Against the Gods C1330


Outside Eastern Divine Region.

Brahma Monarch Divine Emperor and Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor, the two strongest and the ones with the highest statuses were currently at the edge of Star God Realm. Looking at Absolute Star Soul realm, the two great Divine Emperor s were not at all calm.

Although Absolute Star Soul realm had opened his mouth, the dimensional profound formation that connected to the Four Great King Realm s outside did not close. At this time, a light flashed from within the profound formation, and a person bathed in the light of the moon slowly walked out.

Moon Divine Emperor!

Three from the Eastern Divine Region all gathered here at the same time.

“Hehe, looks like you won’t be able to sit still after all.” The Brahma Monarch Divine Emperor laughed.

He stared fixedly at the Absolute Star Soul realm, but even with his strength, his spirit sense was unable to penetrate inside. He turned his head and asked, “Does the two Divine Emperor have anything to do with the major event that the Star God Realm is preparing?”

“Even the Absolute Star Soul realm has been activated. No one can detect it at all, so how can there be any clues?” Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor said, "The last time Absolute Star Soul realm appeared, was when Star God Realm was trying to create his own realm. That time, it was a matter of life and death. Now, he appeared again … It must be a matter of fate. "

If the fate of Star God Realm had truly changed, then it would not only affect the Star God Realm itself, it would also affect the structure of the Four Great King Realm itself.

The brows of the three great Divine Emperor s knit together as they replied, "The consumption of Absolute Star Soul realm s must be enormous. They have already persisted for several days now, and should not be able to sustain this for much longer.

However, they were well aware that the day that Absolute Star Soul realm closed was the day that everything would be completed. At that time, they could not predict what would happen, much less change.

At that moment, an abnormal amount of energy could be felt coming from the west at an extremely fast speed.

The three great Divine Emperor s raised their eyebrows at the same time, “This auras is …”

Moon Divine Emperor’s reaction was the biggest. Almost in an instant, he turned around and said with sunken brows.

Even the Divine Emperor found it difficult to catch up to the extreme speed of the Crescent Moon Immortal Palace. From the start of Yun Che’s journey from the Dragon God Realm to now, the Moon Escape Immortal Palace had always been in a state of extreme speed, not even stopping and slowing down for a moment.

To be able to fly from the Dragon God Realm to the Star God Realm in a short three days was a speed that was impossible to believe even in his dreams, but to Yun Che, it was still as slow as breathing.

The Heavenly Stellar Jade that he had initially thought was useless in the Profound God Convention had continuously become his lifesaver. It had helped him get rid of Qianye and Gu Zhu and helped him get to the Rebirth Forbidden Land … And now, they had brought him to the Star God Realm in a miraculous time.

The speed of the Frozen Moon Asgard was many times faster than a falling meteor. In the midst of the sonic booms, which were sharp enough to rip apart a thousand miles, the Frozen Moon Asgard suddenly arrived in the line of sight of the three Divine Emperor s …

And then, he ruthlessly struck the realm s.

“Bang ~ ~ ~”

What sort of concept was it to use the world’s greatest speed to collide head on? At that instant, the sound of the collision was like the collisions between the stars. The air currents within a thousand li radius were instantly thrown into complete disarray, stirring up countless storms of calamity.

The Absolute Star Soul realm was not affected at all by the impact. Even at the center of the impact, he could not find a single trace.

The Moon Disappearing Immortal Palace was, after all, the Moon Disappearing Immortal Palace. Even though it was flipped upside down from the terrifying impact, it didn’t suffer any obvious injuries. However, Yun Che was not in a good situation at all. The overly terrifying impact struck him like a heavy weight hitting him right in the chest, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood on the spot, but he did not care about calming his vital energy and blood at all. His gaze was firmly fixated on the Star God Realm in front of him as he roared, “He Ling, let’s go!”

He Ling turned into a ray of jade green light and returned to the center of the Sky Poison Pearl. At the same time, Yun Che also left the Moon Escape Immortal Palace and rushed straight towards the Star God Realm.

“Yun Che!?”

Even though the terrifying impact brought up a storm of one thousand kilometers, it naturally could not affect the three great Divine Emperor s. The moment Yun Che’s figure appeared, the eyes of the three great Divine Emperor s and their auras were locked onto him at the same time.

