - C554


Chapter 554 - Essence Reappearance!

Sin City. Countless years of blood stains the city walls, faintly letting out ghostly wails, causing people to be horrified, hair all over their body.

In this’ Sin City ', there was no restriction whatsoever and only power was the law of all things. When Xuanyuan barged in and killed one of the devil guards, it immediately attracted the attention of demon powerhouses.

“Ugh …” This killing intent is too fierce. This person is definitely one of the Saint Child level characters in the ‘Samsara’. He actually killed someone for the sake of 100 pure battle spirits. What a big temper! " In the middle of the darkness, a voice rang out. It was filled with laughter and curiosity. This voice sounded very old, but every syllable flowed with a rhythm.

"Hehe, normally, even the strongest people would not want to cause trouble after entering ‘Sin City’. Now that someone has done this, what should we do, kill him? Even if he is a Holy Son of the ‘Reincarnation’, he must die here! " The other voice carried a hint of chilliness in it, causing one to feel a chill in their heart. It was clear that his hands were stained with the blood of countless people. His tone was filled with viciousness and bloodlust.

“No need, just let him be. Look at the ‘Reincarnation’ symbol on his body, it is very different from the ‘Reincarnation’ in the Central Region. He comes from the ‘Reincarnation’ headquarters in the Eastern Region, so he probably doesn’t know of the rules here, the Heaven’s Pride Holy Son’s heart is usually like this, so it doesn’t matter, he comes with a killing intent, he clearly has a goal, he dares to appear here, which shows that he has absolute confidence. Even if we don’t find trouble with him, there will still be others who will find trouble with him in the ‘Sin City of Sin’. ‘Moreover, the’ Samsara 'faction remembers too much.” That laughter rang out once again. It was very calm and peaceful, without any waves of alarm. The voice was light and light, without any emotion.

The night was cold and lonely. Moonlight scattered down from the sky, illuminating the dark road. However, it seemed that because of the atmosphere here, the moon was very cold and felt extra cold.

Xuanyuan Po walked on the street of Sin City, the ground beneath his feet was a mass of black stone, the ancient stone floor was stained with blood, the crevices in the stone floor were filled with red blood, it exuded an evil aura and a wave of resentful death aura, it was astonishing, Xuanyuan turned his eyes to look at the black stone floor, there were streaks of blood interweaving on the black stone floor, it was incredibly thick, obviously in Sin City of Sin, there were bloodshed incidents occurring all the time, in this place, it was a great place to hone’s training.

However, the moment he stepped into ‘Sin City’, Xuan Yuan felt that he liked it more and more. To him, it was like a sacred place.

Xuan Yuan felt as if someone was secretly watching him, but he remained silent. Because on the streets, there were quite a few people wearing different clothes, and they were all looking at him strangely. Some had fear, some were surprised, some were curious, and some were filled with killing intent …

Xuan Yuan had spread out his senses using his spirit arts to the maximum as he was constantly on guard against dangers that could occur at any time. He looked around and noticed that inside this’ Sin City ', the lights were bright, the night was bright, the brothels were full of brothels, casinos were boiling, scams were unceasing, and thieves were stealing.

All kinds of bloodshed and slaughter could be seen with a single glance. Xuan Yuan saw a person being pierced through the abdomen by a claw and taken out his Jindan.

There were even some people whose skulls were lifted, whose brain water was cleanly sucked away, and whose entire body’s essence energy was devoured.

All sorts of ruthless methods and cultivation methods were vividly displayed in the ‘Sin City’.

Many people did not have any patterns, so they sat on the ground on both sides of the road and set up a stall in front of them. There were all kinds of items, such as treasures, battle runes, medicinal pills, divine abilities, Origin Stones, all sorts of heavenly materials, as well as strange beast eggs, and even a Sky Xuan Tiger that was being held in mid-air by someone. It was immovable, but when people came to buy it, this Sky Xuan Tiger was at least at the Transforming Immortal Realm.

Xuanyuan swept a glance over all of them, all of them had unfriendly expressions, with sinister eyes, an old man with a haggard face and drooping eyelids, a few strands of white hair hanging down his head, he looked old and decrepit. He sat cross-legged in front of his stall, his body trembling as if a gust of wind could knock him down, his voice was hoarse, low, but it traveled very far away:

“Come on, don’t miss this opportunity. These are all treasures that I have been hoarding for the rest of my life …”

“The goods are genuine, they are definitely a mysterious antique. This is a rare opportunity …”

There were shouts coming from all directions, but even more people remained silent as they waited for someone to come up and trade with them. Xuan Yuan had seen many good things from his own eyes, but at the same time, he had seen many inferior items that could only be sold with his own eyes.

