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Let us build the community rules together

Hi guys, After 8 months of growth, Babel Novel Forum already become a sweet home for all the novel lovers. Your feeling is very important to us. Recently, some users’ behavior brings the community discords and disturbi…

12 March 25, 2019
Good news: you can gain more bricks by following Facebook homepage for Babel Novel

Hi guys, we have registered the Babel Novel homepage and the community of Xuanhuan novels on Facebook. Here sincerely invite you to follow our homepage and community page. You can leave your Bebel Novel ID on our Faceboo…

16 March 9, 2019
How to be a proofreader

Hi, guys! We have recieved many applications of being proofreader recently, thank you for joining us! In case that you might not know how to be a proofreader or how to proofread, here is the introduction: Qualificatio…

4 January 30, 2019
Welcome to BabelChain Forum! 2 August 15, 2018
Against the Gods - C1419 - Proofread By fsurany 1 April 25, 2019
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Where can we find this novel 1 April 25, 2019
Rat a top novel 5 April 24, 2019
静态资源文件 4 March 14, 2019
Hey ATG mofos lets make a bet! Post your Thoughts! 13 April 23, 2019
Chapter 219 can't be tranlate for some reason 9 April 15, 2019
Chapter 1405 is missing? 1 April 25, 2019
Need votes for SWFM 1 April 24, 2019
Voting 5 April 13, 2019
Translate after the page 234 is required 1 April 24, 2019
A pretty good novel! Very good writing! It was worth a look! 1 April 24, 2019
It's a bit of a routine, and I feel a bit uncomfortable, but I still don't have the whole thing 1 April 24, 2019
Self-made 1 April 24, 2019
Were they not prepared to write it? 1 April 24, 2019
I thought that the chapter about the Temporal Demon Spirit Book was over 1 April 24, 2019
Update too slow, is it not ready to write 1 April 24, 2019
I've read 40 chapters and found that there are too many poison spots! I can't stand it anymore! 1 April 24, 2019
It feels like a new update from the end of 18 years 1 April 24, 2019
It felt very strange! According to his description, there are hundreds of millions of people in a Kyushu Continent 1 April 24, 2019
Next, when Chu Feng obtained the inheritance, he would go out to receive a beating 1 April 24, 2019
To tell the truth, I've already forgotten the first part of the story 1 April 24, 2019
"I really like this book, but the problem of updating it is not very satisfying." 1 April 24, 2019
Have you read the 'Nine Realm Xuanyuan Jue'? I don't know who copied these two books … 1 April 24, 2019
The author must have had his fill of talent, and the same thing had happened to him 1 April 24, 2019
"It's not the Barrier Spirit Sect, it's the gate!" Hehe, hundreds of chapters had been written 1 April 24, 2019