Back then, Yun Che was unable to enter the Eternal Heaven Pearl and his whereabouts are unknown, but a year’s time is already enough for Eastern Divine Region to know his whereabouts. After all, many people in the Dragon God Realm knew of the Moon Disappearing Immortal Palace.

They all already knew that Yun Che was currently in the Dragon God Realm and it was very likely that he was still under the protection of the Dragon God … After all, Dragon God was the one who had proposed for him to be his foster son.

Especially for the Brahma Monarch Divine Emperor, not only did he know that Yun Che was in the Dragon God Realm, he also knew that he was definitely in the Forbidden Land of Samsara. Because in the entire world, only the Dragon Queen in the Rebirth Forbidden Land could open the Brahma Soul Search Death Seal.

Obtaining the protection of the Dragon Queen s was a hundred times more unbelievable than obtaining the protection of the Dragon God s!

Qianye Ying’er knew full well that Yun Che was definitely in the Rebirth Forbidden Area, and was even aware that he was trying to remove the Nirvana Soul Seal that she had planted at a considerable price, yet he had never thought of capturing Yun Che in the Dragon God Realm. It was not that she couldn’t enter the Rebirth Forbidden Area, but she couldn’t … Or not.

To provoke the Dragon God … and just because he provoked the Dragon God, as the Sovereign King of Under Heaven, even if it was Hai Na Baichuan, he might not even be willing to haggle with a girl of the younger generation. Furthermore, if they did not touch the line, Dragon God would definitely not be willing to fall out with him.

But, if he were to provoke Dragon Queen Shen Xi … The Dragon God who looked down on Under Heaven, would directly become a berserk dragon! And the scariest mad dragon in the world.

This was definitely not a joke, because Dragon Queen Shen Xi was the bottom line and reverse scale that Dragon God should not touch the most. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, this had already been the consensus between Dragon God Realm, and even the entire God Realm.

(Therefore, if Yun Che never left the Rebirth Forbidden Land, then he would be safe for the rest of his life. that is, if the Dragon God does not discover the special relationship between Shen Xi and him.)

Three great Divine Emperor s stood at the side at the same time. Yun Che’s gaze swept across the three of them, but his body did not stop as he rushed straight towards Absolute Star Soul realm.

When his gaze turned to look at them, the three Divine Emperor s simultaneously thought of that.

Because his eyes were actually blood-red.

Seeing that Yun Che was safe and sound, the Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor, who was always holding regret in his heart, let out a sigh of relief. Wait! that is the Absolute Star Soul realm! "

However, in the next instant, in the eyes of the three great Divine Emperor s, Yun Che’s body, which they had all been watching helplessly, actually came to a halt in front of their eyes in an instant. After passing through the Astral Soul realm that none of them could break through, he entered the domain of the Star God Realm s, and then disappeared far away again.

“This …” Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor was stunned.

With a flash, Brahma Monarch Divine Emperor arrived at the place where Yun Che passed through the Absolute Star Soul realm. When his palm came into contact with Yun Che’s body, he was instantly repelled. He frowned slightly and said, "The only one who can pass through Absolute Star Soul realm like this, is twelve Star Gods. Could it be … Yun Che has the blood essence of a certain star god in his body? "

Star God’s blood essence was extremely precious, it was impossible to use it lightly on others. But they had personally witnessed Yun Che passing through Absolute Star realm … There was no other explanation.

"He should have been in the Dragon God Realm, but he suddenly appeared here. Furthermore, he looked to be in a hurry, and passed through the Absolute Star realm s … It must be related to the major event that is currently going on in the Star God Realm. " Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor frowned: “What exactly happened?”

Thinking about how Yun Che did not choose the Brahma Heaven and instead chose the Star God Realm in the end, and even followed him to the Star God Realm without hesitation … Eternal Heaven Divine Emperor seemed to have thought of something.

And Moon Divine Emperor’s heart was a lot more complicated than theirs. Looking at the direction Yun Che was heading in, he secretly sighed in his heart: Qingyue actually gave him the Moon Escape Immortal Palace … Sigh, in the end, it was still a girl’s home.

— —

The moment he passed through the Astral Soul Absolute realm, Yun Che held his breath and held his heartbeat tightly. In his heart, he desperately begged for a guarantee of success … Finally, a miracle had occurred. His body passed straight through the Absolute Star Soul realm, and he did not even feel the slightest bit of obstruction.