Xuanyuan walked up to the old man and squatted down. After looking at the scattered items in front of the old man’s stall for a while, he said softly,

“Old mister, how many pieces of information can I get from you?”

Hehe, young man, just speak your mind. In this’ Sin City ', there is nothing that this little old man doesn’t know, you must have just arrived here, right? It is not good to be too angry, there are many young Holy Son level characters who have died here, not even their corpses can be found. The old man was all smiles and his eyes were cloudy. His gaze was calm as he looked at Xuanyuan, but it didn’t stir the slightest bit. It was as if an ordinary old man had seen the gaze of a young and vigorous child.

“Hehe, thank you for your reminder. I want to know, who’s the boss in ‘Sin City’?” Xuanyuan asked.

“Haha, here, no one dares to call themselves the boss. The north gate is controlled by the Demon race, the south gate is controlled by the Demon race, the west gate is controlled by the ‘Central State Empire’, and the east gate is controlled by the ‘Cross Sect’.” Haha, here, no one dares to say that they are the boss, the north gate is controlled by the Demon race, the south gate is controlled by the Demon race, and the west gate is controlled by the ‘Central Region Empire’. The old man’s laughter was very gentle. Looking at Xuanyuan was like looking at a curious child, as if telling him a story.

It seemed like this place was indeed a mix of fishes and dragons. It was likely that under the five great forces, there would be even more forces of all sizes crisscrossing each other. Not a single person was clean here, and Xuanyuan would not be able to get away with it.

“I see. Thank you for your guidance.” Xuanyuan closed his eyes and quietly sensed the aura of this place. Suddenly, he had an idea. He looked at a rusted metal box on the old man’s stall and said,

“Old mister, can you show me the things in this metal box?”

Xuan Yuan quietly activated his True Eye, not expecting his True Eye to be unable to see through the metal box. Although the box was unremarkable, Xuan Yuan knew that it was definitely not simple.

“Heh heh, young people have good taste. Since you want to see, I’ll let you see.” The old man stretched out his shriveled hand, like a withered branch. His skin was white, and he emitted a dense aura of death. He opened the box and saw a large amount of rusty and rotten iron lying quietly inside.

“Haha, I didn’t think that I would be able to find my memories here, kid hurry up and buy it.”

Xuanyuan’s voice was calm and his eyes did not throb in the slightest. Looking at the old man and feigning ignorance, he lightly smiled and said:

"Old sir, what is this thing? Can you tell me a little? I feel that it is not simple! “Can you dispel my confusion?”

“Haha, if this old man can unravel the secret behind it, then he wouldn’t sell it. However, this piece of immortal iron is truly not simple. If you want to buy it, you will have to spend a lot of money!” The old man’s laughter was enigmatic and mysterious.

"Hmm? “Alright, since you’re able to discover it, then it’s fated. Old mister, please name a price.” Xuanyuan said quickly.

“8 million high grade Dou Xian dollars, not a single piece less!” The old man opened his mouth wide, obviously wanting to ruthlessly take advantage of Xuanyuan, but his expression was incomparably calm without a single ripple.

“A sky-high price, do you want to pay me back where you sit?” That’s not good, isn’t it, old sir? Even you are unable to understand the wonders of this piece of immortal metal, yet it sold for such a high price, not to mention me. I cannot afford such a high price, how about this, one million high grade Dou Xian dollars, I’ll buy it! " The corner of Xuan Yuan’s mouth twitched. This old man was too vicious.

This old man had set up that broken iron for sixty years, and every time he looked at it, people would only look at it and not buy it. Now, no one thought that there would actually be someone who would spend a million high grade Dou Xian dollars to buy this broken iron. Obviously, Xuanyuan had already become a fat sheep in the eyes of many people.

“Haha, young man, you are even more vicious than I am. Two million high grade Dou Xian Coins, I really can’t sell it for a single point less.” The old man instantly raised the price by one million high grade Dou Xian Coins.

Xuan Yuan frowned. After lowering his head and pondering for a moment, he said:

“It’s fine if you want me to buy it with two million high grade Dou Xian Coins, but old mister, you have to guide me a little more.”

"Oh? “No problem, as long as you can buy it, I will do my best to help you if I can find out.” The old man’s expression was calm and peaceful, without a single ripple. Xuan Yuan’s eyes twitched. This old man was simply slaughtering pigs. This sort of calm and collected expression was not something an ordinary person could pretend to be.