When Jasmine had first left, he had left behind a drop of her Star God Blood s, and in the words she had said, she had told Yun Che that this Star God Blood could increase his lifespan and physique. But in reality, in her own heart, wasn’t this the same as fusing a part of her body with Yun Che forever, for the rest of her life?

At that time, it was definitely impossible for her to imagine that the drop of Star God’s blood essence that she had left for Yun Che, had allowed Yun Che to pass through the despairing realm that should not have been traversed, and had also completely changed her and Yun Che’s entire lives.

After entering the Star God Realm, Yun Che called for the Moon Escape Immortal Palace again and quickly flew towards the central Star God City.

Jasmine, wait for me … I will never allow you to be willful by yourself.


A streak of light streaked across the sky above the Star God Realm, reaching a distance that the Star God Realm s could not see with the naked eye, nor could they chase after or block.

The territory of the Star God Realm was not large, and before long, the second floor’s Astral Soul was in sight. And after this level of Astral Soul was the Star God City that he had once visited.

The target was within reach, he did not know what was happening inside, he did not know if Jasmine was still there. The only thing he knew was the outcome of his journey.

However, he did not feel the slightest bit of fear or fear in his heart. Even the anxiety that had always filled every corner of the Soul had quickly calmed down at this moment.


Another huge explosion occurred as the Moon Slaughter Immortal Palace once again smashed into the first layer of the Absolute Star Soul realm. At the same time, Yun Che had already left the Moon Souls Immortal Palace, his body passing through the second layer of the Absolute Soul realm as he plummeted from the sky.

Following the activation of the ceremony, the bodies and strength of all the Star Gods and elders were firmly connected to the sacrificial formation. Before the ceremony ended, they would not be able to move at all, and they would not be able to draw out their strength either … Forcefully interrupting it was impossible.

Along with the concentration of power, these two levels of the Congealed realm were even more tenacious than the Astral Soul Absolute realm. Even if someone wanted to interrupt them at this moment, it was impossible for the three Eastern Domain s of the Eastern Domain to do the same.

An incomparably heavy force attacked from all directions, enveloping every corner of Jasmine’s and Caizhi’s body and soul. Under the blood sacrifice formation, this force slowly peeled off Jasmine’s flesh, soul and strength, and then merged with Star Divine Emperor’s body, resulting in the “qualitative change” that they had hoped for.

Under this frightening strength, both Jasmine and Jasmine were completely suppressed, and could not even use the slightest amount of strength to struggle. Even if they wanted to kill themselves, they could not do so, let alone escape.

"Elder sister, I was the one who harmed you … I am the one who harmed you … "

Caizhi’s eyes were empty as she repeated those words again and again in a daze … Her knowledge had collapsed, her world’s realm had collapsed, everything had become so dark …

The day she successfully inherited the Heavenly Wolf’s divine power, she felt an inconceivable strength in her body. She was originally happy and satisfied, because she could no longer be bullied by others and no longer need to be humble and helpless. In the years after Jasmine returned, she hoped even more that she could become strong faster and protect her elder sister …

As it turned out, everything … Abyss and nightmares.

Instead, he caused her to harm her final kin …

Caizhi was currently in the state that he had been most worried about and feared to see the most. She used the last of her power to hug Caizhi tightly and softly said, "Caizhi, it’s not your fault, it’s my fault. It’s my stupidity… He actually believed that the old thief was still human … I was too stupid. I should have taken you with me. Go as far away as possible and never come back … "

Regret or hate … It was too late.

Yun Che’s figure flashed past his mind, and she closed her eyes in pain. One of the important reasons that she had forcefully betrothed Caizhi to Yun Che that day was to suppress his resentment … She understood Yun Che too well. If Yun Che knew that she had died as a sacrifice, he would definitely hate the Star God Realm and lose all reason for revenge.

He hoped that when the time came, Yun Che would remember that Caizhi was already his wife, and remember the promise he had made.

But now, not only her, Caizhi would also have the same fate as her. In the future, when Yun Che finds out about everything, it would be … It would only add to his resentment and madness.

Yun Che, I ask you to live a good life, no matter what … Even if it’s to avenge Caizhi and I, we must still live a good life.

This was her last hope and longing … However, in the short span of a few breaths, it was completely broken.


With the sound of an incomparable collision, a figure suddenly rushed down from the sky above Star God City.


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